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How to Find Asian Wife in 2024 with Minimal Costs: Complete Guide

Obviously, it’s not an easy task to find an American man not having a yen for meeting a beautiful Asian woman . They were always portrayed as attractive, tender, family-oriented and even submissive. Even now, when the last ones of the mentioned traits are not always the rule, the interest in Asian ladies is still highly on.

Apart from the clear desire to find an Asian love of the whole life, all the other aspects of online dating may seem to be so complicated. Are there enough services and single ladies sign up there? Is it safe? And the main question: how much will it cost? In this article, we paid special attention to the last question. A small spoiler: everything is affordable and you won’t feel like you threw away all of your money. To get all the details, read on!

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Why dating an Asian lady won’t cost as much as you may think

how much does it cost to date asian woman

Before calculating real costs, you may want to know why dating an Asian woman is not as pricey as you expect. Of course, it depends. If you don’t mind spending a fortune at once but finally put an end to your bachelor life, you may miss a big part of the article. But even so, lots of men will wonder what you should expect from online dating and how to distribute the expenses. The answer to the question lies both in the cultural background of your bride and the systems of certain dating services.

Popularity of white men in Asian cultures

According to the survey, men of all races prefer exactly Asians as their potential girlfriends and life partners. Here is the next logical question: is it the same for Asian ladies? The statistics prove that white men are the number one wish for the majority of ladies from Asia, no matter what their country.

In all the meanings, it’s good news for all single men coming from the West. This not only means that you will gain a lot of attention on different mail order websites, but also that an Asian girl will be so glad to see, communicate and to be chosen by you that her demands won’t be as high as for her compatriots.

Changes in the perception of equality

Of course, lots of Asian females are still as traditional-oriented as we expect them to be. Yet, some changes gained ground in certain Asian countries. If in the past Asian ladies would patiently observe how their boyfriends struggle to get the bill at the moment the waiter brings it, even without trying to have a look at it, now some ladies prefer another approach. They understand that going Dutch is not the humiliation of the manly dignity, but the simple gesture of showing their sincere intentions but not living off.

The interesting moment is that you can come across this practice in more developed countries with a stable financial situation and economy. In other Asian countries, due to the difference in salaries, men are still supposed to cover the main expenses.

How much does it cost to get an Asian bride?

If you’ve never used online dating before, you may not really understand why there is any talk of the Asian brides cost. Does it mean that you can buy any woman you like online and have her marry you shortly after? The answer to this question is definitely not, you cannot actually buy a human being or force anyone to marry you. However, meeting single Asian women online typically costs money, hence the discussion about the Asian mail order bride price.

In this case, the term “Asian bride cost” simply refers to the money you will pay at different stages of your quest. The two biggest expenses you will face are dating site costs and the expenses of visiting your bride in her home country for the first time. But while the second part of the spendings is pretty straightforward, you may be wondering: why does it cost money to look for single Asian women on dating sites? The answer is simple: popular dating sites care very much about their reputation and the quality of their audience. Establishing a membership fee allows them to filter out members with questionable intentions and keep the environment safer for everyone.

Does the Asian brides cost include any money sent directly to the women?

Absolutely not! In fact, sending money directly to women on dating sites is discouraged by the administrators. You can surprise the special lady you’ve met online with flowers or gifts, but when a woman starts asking you to send money to her for any pretences, you can consider it to be a red flag and a reason to give your relationship another thought. If those requests keep persisting, it’s best to stop the communication altogether.

asian mail order brides prices

Ways to bring down your Asian mail order wife cost

Any Asian mail order bride cost you can find online is only an estimate. There are men who end up paying far more than that, but there are also guys who are lucky enough to save some money on the whole experience. Here are the three tips that may help you bring down the Asian brides price.

  • Focus on fewer women. The more women you talk to online using paid features, the more money you are going to spend. Try communicating only with the girls who appear to be absolutely irresistible to you.
  • Don’t spend too long talking online. Both with sites that have a monthly membership and sites that offer individual paid features, you spend more time as time passes. Try to move the relationship to real life as soon as possible.
  • Be smart when planning your real-life meeting. The cost of your visit to your woman’s native country depends on many factors, including your dating style. Go for more affordable tickets, accommodations, and don’t be overly generous with the gifts.

