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Girls from this country are eager to marry a guy from the United States or Canada, so if you are a citizen of these countries, you may consider yourself a lucky guy. Of course, the mere citizenship will not be enough since Lithuanian mail order brides seek a loving and caring man who is mature enough to carry the responsibility of being the head of the family and provide for his wife and kids.

To have the best dating experience with Lithuanian mail order brides, one has to meet the needs of his wife. Be attentive, romantic, responsible, caring, and confident. Meeting the needs of your wife will be rewarded in a way that you will have a perfect spouse who will follow you wherever you want!

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Why should you consider choosing a Lithuanian wife? Pros and cons

To find a Lithuanian woman, one should understand who she is and what you can expect from having serious relationships with her. Indeed, building lifelong or committed relations requires trusting a person entirely. To trust a woman, one should know almost everything about her. We believe that to marry a girl from a certain country, a man should know the possible disadvantages of building a family with such a woman.

Of course, learning about benefits and advantages should be the priority, but understanding possible challenges and difficulties that may arise in the future can be more important. In this section, we have prepared a list of most significant advantages to ensure you that marrying hot Lithuanian brides is the right thing to do. As well there disadvantages, or negative aspects of their character that can tell you what to expect from a relationship with a woman from this country!

  • A Lithuanian wife is a great homemaker.
    Indeed, Lithuanian brides possess great skills and abilities to do all the household chores. They know how to keep your home clean, tidy, and cozy. They will make sure that you enjoy the delicious cuisine of different cultures and nations. You can also be sure that your kids will be raised properly.
  • Hot Lithuanian brides are supportive and loyal.
    Loyalty and devotion to the husband are highly valued among Lithuanian women. It is paramount for a husband to have a wife who will support him whenever he needs it. Rest assured that your Lithuanian wife will be there for you when you need her.
  • Lithuanian mail order brides are simply beautiful.
    It is worth saying that women from this country possess unique beauty that combines Scandinavian and Slavic appearances. Indeed, girls from this Baltic country can appeal to guys who enjoy tall and slim women with blond hair, big green or blue eyes, and wonderful smiles.
  • Poor knowledge of English.
    Lithuanian women are not quite eager to learn English. Although women who decide to become mail brides understand that without English they will not be able to communicate properly, they start learning it too late. Thus, you will find plenty of girls who will struggle while communicating with you. Of course, you would be able to understand them, but such communication would be quite challenging.
  • Lithuanian brides are not in a hurry.
    Very often, you will find that your potential Lithuanian wife online acts quite distantly and coldly. Most of the time, it is not what it looks like as Lithuanian mail order brides are not in a hurry to jump into the intimate relationships right away. They take more time to start trusting a person, and they want to learn as much as possible before committing to a relationship.

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Things you should avoid doing while dating hot Lithuanian brides

lithuanian wife

One of the most common questions that we have been asked is what you should not do on a date with a Lithuanian wife. Well, there are a few universal things that a man must avoid in communication with any girl, and we will not cover them as they are quite obvious. However, we want to help you have flawless dates with your ladies. So, if you desire to learn how to buy and meet Lithuanian girls and have perfect communication with them, this section is just for you!

Do not precipitate

As claimed earlier, Lithuanian mail order brides take more time to develop intimate relationships with a man. In case you do not want to look like a jerk, do not hurry your woman. Adapt to her pace and be sure to show that you are a patient guy who is ready to wait.

Do not brag

While some ladies may enjoy a casual bragging about your achievements, hot Lithuanian brides will not appreciate them. To find Lithuanian woman who is perfect for you, you have to stay honest and moderate! You have to win over your lady by showing her your qualities and inner world.

Do not be too pushy

Sometimes, Lithuanians may be quite shy. You may ask as many questions as you want, but if you see that your mail order bride does not want to answer some of them, just deal with it. Honestly, you will get your answers later, but if a lady avoids answering a question, she has a reason for such behavior.

American women vs. Lithuanian brides online

Since many of you are from the United States, it is worth comparing girls from this country and ladies from Lithuania. It is always a good thing to compare women from different cultures to understand what things you can enjoy differently.


The concept of family is probably the most striking difference of all. It is well known that a lot of women in the United States want to pursue careers or education, and it is quite normal and reasonable. However, plenty of guys who want to find a wife as soon as possible are left with no chances of meeting a suitable partner. Women in Lithuania are different, as many of them desire to meet and find a man worthy of marrying him. Of course, some girls want to be independent and provide for themselves. However, there are fewer of such girls in Lithuania than in the US.

