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Thai Bride Cost in 2024: Understanding Expenses to Find Thailand Wfe

thai mail order brides

Yes, you can! And it is exceptionally easy and affordable to do so. The only thing you need to understand is that you will buy communication with a woman, not her as a person — and you don’t have to pay to her parents to marry her. So, what you really need to do is to sign up on a mail order brides site and start looking for beautiful and magnificent women for marriage from Thailand. If you want to learn how to find mail order Thai brides, we will help you! In this article, we are going to help you learn about the cost of finding true love and happiness online. Some people think that online dating is expensive and not effective. We will show you that you can spend less than $100 per month and get a proper and high-quality online dating experience!

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Why users pay for mail order brides services

Before we tell you the average cost of Thai mail order bride, it is important to understand why you need to pay for anything. A mail order brides site offers online communication services that require a lot of resources. A respectable dating site has to verify that each girl is real and has the right intentions to use their services. So, a mail order brides site is a rather complex business.

Fortunately, despite being rather complex, online dating can offer you simple and affordable experiences with Thai women for marriage. Mail order bride services are affordable and accessible, so you won’t find it difficult to seek and meet with the right girls.

Thai mail order brides cost — can you afford it?

As we have mentioned above, online communication with women from this country is not high — anyone can afford it. Some sites can offer you a whole month of decent online dating experience for the price of a single cup of coffee! On average, you need to spend around $50-120 per month to have proper conversations with girls from Thailand. Of course, you can spend more, and your Thai bride cost can be around $200 or even higher, especially if you communicate with several women simultaneously.

It is important to note that there are two types of mail order brides sites, and each of them has a different approach to charge customers. Why does it matter? Well, the overall Thai mail order wife cost depends on what type of site you select. More on that below!

A website with memberships

Very often, you will see that in order to chat with a foreign bride, you need to pay for something. And usually, you will have to purchase a membership. Mail order brides sites usually have fee-based communication, and once you become a Gold or VIP member, you unlock all the features and tools needed to chat with girls. So, you can see the obvious benefits of such an approach — you make just one payment and enjoy your online dating experience. But you may not need everything that is included in your membership, which means you pay for things you don’t need. On average, a monthly membership can cost you around $16-$30. But, if you buy 3, 6, or 12 months at once, the cost per month will be lower.

Websites with credits

Instead of buying a monthly membership, users can buy credits that can be spent individually on features and tools they need. For example, 1 minutes of chatting with a bride can cost 2 credits. And a credit-package with 20 credits can cost around $10 (these are the prices of the LatinFeels dating site). Such an approach is great, but it also has its downfalls. The main problem is the fact that you need to buy credits all the time. And you also need to be aware of how many credits you have left. Although you can buy them almost instantly, it can still be annoying.

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What do you usually need to pay for?

Since we have mentioned credits and memberships, let’s talk about things you usually pay for while using a mail order brides website. While the Thai mail order price can be small, it is still important to know what you are paying for! Again, we take the Thai mail order brides prices of the LatinFeels platform.

  1. Live chatting, emails, video and audio communication (from $3-$5 per minute or per message)
  2. Virtual and real gifts and flowers (from $50)
  3. Real-life date organization (from 625 credits, i.e. $1,250)
  4. Access to private photos and videos of a bride (is usually possible after you start communicating with a woman online)
  5. Requesting personal information about a bride (is usually possible only after you spend a particular amount of credits)

How much does it cost to marry a Thai woman?

If you want to marry a woman from this country, you will have to meet her in real life at some point. And a trip to Thailand can be rather expensive, so we thought to help you understand how much it can cost!

  • Plane tickets: around $1,000
  • Entertainment: from $100 per day for the two of you
  • Food: from $250-$400 for the two persons, depending on your tastes
  • Hotel or decent apartment: $80-$120 per day for the two of you
  • Transportation: from $50 depending on your needs

Why isn’t there a fixed Thai mail order wife cost?

So how much does it cost to get a Thai bride and why is the total price constantly changing? It goes without saying that there is no legal opportunity to buy yourself a bride. However, there are services that allow you to meet Thai women, communicate with them online, and potentially marry one of them in the future. Different services offer different membership plans and additional paid features. Moreover, your expenses also depend on how generous you are with gifts and your travel habits once you go to Thailand to visit your bride. This is why a Thai mail order wife price will be different for different guys.

Does the Thai brides cost include the money you send to the women?

For a long time, meeting foreign brides online used to be synonymous with sending them money. This myth was perpetuated by men who ran into scammers who constantly made up problems and asked for money for medical expenses, family emergencies, broken phones, and so on. However, these days, the practice of sending money to foreign brides is less and less common.

The truth is that when a woman asks you for money directly or complains about problems in her life hoping that you will send money to her, it’s actually one of the most common red flags in online dating. You can always send a gift or flowers to the lady to show your interest, but sending money is not something you are expected to do.

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How to get a lower Thai mail order wife price

Most men agree that the average cost of mail order bride from Thailand is actually pretty sensible, given that it’s a long-distance romance with a foreign girl. Still, the desire to spend less is completely understandable—after all, with a marriage and family ahead of you, you have plenty of important expenses. These are the three ways to save some money on your experience:

  • Talk to fewer girls at once. Communicating with multiple women and utilizing paid features can give you some fun moments to remember, but it will also require you to spend more in credits than you originally anticipated.
  • Take the relationship offline soon. Without a doubt, online dating is very comfortable from several standpoints. However, constantly communicating online will often cost you more in the long run than bringing your bride to your home country.
  • Don’t go overboard with trying to impress the lady. When you are meeting beautiful Thai women, you want to go out of your way to impress them with extravagant gifts and expensive dates. However, this is not what most brides appreciate the most. They want a respectful relationship full of trust and understanding, and it doesn’t cost anything to achieve that.


Knowing about the Thai mail bride cost, you now can join the world of online dating and meet your soulmate online. As you can see, it is not expensive to find a partner online. Although in-person dating will require more money, finding a proper woman for marriage can cost you less than $250 a month!

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