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With the advance of internet communication, finding love and real relationships has become a relatively simple and quick thing. Nowadays, mail order bride services can help you meet your ideal lady who matches your descriptions perfectly.

To find Chinese wives, one does not have to go to China or seek a Chinese lady locally. Instead, dozens of mail order bride platforms can help you marry a Chinese girl easily and quickly.

Here, we will help you figure out what you need to do to find a wife from China, and whether it is worth the fuss.

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Positive and negative aspects of Chinese mail order brides

To start with, let’s mention a few things that are good and not so good about Chinese brides. One may agree that no one is perfect. Mail order brides from China are not an exception. Sure, they are gorgeous, skillful, and interesting, but they also have some flaws that one should know.

  • Support.
    Men who have been married for years will tell you that a supportive wife can help withstand any challenge or problem. Chinese brides are supportive and devoted. However, do not expect them to be supportive right away. Unless a Chinese wife is sure that your relationships have potential and she could trust you, you would not see much support.
  • Friendliness.
    Girls from this country are exceptionally communicative and friendly. Although some of them may be too shy, the majority of brides from this country will gladly chat with you on any topic. They are eager to learn more about you and figure out whether you have something in common. Communication with Chinese mail order wives is cute and comfortable.
  • Faithfulness.
    Loyalty and faithfulness are paramount in Chinese culture. Of course, such concepts should be mentioned when speaking about family life and more committed steps like Chinese marriage. However, one should know about how faithful Chinese brides are!
  • Differences in culture.
    To be honest, there are only a couple of disadvantages of dating and marrying a Chinese girl. Cultural differences are probably one of the main reasons to think about communication with a lovely Chinese wife. Western and Eastern cultures differ a lot. Although globalization is doing its thing, it is possible to say that there are plenty of details that are different between Chinese and American cultures. If you are ready to read a couple of articles on cultural peculiarities of Chinese mail order brides, then such disadvantage will not impact your dating experience.
  • Language barriers.
    Unfortunately, not every Chinese wife knows English. You may face a situation when a girl that you like cannot chat with you properly due to poor English skills. However, there are websites that will offer you translation services, and even though it is not the best option, it allows you to communicate with your bride effectively.

Why are Chinese brides seeking love with American guys?

The reasons for Chinese brides to look for love abroad can be diverse. However, most of the time they revolve around the same factors.

They want to leave China and live in a better country

There is no point in denying that China is a quite repressive country. Living in the United States, one can enjoy more freedom and rights. Therefore, knowing the high demand for Chinese beauties in America, thousands of girls from China are looking for confident, handsome, and suitable guys in the US.

They are quite adventurous

One may know that Asian people enjoy traveling and visiting new places. Young Chinese girls want to combine the desire to find true love with relocating to some exotic country.

They are not satisfied with local men

One of the most common reasons for mail order brides around the world is the fact that local men do not pay enough attention to women around them. Being tired of wasting time on men who cannot appreciate their beauty, elegance, and charm, mail order brides from China simply decide to use online dating since it is a much convenient and faster way to find a husband.

Single Chinese women with hopes of tying the knot

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How to buy a Chinese mail order wife?

chinese brides

To find Chinese wifes, one has to follow a simple guideline below. We want to assure you that the whole process to marry a Chinese girl is highly straightforward and not complicated.

Select your perfect mail order bride platform

Online dating begins with a mail order bride site as you need to use it to find a reliable and suitable partner. Although there are hundreds and even thousands of portals with gorgeous Chinese brides, it is highly essential to conduct detailed and thorough research on reputable and honest mail order bride sites since online dating involved a high share of scam and fraud.

Create an account

Once you select your perfect platform, you need to sign up there and create a profile. Usually, this step will take you a few minutes, but there might be websites that require a manual verification process, so you will need to wait a few days before the administration grants you access. We would like to pay your attention to your profile quality – try to fill out as much as possible to make sure that your profile stands out and attracts the attention of Chinese brides.

Actively seek your ideal partner

You will be given numerous tools to find Chinese wives on your own: catalog with brides, matchmaking and searching tools, etc. You can decide what tool to use based on your needs, budget, and goals. It should be noted that often China wives will write to you first.

How much do Chinese brides cost?

Of course, men don’t pay for a woman—but they pay for dating services and trips to China. First, you need to find a dating platform and pay for membership. If you meet your future Chinese wife, you’ll need to meet her in person, and in 99% of cases, a man comes to the bride’s country. So, how much will it cost you?

We should emphasize that these are rough estimates—a lot will depend on your dating strategy, your travel style, and your luck. We’ll take a look at the average costs. If it takes 6 months to find an ideal match and 6 more months to build a strong relationship with her, you’ll spend about $1,000 on dating during the year. Two trips to China, including tickets, hotel, food, will cost you about $3,000–4,000. Let’s say you spend about $500 in total on flowers and gifts. So, in this case, you are likely to spend about $4,500–5,500 on your Chinese mail order bride in total.

