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It is very simple — you just need to follow this short and detailed guide, and everything is going to be smooth, straightforward, and elegant. First, international dating websites and mail order bride services can offer you exceptional opportunities to find the best Hungarian women for marriage. In this article, we are going to tell you why online dating is the perfect approach to meet with beautiful Hungarian brides, what so great about these women is, and a lot of more useful information that will help you meet, date, and marry perfect Hungarian mail order brides online!

The best online dating sites with women from Hungary

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Advantages of seeking a Hungarian bride online

hungarian bride

Hungary is a beautiful and interesting country with rich history and culture. So, some people may wonder—why don’t we go there and look for brides in person. Sure, it is a rather viable approach. But you need to remember a few things! First, not all girls who live in this country are fluent in English—some of them may never speak an English word. Second, even if you manage to find a woman who speaks your language, she might not be interested in marrying a foreigner. Cultural and social differences may be a serious obstacle to building serious and long-term relationships for some girls. So, although you can look for a bride from Hungary in person, there is a much better option available for you!

Online dating has become widely popular over the last two decades. Millions of men around the globe are using it to find mail order brides. Why? Let’s find out together!

  1. It is quick. It is possible to find a great foreign woman in just a day. Sure, you either need to spend an entire day or be incredibly lucky, but the fact remains—you can find true love very quickly. The very essence ofmail order bride websites allows you to browse through Hungarian brides who have the same goals—they wish to have serious relationships with the right guy.
  2. It is affordable. A trip to Hungary, a country that is not very expensive, can still be around $2,000–$3,000 for a week. A whole month of online communication with mail order brides from Hungary is much cheaper! For instance, you can have a great online dating experience for just under $100 per month!
  3. It is accessible. Most dating sites that you will find are going to be very easy, even if you don’t know what to do. And once you learn just a few tricks, you will realize how straightforward online communication is. Later in the article, you will find a detailed guideline on what to do to find a hot Hungarian mail order bride!

Single Hungarian girls on their own wishing to tie the knot

Szilvia, 42
Hungary, Budapest
Svetlana, 36
Hungary, Budapest

Pros and cons of marrying a Hungarian bride

Why should you marry a woman from this country? Girls who live in Hungary possess great skills and qualities that any man would find wonderful for serious relationships. Let’s take a closer look!


Hungarian brides

  • Women from Hungary know English. While in 2012, only 20% of Hungarians could speak English, in 2017, more than half of the popular could communicate with foreigners. Girls who live in this country know that without English, they won’t be able to have proper and meaningful relationships. So, you can expect interesting conversations and meaningful communication.
  • Hungarian brides are smoking hot! Hungarian girls are diverse and beautiful. Most of the time, a Hungarian girl is tall, dark-haired, and rather slim. Take a look at Barbara Palvin—a model who was born in Hungary and is considered one of the most well-known and gorgeous models in the world.
  • Hungarian women are strong-willed and independent. They represent strong and confident women who know what they want. They are not shy and humble like most Asian women for marriage. Furthermore, they respect power, confidence, and responsibility in men above all. So, if you want to find an equal partner in your relationships, Hungarian brides will be perfect for you!
  • Women from this country are family-oriented. The main goal of most brides from Hungary is to find a husband or boyfriend. They are not using online dating for something casual. They are here for the real deal!
  • Some men claim that Hungarian girls can be rather intimidating. The fact that women from this country are looking for men who are confident, strong, and responsible, sometimes, these women can look rather demanding and even cold.
  • Hungarian language is one of the most difficult in the world. It is very challenging to learn even simple phrases to impress your date!

How to have a perfect date with a Hungarian mail order bride?

hungarian mail order bride

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of marrying a woman from this country, let’s talk strategy—what you need to do to be successful!

Read your bride’s profile

Girls from Hungary love it when guys show that they care about them. But how to do that on a first date? Easy — just check out her profile page and learn some facts about her. Usually, Hungarian mail order brides post information about their favorite movies and music, hobbies and interests, and other information that can be useful for you!

