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Japanese Mail Order Brides And Wives–A Perfect Partner To Be With

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Many guys have a desire to find a woman perfect for being a wife. Nowadays, dating services with online brides are vastly popular, which allows these guys to select the best out of the best. Japanese mail order brides are particularly popular among Western men, and the fact that there are many mail order bride websites that allow you to meet Japanese singles make the process of finding a bride easy, simple, and convenient. It is our goal to provide you with the best and relevant information regarding the subject matter – here you can learn everything about marrying a Japanese women!

The rating of mail order bride sites that you see here is based on our team opinion’s solely.

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How can our website help you?

Well, let’s begin with the fact that this website’s purpose is to collect information related to online dating and Japanese brides. Our team of professional dating experts has spent a lot of time seeking decent mail order bride platforms, checking out what popular websites can offer, and analyzing the opportunities that are provided to single guys who want to find Japanese brides for sale. To be honest, the whole process of looking for a beautiful Japanese wife is not lengthy and difficult. However, there are many steps you need to take to actually start looking for girls for marriage.

In particular, it is paramount to emphasize the importance of finding a proper MOB website. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scamming and fraudulent mail order bride platforms that want to steal your money and fool you.

Selecting a proper mail order bride site can require a lot of time as you would need to read reviews, try many sites personally, and conduct extensive research.

Nevertheless, you can choose a simpler and more convenient approach and rely on our site. Here, we can give you useful tips on most reputable and recognizable platforms or how to find one on your own. So, our website can help you save your time and offer useful and relevant information that will improve the quality of your online dating experience!

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Why Japanese women may be interested in marriage with Western men?

To start a whole adventure like the search for a Japanese lady for marriage, it’s essential to know that these women are actually interested in it. For sure, all people are different; thus, they have different intentions, plans for life, and attitude to the same ideas. However, nowadays, we can examine at least two reasons why Japanese females start to choose foreigners.

The busyness of Japanese people

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Everyone knows Japan as a country with huge economic potential and incredibly hard-working people. A lot of millennials and older people got a decent education and decided to entirely sacrifice themselves for a successful career. That’s why, even a lot of Japanese companies introduce special job positions which include reminding people not to stay till the late time at work but go home and rest.

Japanese men pay a lot of attention to self-development, constant growing but totally forget about romantic relationships. Thus, it’s the main explanation of such a number of single women who still wait for their significant others at a quite mature age. Not finding any other choice, they prefer counterparties from the Western countries who seem to find more time for dating.

The neglection of the family values

Another reason that convinces Japanese brides to choose men from other countries is more and more rejections of local males to have kids. Even if they find time to date with real women, meet from time to time and build something serious, having children is not the main plan of the great part of them. It not only declines the population of Japan but makes Japanese women desperate because of the impossibility of having a complete family. Western men are more traditional in this matter, and most of them still see their future families with kids.

Advantages and disadvantages of Japanese mail order brides and why guys choose them

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Although marrying a Japanese women has become exceptionally simple with the advent of modern technologies, it is paramount to note that Western guys should know a lot about girls from Japan before trying to date them. The reason for such a requirement is quite understandable – Western and Eastern cultures have a lot of differences, which requires one to know the cultural peculiarities and features to avoid miscommunication, misunderstandings, and confusion. Let’s take a look at a few strengths and weaknesses of Japanese mail order brides for you to know as much as possible about them beforehand!

  • They take relationships slowly. One of the definitive quality of Japanese mail order wives is the fact that they need more time to start trusting another person. You may think that your woman does not want to become more intimate because she does not enjoy your communication, but in reality she might just want to take things slowly. If you want to be successful with your Japanese girl for marriage, we highly advise respecting her desires and decisions.
  • They value respect toward the concept of family. In case you look for casual relationships, you better not meet Japanese singles. The majority of girls who seek love online want to have serious and lifelong relationships. You should also show respect and honor toward the very concept of the family since it is the fundamental part of Japanese culture.
  • They can be quite shy. Although it may sound similar to the first fact about Japanese women for marriage, a lot of Japanese brides for sale may be quite shy. In case you see that your lady has problems with communication but still tries to contact you, it might be a case of incredible shyness. However, if a girl is too shy but continues to chat with you, it is a sign that she is incredibly comfortable with you. After some time, the lady would get used to your company and would be more active and communicative.