What men are perfect for mail order brides from China?

chinese mail order brides

A Chinese bride wants to meet a confident, strong, reliable, and decisive man who is ready for serious relations and family life. Dating a girl from China, one should understand that they are ready and eager to become housewives and mothers. Moreover, Chinese culture predisposes specific family roles, men are the ones who make decisions, and women have to follow them. However, you need to understand that being tyrannical or unreasonable would not be accepted by a Chinese bride.

A bride will follow a man who is honorable, respectful, and confident.

Why is mail order bride dating better than in-person dating?

Very often, people ask what the secret behind online dating is and why so many people around the globe choose online interaction to real-life dating. Well, we are here to answer these questions!

Simplicity and effectiveness

To findChinese wives, one does not have to fly to China or seek Chinese brides locally. Instead, you can gain access to huge databases with mail order brides from China instantly. The whole process of starting using online dating is exceptionally simple and intuitive – you can create a profile and join a mail order bride site within a few minutes!

Online dating is affordable

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a bride from China. Prices for online dating are flexible. Moreover, some mail order bride websites may be completely free of charge or offer free tools and features.

How to understand that a Chinese wife likes you?

We have mentioned above that some China wives may be quite shy. While it is true, it is paramount to state that very often guys mistake shyness of Chinese brides with a lack of interest. If you do not want to miss an opportunity to have wonderful relationships with your Chinese bride, we highly recommend you to check out this section!

One of the things that can tell you that your bride is interested in you is the fact that she is writing to you first. Regardless of the content of the messages, if a girl is willing to spend some time and write to you first, it means that she likes you. Of course, if you receive a message from a girl that you have never seen, it is probably a way to find a suitable partner for a lady. Still, if a bride with whom you successfully chatted sends you a message, it means that she is eager to communicate with you.

Another way to understand that a Chinese wife likes you is when she starts telling you more personal information. When you see that your Chinese wife shares with you some intimate moments of her life, it can mean that she trusts you. Trust plays a significant role in Asian culture of relationships.

Why is China the best place to buy a bride?

While there are many countries with numerous online dating platforms and mail order brides, China is one of the most popular places to find a loving and caring relationship for a Western guy. But what makes this country the best place to buy a bride? Let’s figure it out together.

High demand of Asian beauties

Millions of American men wish to marry a Chinese girl. In return, they can offer financial stability, strong and monogamous relationships, loyalty and honesty, and many other benefits.

High diversity of Asian beauties

With the high demand of girls from China, one can also state that there is an astounding number of girls looking for online communication. If you are looking for a particular girl from China, with a specific appearance, behavior, goals, background, and any other kind of unique description, you can be sure that you will find her. Of course, it may take some time, but the diversity of mail order brides from China is so big that any demands will be met!

Chinese online dating is quite successful

There are many mail order bride sites that can offer you exceptional and unique experiences to find Chinese wives. You can switch from one website to another if anything goes wrong. It is a very successful business that is supported by the best professionals and experts in the sphere of online dating.

Difficulties and challenges of dating a mail order bride from China

chinese women for marriage

Lastly, let’s mention a few things that may prevent you from obtaining proper dating experience with China wives. First of all, we have mentioned above that the language barrier can be a challenge for you. Indeed, someChinese brides may be not so skillful in English as some may want. However, if you do not need to discuss something sophisticated and complex, you can be sure that you will understand your Chinese woman for marriage perfectly. But still, you have to be ready for some miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Cultural differences pose a major threat to international relationships. There were dozens of cases when an American guy offended a lady from China by saying something inappropriate without realizing it. In case you want to find Chinese wives, we strictly advise you to learn as much as possible about Chinese culture and culture of relationships in this country. Possessing such knowledge will prevent any inappropriate situations and guarantee you success in love deeds.

Where to find a Chinese lady?

So, the most common question those who have never dated any foreign ladies ask sounds like this: where to find a Chinese wife? It’s very simple, actually — even if you have never tried international dating, we’ll explain it so that everyone understands everything. First, there are three ways to meet these ladies — 1 is offline, and two of them are online. Let’s start with the first one here.

Meeting a Chinese woman in China

You just go to this country and approach ladies on the street, that’s all. Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it? Well, in reality, it’s not. At first, you should choose a city — the girls who live in such cities as Beijing and Shanghai are usually more Westernized and quite demanding, while the women who live in smaller cities usually believe in traditional gender roles and are usually, you know, not that spoiled. We mean the cities with less than 10,000,000 people when we’re saying “smaller” cities, just so you know. So, here’s what you should know: it’s really difficult. Do you know their language? Can you speak it fluently? Are your pick-up skills above average? Do you know everything about Asian dating culture? If four answers are “yes”, congratulations — you have quite high chances to approach a girl. In any other case, we highly recommend trying other ways.

