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This is nothing new to say that Bulgarian girls for marriage are some of the most desired women for online dating in the world. You can meet many profiles of beautiful Bulgarian girls on online dating sites who are also looking for their ideal partner abroad. Many premium services and a large selection of communication options will make your communication and online dating an absolute romantic dream. Therefore, the most crucial step to creating your love page is choosing a site that will meet all your preferences and specialize in this region. That’s why we have selected for you the best of the best online dating sites for search, chats, and romantic dates with amazing Bulgarian brides.

Best Bulgarian Dating Sites From Users Perspective

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What makes sexy Bulgarian women so desired?

bulgarian girls for dating

Among all the Slavic women for marriage, it is the Bulgarian brides who enjoy great popularity. Passionate, warm-hearted, loyal, forgiving, polite, pleasant, hospitable, and so friendly, such a woman can really fall in love with herself at first sight. They not only know how to look like supermodels even at home but also how to maintain their beauty 24/7. Moreover, their unique attitude to family and relationships, strong maternal instinct, respect, and boundless love and affection for a partner makes them just perfect soulmates for men from all over the world. Dating such a woman will bring a lot of love, fun, and romance to your life. So let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons to choose beautiful Bulgarian girls for dating.

Bulgarian brides have a mesmerizing allure

Bright, tanned, and so sexy Bulgarian girls captivate the male world with their beauty and attractiveness. Black hair, charming brown eyes, and incredibly feminine and sexy figures are typical features of Bulgarian girls. The secret of such attractiveness is in their way of life, exceptional climate, a diet filled with lots of fruits and vegetables, and daily activity that help them keep their body and appearance in shape. They always find time to take care of themselves and know how to conquer at first sight with their impressive looks and femininity.

Girls from Bulgaria are respectable, well-mannered, and religious

Hospitality, positivity, and so positive traits of character and mentality of Bulgarian girls were formed under the influence of national traditions, upbringing, and religion.

More than 82.6% of the population of Bulgaria are Christians, so they value and respect their families and partners very much and become some of the most faithful wives in the world.

Relationships and family life with a Bulgarian girl will be filled with many happy emotions, and you can always count on her appreciation, respect, support, and help.

Hot Bulgarian women for marriage like foreign guys

Most single Bulgarian girls dream of leaving their homeland and looking for personal happiness abroad. A huge number of young girls from Bulgaria have already moved to other countries to study and even work. And their inner adaptability and adventurous nature will help them easily adapt to living conditions, even in another country, very quickly. They are brilliantly educated, making it easier for them to learn English, which, in turn, greatly simplifies the communication process. Beautiful Bulgarian women for marriage just love to learn something new and will become not only romantic lovers for you, but also true friends with whom you will visit the most remote corners of the world together and get new unforgettable experiences.

Single Bulgarian women who hope to be married soon

Liubov, 23
Bulgaria, Targovishte
Kristina, 20
Bulgaria, Sofia
Julia, 30
Bulgaria, Varna
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Pros and cons of dating and marrying a Bulgarian mail order bride

It is important to have adequate and realistic expectations of being with a Bulgarian mail order wife. So, to help you understand better what it is like dating Bulgarian brides online, check out these advantages and disadvantages of being with Bulgarian mail order brides!


  • Bulgarian women are universally beautiful and hot. They are sweet like Slavic girls but tanned and passionate like Latin mail order brides. You will be pleasantly surprised with how diverse and unique Bulgarian women can be!
  • Bulgarian brides are usually very Westernized. Even though Bulgaria is a rather small country, the people there are very progressive. Not only you can be sure that your date will have decent English, but also that she will share values that you have, which can be a game-changing factor.
  • Bulgarian girls are sweet and charming. They prefer casual conversations and can become your friend on just one date. You will enjoy your communication with girls from this country.
  • Women from Bulgaria are family-oriented. Just like any girls from the Slavic region, Bulgarian mail order wives wish to meet a nice man and marry him, that’s all!
  • Bulgarian brides are not demanding—they want a simple life with a man who will love them. Sure, these girls enjoy romantic gestures and gifts, but they won’t stop dating you if you won’t buy them something.


