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What is the Average Cost to Find a Mail Order Bride in 2024?

how much are mail order brides

What’s the most frequently asked question about brides from foreign countries? No, it’s not the question about the ladies or their motivation or anything else, actually. This is the question about the amount a man needs to spend to get a wife. So what is the average mail order bride cost?

In fact, it is like asking why stars are shining at night. If your goal is to provide a really good, in-depth explanation, there will be no simple, one-sentence answer. Thus, you will need to spend a lot of time explaining a lot of phenomena and processes if you want someone to understand what is going on with all that gas, and dust, and nuclear reactions.

Fortunately, we’re not in any hurry. So, if you want to learn more about real mail order brides pricing, keep reading – here you will find all the answers and explanations.

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Do men really buy mail order brides?

mail order bride price

Of course, they are not! The term “mail order bride price” does not really mean the price someone needs to pay to have a woman delivered to his home. Let us explain how things in this industry work.

Firstly, we’d like to emphasize the importance of mail order bride history. Everyone who knows it pretty well understands the causes and consequences. So, in short, the history of this undoubtedly unique social phenomenon can be divided into a few main stages:

  1. The 1600s – mail order brides wanted to move to the West to improve their living conditions and even set the price for marriage with them.
  2. The 1800s – in some states, in particular, in California, there were more men than women. We mean a lot more men. Guys sent letters to churches and published their ads in newspapers. Mail order brides set the prices or discussed the conditions with their future husbands.
  3. The 1900sforeign bride (mostly Asian mail order wives from the Philippines) could be really bought – a man just needed to choose a girl in a catalog. The prices were set by a seller.
  4. From the 1980s to present days – men pay for mail order bride services, and not for ladies. Mail order brides don’t sell themselves. Purchasing a mail order wife is illegal.

So why do people still call it ‘mail order wife costs?’ Because it’s simple! Why reinvent the wheel, we already have the term that means the amount you are likely to spend to meet a woman from overseas – this is how this logic works. We don’t think that there is something bad about it. In fact, the only downside of such an approach is that some people think that the ‘cost’ is actually the price paid by a man who buys a woman. Of course, it doesn’t happen in the modern world – mail order bride agencies provide dating services, and that’s all.

The variety of factors affecting the cost of mail order bride

As we have noted, we can’t give the one-sentence answer to you, and this is partly because the cost depends on the lots of various factors, from the cost of translation services to the country where you want to meet your soulmate.

Generally speaking, you can spend a fortune on a wife or spend less than you would spend on dinners in restaurants during a year of dating a local girl. More precisely, you can spend from 4,000 to 25,000 USD, but you will need to make a great effort to reach the biggest amount. How to save money? Is there any strategy that will help you get a nice girl without mortgaging the house? Of course, there is, but the thing you need to develop it yourself. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need, so let’s get started.

Choosing the mail order bride site

In general, the cost of membership varies from 0 to 100 dollars per month. Why is the gap this huge? In fact, all sites and agencies can be divided into three main groups: free websites, midrange platforms, and expensive sites. Let’s talk about each of these categories in more detail.

Free sites – is it worth it?

Why pay 100 or even 10 dollars for membership when you can date a hot lady for free? The answer is simple. We don’t expect a laptop that costs 300 dollars to be as good as a laptop that costs 3,000 dollars, do we?

Don’t get us wrong: there are some free mail order bride sites that provide pretty good services. However, you also need to understand that such companies just can’t hit above their weight. In particular, they cannot check every single profile, verify it, moderate the site all the time, provide 24/7 high-quality support, etc. They just don’t have enough money. Of course, they earn money by placing ads, but they will be down if they start to hire a lot of qualified employers and pay for better servers, etc.

So, in general, there are free sites that don’t even provide good services and are full of fake profiles. They’re not worth your attention at all.

There are also pretty good sites that do their best to provide great dating experience, but you need to understand that they just can’t be as good as paid platforms and protect you from most threats on the web, including scam or data leaks. Besides, you cannot find a free mail order wife. We mean even choosing the free site will not save you from expenses.

Midrange sites

These are the paid websites that set reasonable prices. This may be the flat fee (a member just needs to pay a certain amount every single month or every 3 months, etc.) or the credit system (the site sells credits, and members use them as the real currency by spending them on various services) or both.

On such sites, members pay 10-40 dollars for membership. This cost may include communication services or not include them if the site uses the credit system. Moreover, the cost of certain services, as well as the cost of credits varies, so it’s nearly impossible to find out how much you’re likely to spend. The amount may be larger if you communicate more often and vice versa. Generally speaking, the cost of communication on midrange sites that use credits may vary from 50 to 100 dollars per month.

However, you need to consider the following: though such websites provide pretty good services (instant messaging, video transmitting, sometimes even phone calls), they don’t usually offer special features like arranging real meetings, translation services, etc.

Expensive websites

There are also the high-end sites and agencies that provide the best services but set high prices for them. Most of them use a credit system, and yes, credits are not cheap at all, so get ready to spend from 100 (sometimes it’s the price of membership) up to 500 dollars for 1 month of communication. You can spend even more if you want to send real gifts to a mail order wife or buy a Romance Tour and visit one of the ladies. Moreover, even the registration on some of them is not free of charge. Why choose such platforms? You get top-quality services, special features like translation services, phone calls, contact details requests, etc., and, of course, great support.

Which of these sites to choose? It’s up to you. We only recommend choosing an agency as carefully as possible and keeping in mind that the price is not always a guarantee of high quality.

Travel to the mail order bride’s country

mail order brides advices

Of course, no one knows how much you will spend in another country. However, we all know about the gap between the prices in the Philippines and, for example, in Japan.

