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In this article, we are going to share some important info you should consider before meeting your ideal date from the Philippines. This article has been created specifically to assist you to get a perfect girl and explain in full detail how much money you can spend on dating Filipino women for marriage! Learn the prices for buying a wife online as well as the cost of real-life dating with us!

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Paying for online services: do you need it?

filipina mail order bride

Let’s start with the general idea behind fee-based features that are so common nowadays. It is paramount to mention that the majority of mail order bride websites usually have some premium-based options. Most of the time, these options include communication services, profile highlighting, and some other features that we will discuss later in the article. Providing you with a chance to start a family with real and honest women for marriage can be costly, which is why online platforms require users to pay for specific tools.

While there are sites that may offer free dating experience, most of the time, these sites are fake and fraudulent. The purpose of this article is to provide you an insight on how much does a Filipino bride cost so that you can understand whether you can afford meeting and potentially marrying a girl online!

The average Filipino mail order brides cost

Now that you understand that most mail order bride platforms will charge you for some features and tools, it is high time to examine the average prices on getting a partner on the web. Depending on what you seek and what type of website you use, you can spend from $1000 to $13,000. Such differences between the prices can be explained by what you wish to pursue. You can limit yourself by interacting with a girl online and not have a real-life date with her. Contrastingly, you may spend a few months chatting with her via instant messages and then have a real-life date. Now, let’s take a closer look at the cost of marrying Filipino brides!

Filipino mail order brides cost: online/traditional dating

Let’s begin with the most important part of seeking your perfect woman for marriage – online dating. Without this stage, you cannot find a suitable mail order woman. There are dozens and even hundreds of platforms across the globe that can provide you with high-quality and honest dating experience. Undoubtedly, some sites will have higher prices or be more exclusive. However, the prices that you will see below are average. Our team of dating enthusiasts has examined the most popular mail order bride websites with singles from this country and wants you to know how much you can spend on average:

  • Premium membership. Very often, a mail order bride website offers you to purchase a premium subscription to enjoy exclusive tools. The price of a monthly subscription can vary from$10 to $30, depending on the chosen site. Also, if you buy a full-year membership, you will pay less per month, which is a great way to save up to 30%! So, for a year of premium options, you can pay about $100-$200.
  • Premium credits. Some mail order bride platforms can sell you special tokens that can be spent individually on various communication features, gift and flower delivery, requests for the personal information of brides, translation fees, access to profiles, and other options. These credits are sold in packages, and the more credits you buy, the less the price per credit is. We have found out that, on average, users spend $50-$350 on credits. Notably, sites with credits do not have premium subscriptions, so you would not be forced to purchase the above mentioned premium options.

One can see that the first step can cost you about $140-200 per month. Although at first glance, one may say that it is quite expensive considering that you would not have physical contact with your bride, and considering the price of an average date with a Western girl. Restaurants, gifts, flowers, entertainment, and other things can cost more than $300, and you will have only one date to make an impression on a woman! Here, you spend less than $200 for a whole month of communication!

Filipino mail order bride cost: having a real-life date

Let’s assume that you have found your ideal woman. You have spent enough time to get to know her better, and now you want to finally see her. Well, fortunately, many mail order bride platforms can help you achieve what you seek. First, you have an option to discuss your real date with your future bride and organize everything on your own. However, some sites can assist you with that and organize the date without you doing anything.

After a considerable study, we have found that there are many platforms that offer services to help you have a real-life date with women of your dreams. Of course, such services are fee-based and can cost up to $700 per date. Please be sure that such services do not include the prices of flight or other expenditures. This is purely for the organization of your date. You can ask the site that you are using to help you find and purchase tickets, make a reservation for a hotel room, and come up with an entertaining and interesting plan for you to have wonderful dates with your women. However, you would have to pay for all the above-mentioned things separately.

filipina wife for sale

Usually, living in the United States or Canada and dating a bride from the Philippines can have the following major expenditures:

  1. Plane tickets will be about $2,500-$3000
  2. Hotel reservation for a week – $800-$1,500
  3. Visa – $1,500
  4. Entertaining and other expenditures – $3,000-$5,000
  5. Translation fees – $60 per hour

Now, let’s be more detailed and break down the expenses included in each category. Let’s start with the plane tickets.