  • Bulgarian women are known to be rather stubborn. It is very difficult to argue with ladies from this country, so you’d better avoid controversial topics!
  • It can be difficult for a Bulgarian mail order bride to relocate to the United States. While some girls find it not that challenging to leave everything behind, sometimes it can get rather hard to move to a different country, even though all girls want that.
bulgarian girls for marriage

How to win the heart of a Bulgarian girl?

To begin with, you should know that beautiful Bulgarian girls for marriage are very easy to communicate with and very open to meeting new people so that you can forget about any embarrassment or indifference during online communication or offline dating. Pretty Bulgarian singles are very calm and create an incredibly relaxed atmosphere around them. Be sure — online communication with such a girl will be an extraordinary and sensual experience for you. So let’s look at the top rules for online communication with beautiful Bulgarian girls. These tips will help you make an excellent first impression, start a conversation, and impress your Bulgarian woman even on a mail order bride site.

  • Do not be afraid to take the first step: Sooner or later, while chatting or dating on the internet, the desire to finally see each other in person arises. That’s why it is essential not to miss your chance and organize a real date with your Bulgarian lady of the heart.
  • Make decisions as often as you can, quickly and clearly as possible. Bulgarian women often give men the opportunity to be leaders in everything, so do not be afraid and prove yourself as a real man and make any decisions, choosing a place to meet, etc. But also do not forget to respond to your Bulgarian bride’s wishes.
  • Radiate confidence and positivity. Beneficially show your personality. Try to make the atmosphere of your first date with a beautiful Bulgarian lady very relaxed and playful. If your life is exciting, engaging, and successful, do not hesitate to tell her about this.
  • Compliment her. This is not only a great way to start a conversation, but also, thanks to this, you can show your sympathy for the Bulgarian girl. If you like her smile, her look, don’t hesitate and tell her about it. But avoid at the beginning of the meeting any statements about her body or figure, as this may be perceived negatively.
  • Be a real gentleman and use every chance to show her your love and care. Show your sympathy and interest in all manifestations and details, support her, help with outerwear, behave gallantly, and do not forget about the small love signs.
  • Avoid negative topics when communicating online and offline. Do not start talking about everyday problems or any discussions on religious or political issues. The best topics will be hobbies, interests, funny anecdotes from childhood, dreams, or even your vacations and trips.

Bulgarian girls love to travel and discover the world with new emotions and experiences, so you will easily find a topic to talk about.

  • Be the initiator of the conversation. If the start of the conversation was successful, you could be sure that your mail order will be the perfect start to your love story with a beautiful Bulgarian girl.
  • Dress smartly. For Bulgarian women, getting ready for more than two hours before a date is not something unusual; perfect makeup, hairstyles, and selection of clothes are essential for them. And she will definitely pay attention to your appearance, so wear clothing that fits, is clean, ironed, and has no defects. Also, don’t forget about good perfume on a first date with a hot Bulgarian beauty.

Dating a Bulgarian girl can really bring an ocean of new feelings and a lot of love into your life. Be confident, take care of her, and make everything possible to make your Bulgarian mail order bride feel safe and relaxed near you.

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To sum up

Hot, charming, and extremely appealing Bulgarian mail order brides can amaze any man in the world with their incredible beauty and inner femininity. They move with great grace, have an exceptional dedication to their families and partners, and become perfect wives for foreign guys. So do not hesitate — find your true soul mate from Bulgaria and make all of your dreams come true.


If you want to learn anything more about Bulgarian mail order brides, feel free to find information in this FAQ section!

What is the average age of Bulgarian mail order wives?

On average, girls who use online dating sites and mail order bride services are rather young. You can expect to find 80% of all Bulgarian brides to be around 23–25. However, it is possible to find more mature ladies online.

Is it expensive to have online relationships with Bulgarian dates?

No, it is not expensive. You can expect to spend around $10–40 in a month to have a proper online dating experience.

How many girlfriends can you find on dating sites?

While online dating is relatively popular in Bulgaria, it is worth noting that it is a rather small country. So, you can find at least 200–300 brides on dating sites on average.

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