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vietnamese mail order bride costs

Dating a woman from a different country is not difficult if you know what to do. But before you start dating someone, you have to understand that most mail order brides platforms are usually fee-based. In other words, their features and tools require you to pay to use them. Fortunately, the whole concept of online dating is that it is affordable and rather cheap. Here, we are going to tell you about Vietnamese bride cost, how much you need to spend to have a real-life date, and a few other tips on mail order brides websites, as well as the cost of online dating.

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The real Vietnamese mail order wife cost

Online dating offers you a chance to have a great time with foreign girls. But you need to pay for such an experience, which can be a huge disappointment for someone. Although we can assure you that online communication with Vietnamese brides is great, let us show you what exactly you need to pay for!

Fee-based features and tools

A typical mail order brides website will have fee-based communication. In other words, you can create an account, browse through brides’ profiles, but once you decide to send a message to one of the girls, you will have to pay. Fortunately, communication on these sites is rather affordable, and later in the article, we are going to cover the average Vietnamese mail order wife price. Here is what usually considered fee-based features:

  • Sending or receiving a short message or long letter
  • Sending and receiving photos and videos
  • Requesting personal information about a bride
  • Sending virtual and real gifts and flowers
  • Communicating via video chat
  • Organizing a real-life date

Free options

As we have mentioned above, you can create a dating profile, view profiles of Vietnamese brides, send winks and flirts to ladies, and enjoy some other options for free. But still, you need to remember that communication is usually behind a paywall!

How much does a Vietnamese bride cost?

When talking about real cost of a mail order bride from Vietnam, it is important to consider what type of mail order brides site you use. Usually, there are two approaches that these sites use to charge their customers: the first is based on credits and the second is based on membership.

A credit-based approach

Credit payment system works like this: you sign up on a site and once you want to use any premium feature, you need to spend a certain amount of credits. Each site has its own system of how many credits are required for a certain action and how much a credit package can cost. But the main point is that every action is chargeable with credits. You control how much you can or want to spend!

While the system is great, it can be rather tiresome for some users to constantly check the number of credits left on the balance. Yet, this approach has become trendy in the world of online dating. The average Vietnamese mail bride cost on such a website is about $100 per month, with the smallest package of 20 credits costing $9.99.

A membership-based approach

A completely different system is used on platforms with memberships. Instead of buying credits and spending them as you want, a user can obtain a membership that grants access to certain features. Most of the time, a dating site has only one premium membership — Gold, Premium, or VIP. Once a user makes a purchase, he can communicate with brides, send them photos, and enjoy all premium features. Such a system is great, but it forces users to pay for things that they may not even want or need. For example, a user just wants to use live chat. But his membership includes video communication, thus, increasing the price for the membership. A typical Vietnamese mail order brides cost on such websites is about $17-$30 for a monthly subscription (excluding special services like gift delivery). But if you buy 3, 6, or 12 months at once, the Vietnamese brides cost per month will be smaller.

How much does it cost to marry a Vietnamese woman?

If you want to find and marry a girl from this country, you will have to fly there. Here is a rough estimation of Vietnamese order bride prices:

  • Plane tickets: around $600-$750
  • Entertainment: $100 and more, depending on your needs
  • Food: $70 and more per day for two persons
  • Hotel or decent apartment: $50-$100 per day for two persons
  • Transportation: $10 and more on average for local transport

So, expect to spend at least $1,000 as an average cost of Vietnamese mail order bride. However, we don’t include here the prices of moving to your country with your bride and the cost of your wedding, as this depends strictly on your needs and budget. In general, the prices for a Vietnamese bride can reach $19,000 if we take regular prices for the organization of a wedding in the US (and $8,500 in Vietnam) and flight tickets.

Why isn’t there a set Vietnamese mail bride cost you can pay?

In the past, there was a practice of international marriage agencies. For a set amount of money, these agencies connected you to women who matched your desired parameters and facilitated marriage between you. Most of those agencies no longer exist nowadays, but we have something even better—international dating sites. Compared to the agencies, they give you far more freedom and let you be the one responsible for the success of your endeavor.

If you’ve ever been to a dating site that is completely free to everyone, you know that it’s hardly a safe environment. Popular international dating services are committed to helping everyone communicate safely with the opposite sex and potentially even date or marry each other in real life. Needless to say, this kind of safety and functionality comes at a price. The sites charge you for a membership and/or additional features you are using. This is why the amount of money you’ll spend can be very different and depends on numerous factors.

Factors that influence the Vietnamese mail order bride prices

Since we’ve already established that the Vietnamese brides cost can be very volatile, you probably want to know why it happens that way. Obviously, there are many expenses that go into the overall Vietnamese mail bride cost. They include a website membership, extra paid features, gifts and flowers, and finally a visit to Vietnam to meet your bride. Still, with the cost of the most important features being the same for all users, some end up spending way more than the others. Here are the three less obvious factors influencing the price you’ll pay in the end.

  • The number of girls you talk to at once. Unless you opt for a membership that covers all of your communication needs, which is frankly rare in modern dating services, you will need to pay individually for every feature you use, such as chat and mail. Multiply each feature price by the number of women you communicate with, and you can quickly see your expenses go up.
  • The time period. There is no universal opinion on how long you should spend communicating with your bride exclusively online. Some men are prepared to take the relationship to the next level after a few months of talking online, while some are more comfortable staying in an online realm for several years. The more time you spend on a dating site, the more you are going to pay for membership and extra features.
  • Your dating style. Over years of dating both online and offline, you probably have your own dating style and techniques that you believe work well on women. There are many guys who rely on compliments and heartfelt declarations of feelings, which don’t cost anything, while others prefer something more material, such as gifts, flowers, surprise visits, and extravagant dates.

Why do you need to pay for online dating?

Setting up a mail order brides website is a complex process. Finding and filtering real women from bots and scams requires a substantial customer service department. Also, video communication often costs a lot (from 0,6 credits per minute with the average cost of $4 for 2 credits). Lastly, an online dating website is a business, even though it helps people find true love and meaning in life. Yet, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on online communication — it is affordable to any person.


Finding Vietnamese mail order brides looking for marriage is easy — this guide has helped you learn about Vietnamese order brides prices. Once you know what to do and how much it would cost, everything becomes simple, and we hope now you can easily start your online dating.

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