The tickets are not the largest part of the Filipino mail order brides cost. The cheapest one-way tickets from New York to Manila (the capital of the Philippines) will cost you $1,500–$2,000, but obviously, the cheaper the ticket is, the worse the conditions are. Thus, most $1,500–$2,000 flights are extremely long—you’ll have to waste something like 40–45 hours to get from the US to the Philippines if you want to save money. These flights are also self-transfer flights, which means your connections are not covered by the carriers and you’ll have to deal with separate flights yourself. Bearing in mind the amount of time you’ll need to spend, it looks like a $2,500–$3,500 flight is a better and a more convenient option.

Now, let’s talk about how much you’ll spend on a hotel room. Most hotel rooms cost $50–$100 per 1 night, but it’s possible to find even cheaper options—there are 2-star hotels that offer rooms that cost about $25–$35 for 1 night. Hostels can be a good option, too (up to $25 per night). Obviously, there are lots of expensive hotels in the Philippines that will cost you $300–$400 per night, too.

The average price of a 7-day trip to the Philippines is $1,500-$2,500 for a solo traveler. This is the amount of money you will at no point feel like you’re living on a tight budget with.

Now, the wedding—that’s the largest part of the Filipino mail order brides cost (in most cases). A basic (really basic) wedding here will cost you $800–$1,000, and $5,000–$8,000 will be enough for you to have a great wedding party with 25–50 guests. Some people say that they spent $25,000 or even more, but you don’t need to spend that much if you don’t want to.

The cost of a K-1 visa should be included, too. The filing fee is $535, the visa fee for your Filipino bride is $265, and the green card filing fee is $1,140. So, a visa and a green card will cost you $1,940.

It should be noted that these prices will be the same in case you wish to fly to the Philippines and meet your bride in her home country. To be honest, this option is preferable, especially if you have serious intentions to propose to your woman. Remember that Asian culture requires a man to be introduced to his bride’s parents and family. They would want to communicate with you and figure out whether or not you are suitable for their daughter.

So what are the benefits of looking for mail order bride online?

You may wonder what the point of using online mail order bride services is. Well, the first significant advantage of becoming a member on such websites is the fact that you are offered a wide range of women who seek the same as you – a partner to build a strong and happy family. You do not need to worry about the credibility of brides since most decent sites have verification and identity checks to secure that women for marriage are real and not scam.

Online dating is convenient and quick. You do not need to have lengthy dates and spend much money on women that might not be for you. Here, you can spend a minimal amount of time and money and figure out whether you can have a future with your date or not. You can learn a lot about your potential bride without even talking to her – detailed and extensive profile descriptions will be your best source of information.

Lastly, online mail order bride services are explicitly tailored to unite people regardless of location, age, culture, or language differences. You have translation tools in case your bride does not know English well. You can use different forms of communication that suit your personality and preferences or needs of your women. You may search for a particular type of woman for marriage through simple filters describing her appearance and habits. Everything is created so that you can maximize your chances of meeting the right women!


Accordingly, you can see that the Filipino mail order brides cost is relatively smaller compared to the amount of money you can spend on a Western girl. Undoubtedly, at first, $15,000 can be seen as an incredibly large sum of money. However, you will never spend such a sum instantly and on a single date. The process of finding women of your dreams can take a few days or a few months! And fees for using online dating are more than affordable. Just imagine – you get a full month of high-quality and diversified communication with the most elegant and gracious Filipino mail order brides for less than $100!

Indeed, the cost of flying to the Philippines or asking your bride to come to the United States is quite high, but it usually happens when you are 100% sure that your date is the one. And be sure that hundreds and even thousands of reviews and success stories from men who used online dating and found Filipino mail order bride said that every single dollar that was spent was worth it.

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