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Scandinavian Brides – Why Are Scandinavian Women For Marriage So Magnificent?

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Nordic beauty has been appraised for hundreds of years. Mail order brides from Scandinavia possess unique and fantastic appearance which drives men from every corner of the planet crazy. Thick blond hair, large blue eyes, thick lips, and proportionate faces are only a few things that make Scandinavian brides online so popular among Western guys. Ladies from this region are also incredibly smart and educated, which makes them perfect spouses for life. In this article, we are going to share everything we know about Scandinavian women and leave here some tips on how you can make communication and dating them real!

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Advantages and disadvantages of marrying Scandinavian mail order brides 

Indeed, marrying a Scandinavian woman is a lucky ticket for any guy. These women possess unique qualities that make them the most desirable girls for foreign men. Nevertheless, in case you want to marry a Scandinavian girl, you may understand that it is paramount to know everything about them. Both good and bad things have to be considered while deciding to buy a Scandinavian woman for marriage. Thus, we have decided to offer you a small list of the advantages and disadvantages of marrying Scandinavian brides. You can analyze the pros and cons and make an unbiased decision. So, take a look at this section in detail as it offers useful information!


  • Intelligent.Scandinavian mail order wives are incredibly intelligent. Education in this region is free, which allows anyone to pursue any career or education. In particular, there are more women in Scandinavia pursuing education than men. Many girls hold several degrees and are incredibly successful in what they are doing. Scandinavian wives online enjoy reading and discussing anything – from sophisticated topics to mundane subjects. You will find Scandinavian wives fantastically smart and educated.
  • Language skills. One of the common issues people have communicating with mail order brides around the world is poor English skills. However, with Scandinavian girls, it is not the case as they know English as good as they know their native languages.
    Rest assured, there will be no problems caused by a language barrier.
    • English is the second language in Scandinavian countries and it is taught in kindergartens.
  • Easy-going. Scandinavian girls have down-to-earth views and lifestyles – in a good way. They can find enjoyment in the simplest things as long as they are with the right person. They are not judgmental or presumptuous. You will enjoy your communication with mail order brides from Scandinavia, we can guarantee that!


  • Cultural differences. Although modern Scandinavian culture is not quite different compared to Western culture, it is still important to note that there might be some misunderstandings and even conflicts due to cultural differences. We are going to cover a few cultural peculiarities of Scandinavian mail order wives below in the article, so if you want to learn more, just keep reading!

Appearance of Scandinavian mail order brides: Why are they so beautiful?

One of the main reasons so many guys are interested in Scandinavian women for sale is that women from this region are stunningly attractive. The majority of ladies from Nordic countries are rather tall and slim. They usually have blond or red hair, green or blue eyes, and very symmetrical but soft facial features. Full lips, round faces, puffy cheeks, and large eyes are common features among women from Scandinavian countries. Choosing a single Nordic bride on a mail order bride website can get very difficult since there will be hundreds and thousands of sexy and beautiful women.

However, you shouldn’t expect all girls from this region to have blond hair, blue eyes, and be very tall. Sure, if they are almost exclusively Scandinavian from an ethnic perspective, it is possible to say that many girls would have such an appearance. But it is more common for girls to share some similarities with the Baltic, Slavic, and English women. For instance, it is common for Scandinavian women to have red hair, which is not particularly common in those lands.

Character of a Nordic bride: What to expect from a relationship?

In general, women from Scandinavian countries are rather easy-going and communicative. You shouldn’t expect to have problems with your potential Nordic bride. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that your Scandinavian mail order wife can sometimes be rather cold and distant with strangers. You may find that your first date may not be as informative as you wanted. This is all because girls need to know what kind of man is in front of them. If you can show right away that you are a man that your bride can trust, she will be very open and friendly.

As for building a family with a Scandinavian bride, you shouldn’t expect any problems. Ladies from these countries are very hard-working and dedicated. They expect you to treat them with equality, and if you do, they will be the most supportive and helpful partners in the world.

