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Discover the Best Asian Country to Find Your Ideal Bride

Asian ladies are incredibly beautiful and sophisticated. They have a special allure that many men wonder what is the best Asian country to find a wife. Besides, Asian singles are also into foreign men, interracial and intercultural relationships, as 40% of Asian women married outside their race in 2008. If you want to get into the statistics of happy relationships with gorgeous Asians, check out our list of the best countries for Asian dating.

If you can’t wait and want to start your search now, here are some great dating sites where you can find an Asian wife online.

Top Dating Sites For Asian Dating

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How to find an Asian wife?

When looking for the best place to find Asian wife, you immediately think about traveling to a distant country and meeting those incredible beauties. For sure, it’s one of the options you have, but it’s definitely not the only one available. With the modern world of technologies and innovation, there are two ways you can connect to hot Asian singles: online and offline.

Online dating

online dating


  1. Comfortable communication in a safe environment
  2. Variety of choice
  3. You meet Asian beauties with similar dating goals
  4. You talk a lot which is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other
  5. Reasonable prices


  1. Absence of physical contact
  2. For some people it is difficult to maintain long-distance relationships

Offline dating

offline dating


  1. Possibility to see the girls IRL
  2. Combination of traveling and love search
  3. Foreign culture exploration
  4. Physical contact


  1. Approaching a perfect girl on the street or a cafe is not that easy
  2. No information about girls’ relationship statuses
  3. Traveling to the Asian region is quite expensive
  4. Language and cultural barrier can prevent from successful dating

Both options you have can help you meet tons of gorgeous Asian ladies and might be one of them is your future girlfriend and wife. Just choose the best country with mail order brides and start your love journey. Besides, there is a way to combine the best of both worlds. You can initially meet a hot Asian girl online, and when your relationship develops, come to see her or fly her over to your home country.

What is the best Asian country to find a wife?

Enjoy our top-5 Asian dating destinations and choose your best place to find Asian wife and get the happiness you deserve.


find chinese girlfriend

China should be on top of your dating list if you want to meet feminine and fragile girls with a traditional view of family. Such qualities are very appreciated in China and are a part of their view of the ideal woman. Don’t waste your chance to get a perfect Chinese wife and start your love journey today!

Why choose Chinese women: Single ladies from this country are very smart, well-mannered, and have traditional beliefs.


dating vietnamese women

Check out Vietnam if you want to get a wife with exotic and tender beauty. Attractive Vietnamese singles are so lovely and charming that only a few men can resist them. Besides, Vietnam is the best country for black man to find Asian wife, as many local beauties find such foreigners very attractive.

Why choose Vietnamese mail brides: Loyal partners, hard-working and caring mothers.


women from thailand

Stunning Thai beauties are a perfect match for everyone seeking a loyal and caring wife ready to start a family and have kids. Women from Thailand also boast with their incredible energy and positivity. Marrying such a lady, you will always be surrounded with support and proper care. So, if that is what you are looking for, then Thailand should be your dating destination.

Why choose Thai women: Positive attitude to life, easy-going character, supportive partners.

South Korea

south korean girls for sale

Unique style and charm of South Korean women can enchant anybody, but it’s just a tiny part of their attractiveness. The biggest reason you should look for a hot South Korean date online is their forever-youthful look, care about the health of their family members, and traditional values. Besides, family is always a top priority to them.

Why choose South Korean women: Westernized mentality in combination with traditional beliefs, ambitions, romantic nature.


japanese women

Traveling to Japan is always a good idea, as local women are just incredible. They might appear a bit reserved and not talkative at first, but when they warm up to you, you’ll see the full beauty of their personality. Traditionally Japanese brides are very smart, loving and caring partners. They love to create a cozy atmosphere and are very fond of outdoor activities. This is why marrying a Japanese girl is also a great choice for energetic and easy-going men.

Why choose Japanese women: They are extremely beautiful, sophisticated, wise.

Choosing the best country to find a stunning Asian wife is definitely only up to you. But finding a dating destination is only the first step of many waiting for you ahead. One of them is approaching a girl you like, and we got a few tips for you.

Tips on how to choose the best place to find an Asian wife

If you have doubts about the best place to find an Asian wife for you, we prepared a few tips on making the right decision.

  • In different Asian countries and even regions Asian women are different; pick the type of beauty you like the most.
  • Consider the cultural peculiarities of each country.
  • Check the religion of a woman you like or the main one in the country you want to look for a wife in (if that can be a deal-breaker for you.)
  • Listen to your heart, as it always helps to make the right choice.


Choosing a suitable country for Asian dating is a way to succeed in it, regardless of the dating option you choose online or offline. Stunning Asian ladies have a vast potential to become perfect wives, supportive partners, and real soulmates. Don’t miss your chance of happiness.

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