Apart from the things mentioned above, it is paramount to state that thousands of guys choose Japanese women as brides for various reasons. For some, it is the humble behavior. Others enjoy unique and exceptional beauty and elegance of oriental girls. There are many things that attract Western guys in Japanese women, and we can be sure that you will find your own reason to start looking for one!

How to find a Japanese wife?

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To meet Japanese singles, one does not have to fly to Japan and waste thousands of dollars. The era of modern technologies allows one to enjoy high-quality communication with a beautiful Japanese wife. In this section, we are going to tell you everything about marrying a Japanese women and what you need to do to buy Japanese women for marriage!

Step one: find a reliable mail order bride website

We have mentioned above that selecting a decent place to seek a bride is essential. Indeed, the success of your online dating depends on your platform. Read reviews, check out feedback from customers, and try out everything for yourself – this is the only option to avoid being scammed.

Step two: create a decent and detailed profile

Plenty of guys who want to meet Japanese singles make the same mistake – they do not make their profiles detailed enough. You need to understand: the more information you include in your profile, the more a potential bride can learn about you! Make sure that you upload a photo to your profile page and write something personal.

Step three: start seeking your perfect Japanese brides for sale

Most MOB platforms will offer you a wide diversity of searching tools. You can browse databases manually or use a matchmaking system that will match you with a suitable bride. The choice is yours!

Japanese mail order brides statistics: success rate, divorce, children, visa statistics

If you have serious intentions to build a family with a woman you met online, you need to know quite a few facts to be confident in what you are doing. In this section, we would like to offer you a few basic facts about beautiful Japanese brides so that you could have more information to have a better expectations. Here, you will find statistical data that might help you make the right decision about whether it is worth marrying someone from Japan or not!

  • Success rates: 75% of men who seek how to marry a woman from Japan succeed
  • Divorce rates: around 44% of couples that meet conventionally end up in a divorce
  • Children: girls usually prefer to have kids after 25, and a typical Japanese family has 2 kids
  • Visa statistics: 195 brides got a K-1 visa in 2020

How to attract Japanese brides?

When you know what general features are typical for the majority of Japanese ladies, it’s easy to figure out what they will expect from their partners. They say to be attentive to what your loving person gives you. It’s the same they would want to get from you.

Once you are together, don’t forget to show your love to a Japanese woman

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If an attractive Japanese lady fell into you, it doesn’t mean she will be in love if you suddenly stop to care for her. It’s a problem of many couples who just got used to each one and didn’t feel these butterflies every time they are together. Do not forget how unique is this person for you. Besides, remember about our small recommendation: local men are not really eager to show their feelings, that’s why even some nice words from you about how you appreciate her and what you love most in her, will please her more than anything other.

Japanese women prefer men with a stable financial position

Even some decades ago, financial stability wasn’t such a common thing as it’s now in Japan. Coming from those times, parents of Japanese ladies still educate them to find successful husbands who can prove that with them, Japanese ladies will be like behind a stone wall.

In addition, these ladies can earn themselves quite a lot. So, they count to find men who will totally match them. Moreover, Japanese people always care about their lifestyle, food, clothes, and traveling. If a lady got used to it, it would be difficult for her to start living a little less prosperous even if it’s still a decent level of living.

Be into Japanese culture

Even if you have never watched anime or read manga and you don’t feel that you can become a great fan of it, still there are lots of ways to become closer to her culture. First, before trying to impress her, you will need to learn some Japanese. A lot of ladies don’t speak any other languages than their native one. Even a simple initial contact may be not so smooth if you do not understand each other.

Besides, being genuinely interested in her culture will mean not only reading all possible information and learning all possible words but making your dates more informative, sharing different cultural, historical, and social insights by enriching each other with the perception of the West and the East.

Be a gentleman with your Japanese girl

Even if she seems to be a really confident and self-sufficient lady, no one will stand by polite and gentle gestures. Open the door of the car or help her to put her coat on. Send her some flowers and choose a small but meaningful gift. Not so many Japanese ladies have gotten a lot of compliments in their lives.

Do you like anything about her? Something that makes her so special to you? Don’t hesitate to tell her about it. This will definitely make her choose exactly you as not so many Japanese men pay attention to these small details.