Social roles

The subject of the family also concerns the way partners are viewed in the family. While in an average modern American family both partners have equal responsibilities, Lithuanian mail order brides prefer a more traditional and patriarchal perspective on the subject matter. For example, it is quite normal for a Lithuanian wife to expect the husband to work while she stays at home and does all the household chores.


Although it is not a universal truth, it is possible to say that American women have a more casual attitude toward the concept of relationships. She can meet a guy and date him a few weeks and then switch to some other man. However, Lithuanian mail order brides have a different approach. They want to find a man who will be perfect for them. Relationships are something that can be achieved only with a trusted person.

Lithuanian women for marriage are very similar to Latvian brides.

How long does it take to find Lithuanian brides?

lithuanian girl for marriage

Usually, such a question is quite challenging to answer as everything depends on what you want and expect from mail order bride dating. Still, on average, a man spends a few weeks or months to find the Lithuanian woman of his dream. It is also essential to consider the time a man can spend on online dating. For example, you can spend only two hours a day communicating and searching for brides, while some other dude can devote an entire day browsing through magnificent and hot Lithuanian brides.

Furthermore, it is vital to note that your needs and demands from your potential Lithuanian wife define the time you will need to spend to find her.

For instance, to meet Lithuanian girls online who meet your expectations, you have to understand that the more expectations and descriptions you have, the more time you will need to find your ideal Lithuanian wife for affordable prices!

I want to find a Lithuanian woman online – tips to select the best mail order bride site

Mail order bride services have become widespread. It should be noted that with such increased popularity, many websites are designed to scam their customers. It is fundamental to select a dating site that is honest, open, and reliable. Here are a couple of tips on how to do so!

Read about your platform in advance

If you wish to buy and meet Lithuanian girls on a proper dating platform, analyze your platform! Read reviews, check out what other people can tell you about that place, and do not hurry. Take your time and research your website.

Find out what you can do as a standard member

Do not hurry to spend your money. Take a few days and figure out what you can do as a free user. Analyze all the possibilities that you are given for free. Check out the available tools for communication and searching. Consider the number of brides that you are provided. In case everything is according to your expectations, you can spend a few dollars to purchase the minimum amount of services needed to start communicating with brides. Once you understand that you can get adequate content for your money, you can start spending more.

lithuanian brides

How much does it cost to find Lithuanian women for marriage?

If you are interested in Lithuanian mail order brides, you would want to know how much it costs to have a real and proper relationship with them. Since most dating sites are fee-based, if you have serious intentions, you will have to pay some money. Fortunately, it is not that expensive to seek Lithuanian brides online.

First, to figure out how much it would cost to date Lithuanian mail order brides, you need to know a few things about your website. If you are using a platform that implements a monthly subscription system, then you can roughly estimate how much you could spend. For example, a website can have two types of premium subscriptions—Gold and Platinum memberships. Gold membership costs $15 per month and Platinum costs $25 per month. So, you can know that every month, you can spend at least $15 and have a certain range of tools.

However, there are also platforms with Lithuanian mail order brides that use credit-based systems. Here, things become slightly more complicated. A credit-based system doesn’t require you to purchase a monthly membership. Instead, to use some features, you need to spend credits that you buy for real money. You decide how much you wish to buy and spend. On average, 1 month of online dating on such a website would cost you around $40-80. While it grants you flexibility, you also can spend a lot more than you assume you could.

Bottom line

So, you see that dating Lithuanian women can be enjoyable! These ladies can bring happiness and love into your life. In case you desire to find Lithuanian woman who is smart, attractive, honest, and loyal, you should definitely use online dating as it is the simplest way to meet thousands of hot Lithuanian brides without spending a lot of time and money.

If you are looking for more information about Lithuanian brides, check out this section and find out everything you need!

How to find Lithuanian women for marriage?

The process is simple. First, you need to find a worthy dating site. Then, you create an account and fill out your profile. Then, you browse through profiles or use other tools to help you search for a suitable date. And then you send messages to girls you like and communicate to build strong and happy relationships.

Do Lithuanian mail order brides speak English?

Yes, although the level of English may not be as high as that of other European girls for online dating. However, you can expect to fully understand your dates. Rest assured—you can have proper communication with Lithuanian brides!

How expensive can the search for Lithuanian mail order brides be?

Usually, it is not very expensive to look for a foreign date. On average, you can expect to spend around $20-100, depending on the site you choose to use.

How to avoid scam while dating girls from this country?

The best thing to avoid getting scammed online is by choosing a proper online dating website. Make sure that you research a platform before using it!

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