What are the main costs you will need to pay?

First of all, digital dating offers you not the possibility to buy a bride, but to find the potential woman that meets your preferences and start your communication with her. The main cost spent on dating platforms may reach even $3000-$5000. So, what does it include? It consists of 4 main expenses on:

  • Charges on mail order sites;
  • Travel expenses (tickets, accommodation);
  • Expenses related to spending time in the country of your bride (entertainment, dining out, drivers, interpreters);
  • Visa and passport fees (for some countries you will need to get a visa and then, if everything great, some arrangements are required for a lady to live in your country);

The cost of services on the mail order websites

As far as every site varies, the rate of charge may be so different, depending on the list of the offered features, additional functions, database, and even contingent. That’s why we will analyse basing on an Asian-oriented niche mail order website. So, what basic features does it include?

Sign-up process

The majority of decent online dating websites give future members a possibility to join for free. In this case, no credit card or any other details will be required. You just register and can start the use. It’s a great chance to discover the platform and try it yourself. Then, if you feel that something doesn’t match your preferences, just go to another website and still pay nothing for deleting your account. But keep it in mind: if the site asks to pay either it’s an elite service or a simple scam. Be aware and check the information about the agency before giving your money to eliminate the chances of financial fraud.

asian woman

Communication on mail order websites

The price of online services will directly depend on the range of functions and the membership system. Communication tools on mail order sites include a large variety of features starting from simple emails and messages to video calls and online chats. In addition, some agencies offer a credit system where you need to buy each function separately, while the others provide their customers with membership plans.

Credit system plan

If the chosen platform uses the tariff with credits, the price will fluctuate and sometimes it may cost you more than you expected. An average communication that is based on exchanging letters includes from 5 to up to 100 letters. Usually, at this moment, most of the members decide to pass to the phone calls or even to meet in real life. Still, some couples can feel the chemistry at the early beginning while others will need much more time to get to know each one before jumping to some serious steps.

Speaking of price, for each letter, you will approximately need to give 10 credits. But the number of credits doesn’t say anything to you, does it? The most important moment is to calculate the rate of every credit to understand what sum will you spend on your communication. Note that when you buy in bulk, you get a great bargain and a big discount. On any of the services for dating Asian mail order brides, the cost of 1 credit will be in minimum 0,15 cents that give $1,5 for writing one letter, and the same price for opening the response of a lady.

You can also try live texting or video chat. If the text messages will cost you 1 credit per minute or 0,15 cents/minute, a video call is 10 times expensive, namely $1,5/minute. Even if the video function can seem to be a bit pricey, you can get reassured that your Asian interlocutor is real and looks exactly how you imagine her.

Besides, not the last expenses go for other services like sending gifts. Presents are always an easy and effective way to win the heart of the desired lady. Most services offer a range of gifts like roses, perfumes, special gifts, fruit vases, teddy bears, a bottle of sparkling wine, chocolate, and a postcard to your Lady. Usually, the cost of gifts and bouquets on mail order bride sites have a markup, but it’s still affordable. For example, for a big bouquet of 30 roses, you will give 450 credits or $67,5. Besides, the delivery costs 49 credits or $7,35. Instead, you just click on anything you want to present, pay and don’t worry, because the agency will carry it out.

Membership plan

With agencies that use a membership plan, everything is just a piece of cake. The site will require you to subscribe to a certain tariff of membership. Usually, the platforms offer 1, 3, 6, 12-months membership. Besides, when you purchase it for some months at once, it will be much cheaper. Depending on the reputation, database, and a number of features, the price for a 1-month membership may start from $20 and get up to $100.

In addition, you can come across two different variants of member plans: gold and platinum. The first one usually includes only the communication tools, while the second one may give access to other features like a translation of the messages into your native language or ranking your account the first in the male list of members. Thus, the premium membership will be a bit more expensive but give the possibility to use advanced features.

Travel expenses

prices asian brides travelexperience

When the first stage is passed and you finally decide to meet and communicate in reality, a lot of questions arise. How to get to the country of your significant other? What are the chances to find a good accommodation at affordable prices? Read the following paragraphs to get the insights.