Act confidently and be reliable

It’s not a secret that all women adore men who can make decisions, solve problems, and make life easier. The same rule works for Japanese ladies too. If you want to impress her, always be confident, and there is no matter if it’s a life-death deal or just a small problem. Always try to find a plan B if something goes wrong, and avoid any situations where you can look timid or indecisive. It will make you appear dependable in the eyes of Japanese women.

How to impress a Japanese wife for sale?

Now that you know how to attract a woman from this country, let’s take a deeper look into what to do to impress a sexy Japanese bride. Some of you may know that Japanese wives are obsessed with Western culture. So, you don’t need to do anything exceptional to make a positive impression. Any Japanese wife for sale would want to be with a Western man. 

Nevertheless, girls from Japan love men who are confident but funny. So, to make a positive first impression, you need to show that you are a guy with whom your potential bride won’t be bored. Don’t be formal. Act casually and enjoy your time.

Try to find out as much as you can about your future pretty Japanese wife. Most brides write quite a lot, so you can understand what kind of approach to choose once you find a girl suitable for your needs and demands. Apart from that, avoid complex and controversial topics related to religion and politics. Be yourself and try to show your girl that you want to know who she is!

Real-life success stories

In this section, we would like to offer you a few stories from guys who managed to find and marry beautiful and sexy Japanese wives. If you are a man who is looking for Japanese girl for marriage, these stories will help you a lot!

Lance and Yui

I knew that there were a lot of girls from Japan online, but I didn’t know that there were so many of them! At first, I dated casually, but when I met Yui, something changed inside of me. I started preparing for our dates. I sent her flowers and presents. I wanted to make her smile because she has the most beautiful smile in the world. We clicked right away, and even though Yui doesn’t have perfect English, we had great conversations. I visited her twice during our 2-year online dating. By the end of the second year, I knew that I needed to marry her. Fortunately, her parents were rather progressive, so they didn’t mind her daughter marrying a foreigner!

Ian and Hina

When I met Hina, I knew that my life would change. And it has! I am now the happiest man on the planet! Hina has made me do things that I had never thought I would do. She is fun, smart, and cheerful. She makes me feel calm and happy. She helps me with my problems. We’ve been married for more than 2 years now.

Dating rules – how to have a perfect date with a bride from Japan?

You may already understand that girls from Japan have different views on relationships and marriage. Apart from the fact that they would rather take relationships slowly, there are a few things that one should know to have a great date with a Japanese girl for marriage. Let’s take a look at a couple of them!

Be patient and polite

In case you cannot wait for more intimate communication, you have to consider finding a bride from a different country. If you show how impatient you are to your beauty from Japan, she might want to stop communicating with her. Moreover, if you want to have a great date with a bride from this country your communication should be as polite as possible – gentleman-like behavior is the foundation.

Be romantic

Japanese brides enjoy cute and romantic gestures. Telling your bride how beautiful she looks is the way to conquer her! Although she may become even shyer, you should still shower your bride with compliments and gifts!

Be honest

Trust is vital for Japanese mail order wife. You need to be honest and open with your lady. It is better to tell the truth rather than try to impress your bride with a made-up story.

Hold your horses

Despite the typical image of Asian culture with its women ready to show you their affection on the very first date, it’s not the truth. In reality, Japanese ladies may seem quite indifferent, not letting even a small peck on the cheek. Still, if you want to see her again, you should be low-key and not rush things between you. Once you confirm your genuine interest, you will gradually be accepted and invited to do more.

Be confident and self-sufficient

To get the affection of a Japanese lady, you need to behave confidently and take the leads. These women are well aware of all their rights and don’t hesitate to use them. Thus, most of them work, study, and take an active part in each sphere of life. The problem is that local men got used to it so much that sometimes they can even pass the buck to ladies. Try to make decisions based on her opinion. This feature will definitely charm her.

Japanese brides costs and prices – how much do you need to spend to find love?

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One of the most important aspects of online dating can be considered its cost. Indeed, one can agree that dating requires a lot of resources. Both time and money play a paramount role in having a pleasant date. The cost and prices of online dating are great advantages of this form of communication. Plenty of cases have proven online communication to be cheaper and more affordable compared to in-person dating. Let’s figure out together how much an average date with a beautiful Japanese wife will cost you.

