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If you are interested in serious relationships with Indonesian mail order brides, this is your lucky day. In this article, you will find a detailed explanation of how to meet Indonesian women for marriage, what to do to improve your chances of finding true love and happiness, and other information that will help you achieve what you desire.

Indonesian brides are phenomenal — they represent a different type of Asian woman. If you want to know more about girls from this region, take a look at this guide that will help you learn more about how to find an Asian wife. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your personal guide to finding a beautiful and hot foreign lady online!

Top dating websites with Indonesian girls for marriage

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How to find loyal Indonesian women for marriage?

indonesian women for marriage

The whole process of meeting with Indonesian brides is straightforward and quick. You don’t need to do something difficult to find dozens of suitable Indonesian women for marriage. Everything is taken care of for you—you just need to follow simple instructions and enjoy your online dating experience. Let’s go!

  1. Find an appropriate online dating website. There are plenty of legit sites that can help you—check out the table above. Why should you look for a bride online? Find your answers in the next section!
  2. Sign up on a dating site. To contact brides, you will have to create an account and profile. It usually doesn’t take too long!
  3. Familiarize yourself with available tools. You have to know what kind of options you can use on the site. It may include learning about matchmaking, searching, and communication systems implemented on the platform.
  4. Start looking for brides. Use all features that are available—if you want to look for a certain type of bride, use a searching system to narrow down the number of girls. If you want to send your bride a gift, find a suitable tool that will help you do that!

Single Indonesian women on their own wishing to tie the knot

Meci Surya, 20
Indonesia, Bali
Svetlana, 23
Bali, Bali, Indonesia
Sang Ayu Amanda, 24
Indonesia, Semarang
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Why choose mail order bride dating to meet Indonesian women?

So, to meet a beautiful Indonesian single, one can go to Indonesia and seek a perfect bride there. While it is possible to do that, there are many obstacles that you will face. First, not all Indonesian women know English. Second, even if you find girls who are fluent in English, not all of them will be single. Third, not all single girls who know English would want to marry a foreigner. And so on and so forth!

But how can online dating help you in such a situation? Well, it is simple — international dating websites and mail order bride services are suitable for people who have serious intentions to start families with foreigners.

All brides that you will find on such platforms dream of meeting a man from the United States or some other western country. Almost every bride knows English well enough to have meaningful conversations with guys.

So, you won’t find most obstacles while looking for Indonesian mail order brides online—all women there know what they are doing. International online dating sites and mail order bride services are not for ladies who prefer dating local guys or who don’t want to date over the Internet.

Benefits of marrying sexy Indonesian wives

marrying sexy indonesian wives

Now that you know more about how to meet girls from this country and why you should look for them online, let’s talk about what is so great about girls from Indonesia!

  • A perfect combination of thickness and elegance. A lot of men claim that Indonesian women are the thickest across all Asia. They share a lot of similarities with Latin mail order brides—wide hips, thin waist, and long legs.
  • They prefer serious relationships to short-term ones. So, while a lot of young Indonesian girls enjoy hanging around and dating casually, most of them would rather find a true soulmate. So, they take online dating very seriously as they look for one and only.
  • Indonesian brides have a high and rich social life. They know how to party and have a great time. They are very active, sociable, and friendly. You won’t be bored with them!
  • They know their price. Since most girls prefer serious relationships, they know how to find a worthy and suitable man. So, don’t expect to easily win over an Indonesian mail order bride—you will have to prove that you can be a proper husband or boyfriend!

How much does it cost to find and date an Indonesian girl?

The subject of price has always been very important and acute when it comes to online communication. Most dating sites that you will find, and all of those mentioned above, are fee-based websites, which means to have a meaningful online dating experience, you will need to pay for some features on the site. We should clarify right away that the price for your online dating experience is purely personal—we cannot tell you exactly how much you can spend. However, we can offer you an average cost and potential estimations that can show you what to expect!

Online dating and communication

So, the majority of your time you are going to spend chatting with Indonesian mail order brides. The cost of such communication is defined by the website you use. If you have a membership- or subscription-based website, you will only need a single purchase in a month and enjoy all the tools. The cost of such a subscription can vary from $10–40. If your website implements a credit-based system, you can spend from $10 to $300+ per month, since there is no limit on how many credits you can purchase.

indonesian brides

Interactive tools

To have the best online dating experience, you will need to use some interactive tools. Send gifts, flowers, and other items to your girlfriends and brides. Again, you can spend from $10 to hundreds of dollars, since it all depends on how much you wish to spend.

Real-life meeting

To have a real-life date with an Indonesian mail order bride, you will need to spend a lot more than on online dating. In general, an in-person meeting with an Indonesian bride can cost around $3,000–5,000 per meeting.


Online dating scene in Indonesia is filled with beautiful, single, and hot Indonesian mail order brides. You will find thousands of gorgeous and young girls eager to date and marry foreigners. But don’t expect to impress dozens of brides just by the fact that you are from the United States. You will have to work to find a perfect Indonesia wife. Hopefully, girls from this country are charming, sociable, and friendly, so it won’t be challenging or annoying!


If you wish to learn more information about Indonesian brides and girlfriends online, this section will offer you everything you need.

How long does it take to find an Indonesian bride?

Modern sites can offer you quick and simple access to wide databases with Indonesian wives. It is possible to find and start dating a girl from this country in less than 30 minutes.

Do Indonesian mail order wives known English well?

Yes. Indonesia is one of a few Asian countries where girls have rather good English. So, you won’t find a lot of obstacles to communicate with your brides.

How many Indonesian mail order brides are there?

While there is no exact statistics, over 200 mail order brides came to the United States from Indonesia in 2019.

What kind of men do Indonesian wives seek?

Ladies from this country prefer men who are confident, casual, and fun. The majority of brides look for men who want to start a family.

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