Traveling to Asian countries may sound like a big deal that requires lots of effort and money. In fact, sometimes the airfares may be really high, but if you know how to look for the tickets, it will not be a problem. If you travel from the USA and Europe, a lot of Asian destinations are available within both local and Asian airlines. The minimal cost of the flight from the USA to Asia will cost you from $350. The trip from Europe to the desired country of your bride will be about $200 and more for a one-way flight. When it comes to Australia and New Zealand, here you won’t have any difficulties and the prices will start from $250.

When buying tickets, we would recommend doing it directly at the official sites of the airlines to avoid substantial markups and frauds. Also keep in mind, from time to time the airlines have various discounts and sales. Besides, choose the most reliable companies to avoid low client service. Sometimes, it’s much better to pay a few dollars more but to be sure that everything will be at the highest level.


Speaking of accommodation, each Asian country has its pricing. You can select among hotels, Airbnb flats, private rooms, guest rooms, bungalows, and even hostel beds. Everything depends on your financial capacities and preferences.

In Japan, for example, a private room can cost as much as an excellent hotel apartment in the Philippines. In SouthEast countries like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia you can easily find high-end hotels under $150 per night. A bit noisy but still a great hotel room with a beautiful view can even cost you less than $50 per night.

Besides, no matter when you arrive, you will usually find a decent place to stay even without a reservation. Nevertheless, we would recommend you taking care of it before your arrival.


Another important aspect of your staying in the country of your bride is to make sure that you will spend the best time. For this, we would advise you to learn more about dining out, taxi and translation services cost.

Food and restaurants

Asia is well-known for its exotic and unusual food. Besides, you don’t necessarily need to eat only rice and fish. Different Asian countries have a great selection of all possible dishes at a modest price. Except for Japon, Singapore, and Taiwan where the prices are usually the same as in the USA, EU countries and Australia, all the other countries are food heavens. For a small sum, you can get the best meal ever there. Street food will cost you on average no more than $1-2, and only for $6-12, you can have a perfect dinner in a high-class location.

Taxi cost

Luckily, the time of insecure and unsatisfactory taxis in Asia is not relevant anymore. Don’t worry about rude drivers who would rig the meters to make it run faster or just drive up the price. The best options of taxi are Uber, Lyft, and Crab. Choosing them, you can be sure that your trip will be safe and affordable.

In addition, you can always hire a personal driver to not think about getting a taxi every time. For the majority of Asian countries, it can cost about $30-100 per day. Not so cheap as a taxi, but it will give you the best emotions and the highest level of comfort.


If your Asian woman is not so fluent in your native language, you can always use the service of translation and interpretation. Then, no barriers will occur between you and won’t hinder you to pursue your mail order bride. Instead, your conversation will just be rolling along. Usually, some agencies can offer their personal translators, but you can find it yourself too. A service of translation is not really cheap and can cost you from $20 per hour. Usually, it’s a good decision for the first date. Some ladies simply don’t need it and can speak without assistance.

Visa and passport expenses

Usually, all the red-tape processes related to international trips isn’t such a hassle. You will only need to get a passport if you haven’t travelled abroad before. In addition, your passport should be valid for a minimum of six months, from the date of entry into Asian country. If you have a passport due to expire within that time frame, you may be turned away. For a citizen of the USA, it will cost $110 and that’s all.

Most Asian countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia don’t require any visas for the men from the USA, European Union, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you decide to marry a woman and bring her to your country, during this process may occur some challenges. But if you address a good specialist, it’s easy to overcome all the challenges. Different Visa centers estimate that these expenses can range from about $1,200 to $5,000 including government charges, medical assurance, assistance and miscellaneous.

The overall cost

So sum it up, dating an Asian woman is not so expensive, but it varies. Online dating fees may include a small part of all the expenses counting up to $100-500. Flying to the desired woman in the economy class won’t cost more than $1000 for a two-way ticket. Besides, the accommodation and all the in-country expenses are about $1500 for a week. Instead, you get a lot of pleasant memories and unbelievable experiences with a lovely Asian lady. And if everything is perfect between you, it will probably turn into a happy marriage and a long-lasting relationship. Even if it costs some more thousand, real happiness is priceless.

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