A mail order bride site with a monthly subscription will charge you $15-30 per month. Usually, such sites include all features and tools needed to find and chat with a bride into the subscription, so you would not have to pay for anything separately. There are also websites that charge you for every single communication. For instance, 1 minute of chatting can cost $0.5 or something like that.

So, how much can you spend on such sites? It depends on your dating strategy—if you contact dozens of random girls you can spend a lot, but if you are dating wisely—use search, apply plenty of filters to find ideal matches, keep in touch only with girls who are really interested in you and then choose the one and have conversations with her, you can spend much less. For example, when you are getting started and have conversations with many women, you can spend up to $100 per month, but then, when you meet a special woman and no longer need to write and reply to a lot of messages, this can cost you $30–60 per month.

The trips—Do you have to meet Japanese bride in real life & how much does it cost?

There is another important thing to consider—you can’t marry someone if you’ve never met in real life. So, you’ll need to go to Japan at least a few times. This is not the cheapest country to visit, but if you are not going to stay at luxury hotels and eat only in fancy restaurants, you can save a lot of money. Generally speaking, the average cost of a 2-week trip for 1 person is $2,500 (including tickets), so if you go to Japan at least twice, you’ll spend about $5,000. Let’s be pessimistic and assume that you will spend $1,000 on dating services during a year. So, you are likely to spend about $6,000 “on a bride” in total.

Read the full information about Japanese mail order brides costs

Myths about mail order brides from Japan

japanese mail order brides

Very often, people have the wrong attitude toward mail order bride services because of myths and stereotypes that surround this industry. We want as many guys as possible to know about the real situation with mail order brides and Japanese brides in particular. Here, you can take a look at most common myths about Japanese brides for sale!

  1. There is something wrong with Japanese mail order wife. Plenty of people believe that if a girl cannot find a husband in real-life, then something is wrong with her. However, this is complete nonsense! Online dating is popular because it is effective and affordable, not because it allows one to hide flaws and weaknesses. Decent sites require you to post actual reasons to use online dating, so there is no place for fraud and scam.
  2. Japanese brides are after your wealth. Often, people believe that Japanese mail order brides are gold-diggers who are only interested in money. Sure, fake dating websites have such brides, but reputable and world-known platforms will never allow creating such a scam account.
  3. Beauties from Japan are lazy and uneducated. To be honest, it is quite weird to hear such statements without any kind of reason. Ladies from Japan are intelligent and hard-working. Whether you want to find a woman who will become the mother of your children or a partner in business, you can be sure that your beautiful Japanese wife will be passionate and dedicated.

Yes, it is absolutely legal to buy Japanese women looking for marriage. Mail order bride services are 100% legit and real, and you can find thousands of beautiful women from this country. It is not difficult to seek your ideal bride since there are quite a few platforms that offer you these services.

How to find a decent mail order bride website for Japanese brides?

It is important to look for websites with reputation. A proper mail order bride website with Japanese mail order brides should have plenty of reviews and feedback from both customers and dating experts. Try to use a dating site that has been on the market for a few years.

How long does it take to find a Japanese girl for marriage?

Everything depends on your taste, preferences, and needs. You can be lucky, and your ideal soulmate in a few days. However, most of the time, it takes a few weeks to find and establish strong relationships with a Japanese girl for marriage.

How to make sure that you are chatting with a real Japanese woman?

If you do not want to get scammed and think that your interlocutor is not a real person, try asking some complex and personal questions. Most of the time, bots analyze your sentences and find words that can be answered. A complex sentence would make it difficult to give a decent answer, and you would easily figure out whether it is a bot or not!

Who is a typical Japanese mail order bride?

A typical Japanese mail order bride is a woman in her twenties or thirties, never married or divorced, most often without children (there may be older women with kids on mail order bride sites, too, but there are fewer of them) who is intentionally looking for a foreign boyfriend, wants to marry him and doesn’t mind moving to his country.

Why do Japanese women become mail order brides?

Though Japan is a developed country, it doesn’t mean that local women don’t face any difficulties. For example, the number of the so-called herbivore men (men not interested in sex and marriage) is constantly growing, and many women in Japan want to start a family and have kids.

How much does it cost to get a Japanese mail order bride?

It depends on your preferences, travel style, luck, and, of course, the online dating site you choose. Still, we can provide some rough estimates. A man who lives in the US can spend about $6,000 on dating services and 2 trips to Japan (tickets included).

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