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Best Ways to Find a Colombian Wife in 2024: Dating Sites or Trips?

How to meet Colombian women? The most obvious answer is “In Colombia”, but this is not the only option in the modern world. We live in the era of social networks, so why not choose them to find the love of your whole life? Or maybe niche mail order bride sites are better when it comes to looking for a Colombian wife? We believe that each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, and each of them can perfectly work for some people and be completely useless for others simultaneously. Let us analyze all of them in more detail!

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Why not look for Colombian girls in Colombia?

meet colombian women

So, you want to get Colombian woman and build a serious relationship with her. Well, you certainly have a good taste, but the thing is you need to make the first steps toward your dream as soon as possible. Why solve the problem by moving to Colombia for a year or two?

This country has a very controversial reputation. We bet you heard about guerilla groups, drug cartels, high crime rate, etc. However, the country has become much safer, and now it is at the stage when it needs to prove that it is better for life and finally get rid of painful memories of the past.

After all, there are a lot of great things in Colombia. The capital city, Bogota, is booming now, the street art in the biggest cities is just fascinating, wonderful city Cartagena will definitely impress you with amazing architecture, and yes, fruits, as well as coffee there are fresh and cheap, and the nature is truly beautiful. In other words, this is not a place where you risk your life every single hour and get anything in return – nowadays, it has much to offer to a foreigner.

However, if dating Colombian girls and marrying one of them one day are your primary goals, you will need to stay there at least for 1 year if you are lucky or at least for 6 months if you are incredibly lucky. In other words, you will need to actually live there for some time. Why? Because we do not live in the colonial times, and a rich man from an empire cannot just come to a poorer country, choose a Colombian girl, talk to her, propose, and take her to his country. So, taking short trips does not make much sense. Today, you need time to win a girl’s heart.

So, if you are freelancing and if you are looking for new vivid experiences, why not giving it a try? If you do not want to change your life completely, let us move to the other options.

Colombian women & social networks

People will never stop discussing social networks. Some claim that they change the world for the better, and some say that they are pure evil. Well, the fact is they make communicating with other people including people living in other countries much easier. But can they really help you meet a Colombian woman of your dreams by sending friend requests to all hot Colombians on Facebook? It is not so easy. Let us analyze all pros & cons of social networks as platforms where singles can find love.

Why social networks might work for some people:

  1. You can contact other people and talk to them as much as you want for free.
  2. You do not have to get used to the new interface and the design if you choose the network you use regularly.
  3. You can use search filters like city, age, and others to find Colombian women who meet your criteria.
  4. You can share music, pictures, and videos.
  5. You can learn a lot about a Colombian woman if she has a detailed profile and posts something interesting about the things she likes.

Why social networking sites may not work for singles:

  1. Women are skeptical about foreigners who contact them.
  2. Marital status is not always true.
  3. Women may not be interested in a new relationship at all.
  4. There are no special services like gift delivery, Tinder-like games, etc. (these services are often offered by niche mail order bride sites.)
  5. It is much easier to defraud a man on social network than on the mail order bride site.

Is it possible to find Colombian women on one of the social networks and even build a relationship with one of them? Yes, it is. But it takes more time and effort, and the chances of success are pretty slight, so let us move on to the last option.

Global mail order bride sites & Colombian ladies – is it worth it?

Here it is, our absolute champion – the mail order bride industry that brings together tons of mail order bride apps and myriads of sites. Does it mean that this option is better than previous two? Maybe. Does it mean that this is the only perfect way to find Colombian ladies? Not really. Yet, though it is not perfect, joining one of niche websites definitely makes sense if you know much about this industry and use this knowledge effectively. But even if you are a newcomer, you have nothing to worry about – you can find the relevant info on how to choose a site with real Colombian women and how to use it to marry one of these beauties below.

Benefits of using Colombian mail order bride sites

So why would someone pay for communication in the era of social networks? Here are some main reasons:

  1. These sites are the places where a man can meet a lot of pretty Colombian mail order brides.
  2. Colombian women on such international websites are 1) single; 2) also looking for the right person to get married and build a family.
  3. Men and women can set tons of criteria to meet someone who really meets their expectations.
  4. There are standard (messaging, phone calls) as well as special services (gift delivery, contact request, tours to Colombia, etc.)
  5. Good sites make every effort to protect members from frauds and use the latest technologies to protect their data.

It would be unfair to conceal also the cons of global mail order bride website. In fact, there are only two of them. Firstly, we must admit that a good mail order bride site is paid mail order bride site. Secondly, you need to spend quite a lot of time to choose the right option. Still, if you are lucky or patient enough, the end result will be worth it.

hot colombian woman

How to choose the right Colombian website?