So, if you meet your mail order bride in Costa Rica and if you live in the US, the trip may cost 2,000 dollars including hotel and dates. If you live in the US and your girlfriend is in Ukraine, you’ll pay more for the tickets. The rest depends on you – if you stay at a high-end hotel in Kyiv, you’ll spend up to 1,000 dollars per night, and if you choose an ordinary 3-star hotel, you’ll pay about 40 dollars per night.

Generally speaking, the price varies from 1,000 dollars (if a mail order bride is not so far from, if you don’t mind finding low-cost airlines, and if you don’t mind living in cheap hotels) up to 30,000 dollars (if you like living an ultra-luxury life.)

So-called Romance Tours

Romance Tour is the all-inclusive tour provided by a mail order bride agency. A member who pays for it doesn’t need to look for the hotel or buy the tickets himself – the company does it for him, and frankly, the price of such services is not too low.

In most cases, such a set of services costs 3,000 to 8,000 dollars. We should emphasize that the prices include literally everything, from tickets to events or host dinners. In other words, this is a great yet pricey service for everyone who doesn’t want to think about anything but his bride.


Of course, you’ll also need to pay for visa to finally marry a girl from another country. You need to file a Fiance Visa and pay about 450 dollars. However, you should also note that in most cases, men need the help of lawyers and sometimes entrepreneurs to do the paperwork right.


What exactly do we mean by ‘support?’ Let us explain. Yes, you can help your girlfriend, if you’re sure that she’s the one, that she isn’t a scammer, and if you just want to. In other words, this is optional. Still, many men ignore this expense. The thing is a lot of guys want to support their girlfriend after they meet her and make sure that they want to build a relationship with this woman.

Please note that we said that they do it only after they meet her and only if they are sure that she is the right person. You should never send money to anyone who asks you, especially if you have never met in person. The good news is that prices in most ‘mail order bride countries’ are extremely low, so this won’t cost you more than 500 dollars per month. By the way, the majority of girls don’t ask for support, so this is your decision.

Other expenses

No one can think of everything and predict everything that will happen. That’s why you need to consider the fact that there is a big chance that you’ll spend a bit more than you expected. For example, you can meet the best woman in the world, and she (oops) doesn’t speak English at all. Translation services are even more expensive than English classes, and you pay for them. Here we have an unforeseen expense. We recommend that you consider this when calculating how much you’re likely to spend on beautiful mail order brides.

So, the total mail order brides pricing consists of 6 categories: websites, communication, translation services, travel cost, visas, and wedding. As we’ve just said, it can cost you literally anything from $4,000 to $50,000.

Now, let’s be more detailed. Here, we’ll talk about some of the most popular mail order bride countries and about the mail order brides pricing range you’ll need to expect if you’re searching for a bride in these countries. Let’s pick the three most popular mail order bride regions (Eastern Europe, South America, Asia) and talk about them.

First, Eastern Europe—let’s focus on such countries as Ukraine and Russia. These countries are not too expensive to visit—a one-way ticket to the Ukrainian or Russian capital will cost you about $700–$1,000. A 1-week trip to Eastern Europe will cost you $500–$1,000, but even if you want to spend $500 or less, that’s totally ok. The wedding arrangements can cost you about $4,000–$8,000—the final cost depends on lots of factors such as the number of guests.

Then, South America. Let’s talk about Brazil here—it’s the most popular Latin mail order bride country and it’s not more expensive than the majority of South American countries. A one-way ticket to Brazil will cost you $700–$900, and a 1-week trip to this country will most likely cost you anything from $800 to $2,000. The largest part of the total Latin mail order brides pricing is the cost of a wedding—and here, the sky’s the limit, because weddings in Brazil, as well as in other South American countries, can cost you from $9,000 to $50,000.

Now, let’s talk about Asia—and let’s focus on Eastern Asia because the Southeast Asian mail order brides pricing is not that high (similar to Eastern Europe). Such countries as China, Japan, and Korea, however, are much more expensive when it comes to mail order brides. It’s not even about the tickets and hotels—at this stage, these countries are quite similar to European/South American countries ($1,000–$1,500 for a ticket, $1,500–$2,500 for a 1-week trip). It’s actually about their fancy weddings and their dowry traditions—the pin jin (dowry) in China can be as high as $30,000 or even $50,000, and the wedding can cost you anything from $15,000 to $150,000! That’s why Eastern Asian countries are the most expensive countries when we’re talking about the mail order brides pricing.

The final amount of mail order bride

find mail order brides online

Let’s sum up everything and take a look at all expenses and the final amount men usually spend for mail order brides.

  • Membership – $0-100 (monthly rate)
  • Communication – $0-500 a month (you need to pay for communication separately if the site uses credits, the prices vary)
  • Translators – $0-15 per hour (they can be included or not included to the price of other services, for example, phone calls or instant messaging)
  • Travels – $2,000-10,000 per trip (depends on the country and your preferences)
  • Visas – $400-1,500
  • Other expenses – $0-1,000 per month

So, the average cost of mail order bride is about $20,000. However, we think that it is so wrong to calculate the average amount. There is a chance that you will spend less than $4,000. Maybe, you will need to spend $10,000 to meet the love of your life. Maybe, if you are rich and want to see your bride at least 5 times in her country before you marry her, you will spend more than $50,000 on trips only.


Why did we provide all this info if we still couldn’t give the answer to the question, how much are mail order wives? Well, our main goal was to provide you with the info that will allow you to understand which sites to choose and what to expect from mail order bride agencies, and we hope that our article was helpful. You may spend a few thousands of dollars in total or spend a fortune, but the detailed info on pricing can help you avoid disappointments and unforeseen expenses.

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