Dating with Chinese girls on Tinder

What’s good about Tinder? Everyone uses it, it’s free, and it really works. But does it mean that it’s a perfect choice for you? No, unfortunately, it isn’t.

Point is, this app (and all those Tinder-like apps and services) is not really for those who’re looking for a long-term relationship. If you have tried it, you probably know what we’re talking about here — this app is perfect if you’re searching for a hookup, but it’s definitely not that good when we’re talking about marriage or any other kind of long-term relationship. As for China, here’s a very important thing you have to know: it’s a conservative country with traditional society and all that, but there are still thousands of girls who want to become friends with benefits with a guy from the United States. It’s cool, without any doubts, but you’re looking for a bride here, right? So, let’s look at the services that are focused on brides.

Chinese mail bride services

Yes, if you’re looking for a wife, these services are the best choice actually. They are full of ladies who want to have a family, and American men often find wives on such websites. The only problem here is that these sites are usually not free — but they are usually not much more expensive than, say, Tinder Gold (which will cost you around $29 per month). These services really work, they are not that expensive, and they usually have thousands of real girls from Asia (but only if you choose a high-quality service, of course). So, we recommend using these sites, but it’s up to you.

Marriage with a Chinese woman in the US

It makes sense that it’s much more convenient for you to think about going through this process in the United States. We can’t say that it’s much faster or simpler in the US, but the process definitely differs from collecting the documents in China. Let’s take a look at the steps you’ll have to take.

  • If you haven’t married yet, you can apply for a K-1 visa. It’s also called a “fiance visa”, but it’s not that easy to get it. First, you’ll have to file a petition (I-129F). Then, your partner will apply for this visa — this means that she’ll have to submit all the documents and to attend an interview. The interview is the most difficult part of the story, actually.
  • The consular officer will certainly ask your partner lots of questions. Your family, your childhood, your character, job, etc, etc. — the number of questions is very large. The officer will decide whether your relationship is bona fide (genuine and real) or mala fide (with an intent to get a Green Card), so your partner must prepare well — if she fails, this process will be even more time-consuming (and if she fails twice her application can be canceled).
  • If everything is fine, you can marry your partner without any problems, and after that, she’ll be able to apply for a Green Card (prepare for another interview!).
  • After that, it’s time to obtain a marriage certificate — to get it, go to your local government office.

Of course, that’s not enough. Like, what should you do if your bride doesn’t speak English? Or what to do if you haven’t visited her in 2 years? Read these tips and find the answers!

  • What if she doesn’t have a birth certificate? This happens quite often in this country — if your partner was born in the countryside or if she was born before 1990, she definitely doesn’t have this certificate. But don’t worry, it’s simple — she can go to the notarial office in her country and obtain a birth certificate.
  • What if she doesn’t speak English? It can be a real problem, actually. However, the US Embassy provides all the necessary instructions in Chinese. When it comes to the Department of Homeland Security, you’ll be able to hire a legal interpreter.
  • What if she’s a member of the CPC? It can be another problem, a more serious one. However, your partner can request for CPC waiver — in this case, her chances to apply for a visa will increase.
  • What if you haven’t visited her? Make a trip! Unfortunately, that’s the baseline requirement for the fiance visa, and the more trips you’ll make, the better. It’s also highly recommended to make lots of photos to show the USCIS that your relationship is real.

Can I buy a Chinese wife?

No, it’s just illegal. However, every single man can find a Chinese woman who is dreaming of dating and marrying a decent man from another country. And yes, there is a price to pay—men usually pay for trips and dating services, and that’s exactly what people usually call a “bride cost”.

Should I look for a Chinese bride?

It depends on what you are looking for in your future wife. If you are looking for a faithful, supportive and caring, beautiful Asian wife, you may find her in China. But if you are not ready to compromise and learn more about another culture, it may not be the best option for you.

Are dating sites with Chinese single women expensive?

Not really. However, it depends on the particular site that you choose. Most international dating platforms with Chinese brides use credits as virtual currency, so you control your expenses and contact women you really like. In this case, you can spend $30–$100 per month on interaction.

How to find a good site with Chinese brides?

You need to analyze all the options in the market carefully. Consider the pricing policy, check if there are any hidden costs, evaluate the quality of profiles and communication tools, and try to contact support. If you don’t want to check all those sites, you can find the detailed reviews of the top Chinese dating platforms here, on FindForeignBrides.

How long does it take to find a Chinese wife?

It depends on your dating strategy and luck. In most cases, men find an ideal match in about 6 months—that’s more than enough if you use search filters and contact ladies who are interested in a relationship, too.

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