Yes, there are the places where you can meet many Colombian women, and most importantly, real women. Still, even newcomers understand that picking the first site you see is the wrong decision. So how to distinguish a site with real Colombian girls and high-quality services from a place with lots of fakes and frauds? Here is the step-by-step strategy, feel free to use it!

Step #1

Look for all options that may suit your needs, i.e., find the sites which claim to have many Colombian female members.

Step #2

Remove the most suspicious and obviously low-quality sites from your list. The reasons may be different, from awful design to obviously fake profiles. Just forget about the places that make you feel uncomfortable or just look dangerous.

Step #3

Try to sign up to all remaining sites. Is registration free? If not, it is a bad sign. You can sign up if you want to, but this is pretty suspicious, and the sites that do not even make the new members answer some questions about themselves and their matches seem suspicious too. Focus on the platforms that allow signing up for free and make members provide important information (i.e. about marital status, age, education, etc.)

Step #4

Check out the prices. Are there hidden costs? How much will you pay for a month? If a site uses credits, how much will you need to spend on conversations? Consider this information at the final stage of the analysis.

Step #5

Figure out what services the site provides. Is there anything special? If text messaging is the only feature, this is suspicious. Usually, good sites offer various services, from phone calls and video chat to gift delivery and tours to a girl’s country.

Step #6

Make sure that the sites care about members’ privacy and safety. Find out what are the companies that cooperate with the platform. If the site works with PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard it is much better than if it worked with unpopular companies only.

Step #7

Rank each of the sites considering all the criteria, and choose the best Colombian mail order bride site.

We mentioned that it is time-consuming, didn’t we? Maybe you are incredibly lucky to find the best Colombian mail order bride site with lots of hot Colombian girls in the first attempt. However, if you are a regular guy without superpowers, you had better check all the platforms carefully. Just remember that the time you spend on it increases your chance of meeting a real hottie from Colombia.

Once all these steps are completed and you’re finally sure that the mail order bride website you’ve chosen is decent and trustworthy, it’s time to actually meet Colombian women online. How to do it? What do you need to know about it? And how to improve your chances to succeed? We’ll tell you right here!

colombian girls for marriage

Using a mail order bride website

Once you sign up and create a profile—remember, the registration must be free because if it’s not, it’s most likely a scam—your journey begins. The very first thing you have to know about how to meet Colombian women online is: mail order bride websites are actually dating platforms with some important differences. These websites work like dating sites, they look like them, and the only major difference is that women who use mail bride sites have serious intentions and are typically not looking for a one-night stand (unlike women in Tinder or other similar apps). Another difference is that these sites are usually paid for men—and here’s the thing we’d like to start with.

The point is: you’ll need to buy some credits or/and a premium subscription. The good news is that some mail order bride sites offer free trial/credits for their new users, but you’ll still have to pay if you want to meet Colombian women and chat with them. Other than that, it’s pretty much like any other dating platform you’ve used before—you create an account, upload some photos, write a profile description, and start chatting with women.

Chatting with women

It’s not that hard, actually. Women on mail order bride websites are usually very active and they don’t think that texting a man first is a bad idea. At this step, you’ll be able to initiate conversations and respond to messages (but only if you have credits/premium subscription). There are no guidelines on how to chat with Colombian women and on what to talk about with them—but we recommend you to be respectful, straightforward, romantic, and honest with these ladies. Mail order bride websites often have advanced messaging tools such as video chats—it’s recommended to use them, too.

Moving forward

When you feel the connection with a Colombian woman on a dating site, it’s time to meet her in person. Ask her out, get her contact details (it’s usually free), plan a trip to Colombia, and meet her—it’s not that expensive and it’s much easier than it sounds. That’s how you meet Colombian women, and that’s basically all we can say about it—once you meet a mail order bride, it’s all about you two. Just be a gentleman, look your best, be confident, and you’ll have no problems with meeting Colombian ladies.

Final thoughts

Which of the options wins the competition? Social networks might work, but this is the option for those who do not mind the challenge. Permanent residence is a pretty good option for freelance designers, developers, writers, etc., but not for the rest of single men dreaming of Colombian beauties. So yes, mail order bride site wins the competition, but there is a crucial thing to keep in mind.

You can really meet many pretty Colombian women on such a site, but it must be a good site. Otherwise, you will find nothing but problems. However, if you spend some time analyzing the options or find a good ranking of the niche sites, you are likely to meet your wife in the near future.

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