Learn a little about Hungary

Hungary is not the largest country in Europe, but it is surely a country with a rich history and culture. Learn a few interesting facts that can be used as ice-breaking points. The most important thing when dating a Hungarian mail order bride is to have a good first date. Once you make a great first impression, your Hungarian bride will be less distant and more talkative. You may try learning a few words in Hungarian, but as we have mentioned above, it is a very difficult language.

Show your intentions right away

If you are using an international dating website, tell your potential wife that you have serious intentions to have long-term relationships. If you want to find a wife, tell your girl that! She needs to know that you are a man who can handle the responsibility of being the head of the family.

How to find a pretty Hungarian brides online?

hungarian singles online

Although there are plenty of loyal Hungarian singles online, you need to know how to find them? We made this guide to help you with everything you may need:

  1. Find a suitable, legit, and well-known website. Research potential platforms and find the one that offers the best prices, diversity, and quality.
  2. Create an account. Fill out your profile page and make sure that you have a high-quality and fresh photo.
  3. Be active. Hungarian wives love active and energetic men. You need to show initiative by sending as many messages as possible.
  4. Be open and honest. If you want to find a wife, tell your bride about that. If you are not looking for a future wife, just say it!
  5. Look for as many brides as you can. The benefit of online dating is that you can search for dozens of girls at the same time. One second you are sending a message to a girl, the next, you are looking at a profile of another potential wife.

Once you find a girl that you believe can be the one and only, you may stop searching for other girls and concentrate on building real relationships with her.

Cost of dating a Hungarian mail order brides

If you have serious intentions to be with a foreign woman, you need to know that online dating is usually fee-based. Indeed, you will need to pay to communicate with Hungarian brides. However, we can assure you that it won’t be expensive. And to prove that, here is the average cost of using online dating and mail order bride services.

Membership-based services

You can choose a website that uses monthly subscriptions to charge the customers. It is a very popular and common form of paying for online dating services. And it is a very simple one. All you need to do is make a single purchase every single month. You get all the options provided by a certain membership (there might be several types of memberships). Once you become a premium member, you can freely send messages and enjoy all the features available in the membership. On average, 1 month of such a membership costs around $10–40, depending on the site. While this system is great, you need to buy subscriptions every single month if you need to communicate.

hungarian women to marry

Credit-based sites

Nowadays, another form of online dating site has become widely popular. Instead of memberships, you purchase credits—so-called tokens that are required to pay for all the available features. In other words, to send a message, you need to spend a certain number of credits. For example, 5 minutes of chatting can cost 5 credits. Or a single message can cost 1 credit. A letter can cost 20 credits, while viewing private photos and videos of a Hungarian bride can cost 50 credits. You get credits that you can spend whenever you wish. Also, these credits come in packages, so the more you buy, the less you pay. Speaking about paying, the cost of such packages varies and starts with $10, and goes up to $350 for huge packages with credits.


Hungary is a great example of a Central European country—it is a great combination of Slavic girls with a Western European mentality. If you want to know more about looking for Eastern European mail order wives, this article will help you. We can guarantee you that on your journey to find a perfect Hungarian mail order bride, you will find dozens of beautiful, intelligent, and interesting potential wives. The only challenge that you may face is how to find the one among so many gorgeous girls!


In case you wonder what else you can learn about Hungarian women for marriage and online communication, we have a few additional points for you!

Is it easy to find a Hungarian mail order bride?

It is relatively easy. Even though online dating is rather popular, the population of Hungary is rather small, so you can expect to find at least 100–200 Hungarian wives on the most popular dating sites.

What kind of men do Hungarian brides seek?

They are looking for kind and generous men who want to start a family with a foreign woman—nothing special.

Can you marry a foreign bride from Hungary?

Of course, you can. And online dating websites are here to help you achieve exactly what you need. All you have to do is sign up on a dating site, spend some time searching for your bride, and send her a message!

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