Don’t expect your brides to be very emotional and expressive. It doesn’t mean that your wife won’t be able to express any emotions. Instead, her reactions might not be as powerful as one might expect.

dating scandinavian girl

Everyone knows that Scandinavia is a region in Europe that includes a few countries. Some countries are more popular regarding mail order brides, others may have fewer Scandinavian brides. Let’s take a look at the most popular countries from Scandinavia region:

  • 🇳🇴 Norway. Norway is one of the most popular places to look for a Scandinavian wife. This country offers a wide variety of girls who want to seek a foreign husband. Ladies from this country are not very different from Scandinavian brides from other countries. However, the wide diversity of Norwegian brides makes this country a great place to seek love. More about Norwegian brides.
  • 🇮🇸 Iceland. Although Iceland has the word ‘ice’ in it, it is not covered in ice. It is a beautiful country with gorgeous mail order wives. Here, you can find smart and attractive brides who would want to experience new things and relocate to the United States. More about Islandic brides.
  • 🇸🇪 Sweden. Brides from this country are less emotional compared to women from other Scandinavian countries. However, there are more brides here than in any other country in the discussed region, so in case you want to take a look at Scandinavian mail order brides, Sweden should be your first choice! More about Swedish brides.

How do Scandinavian mail order wives work?

Well, it is important to note that online mail order brides services operate in the same way regardless of the ladies you are seeking. To start your dating journey with a Scandinavian wife, you have to find a website that can meet all your demands and requirements and that can offer you wonderful prices for Scandinavian brides. There are plenty of platforms that offer superb quality of services and can guarantee the success of online dating. Be sure to spend some time researching your potential site: you may find out that mail order brides is largely associated with scam and fraud but keep calm – such sites do not live long. Later in this article, we are going to cover a few things regarding how to define a scam site and avoid being scammed.

After finding your dating site, the process of registration is similar regardless of the country your future Scandinavian bride is going to be. In other words, whether you want to buy a Swedish lady or a Norwegian girl, the way mail order bride sites work would not change. First, you need an account and a profile. It can take a few minutes to fill out the information needed. Then, you simply select a lady, request her to join your chat room or send her invitation to a video chat room, and start communication with her.

Basically, this is how Scandinavian mail order brides work – simply and effectively. In the section below, we are going to cover a few benefits of looking for a bride from Scandinavia through mail order brides services rather than in-person.

Why is it better to marry a Scandinavian bride online?

sexy scandinavia woman

A lot of individuals do not consider the benefits of using mail order brides services because they do not know anything about this form of communication. Indeed, long-distance relationships became significantly easier with the development of dating services. Here, we want to share with you a few things on why it is better to marry a Scandinavian girl online rather than finding her in-person.

Comfortable and convenient

Scandinavia is known for its harsh climate. Just imagine – to meet your wonderful Scandinavian bride, you need to fly to Europe and spend a few weeks seeking a beautiful brides there. However, you can sit at home, not spend any money on transport, and chat with hundreds of women at once.

Mail order brides services bring comfort and convenience that in-person dating cannot guarantee!


We have mentioned it a few times that dating services can help you save some money. Indeed, a real-life date can cost you a few hundred dollars, and it does not guarantee that your woman would be perfect for you. Nevertheless, mail order brides has a completely different money-wise approach. The price of getting a Scandinavian bride can be less than $100 per month and allow you to enjoy excellent communication with a large number of ladies. The amount of money that you can spend is regulated by you, which makes this form of communication widely affordable and beneficial.


One of the advantages of selecting online dating over in-person communication is the fact that it is incredibly effective. Just imagine – you gain access to hundreds and thousands of Scandinavian mail order brides without leaving your house. This is a perfect opportunity to meet your soulmate by reading profile information on your potential bride. 95% of people who use online dating find their true love eventually.

Another benefits of using global Scandinavian dating sites

american man meets scandinavian woman

It is easy

Yes, this is the first reason to use such websites. You can join a local Scandinavian website, but we would recommend you to choose the global platform – you can spend a lot of time contacting girls who are looking for locals, and not foreigners. Niche sites connect people who know what they want and can really match each other.

It is cheaper

Two weeks in any of these countries will cost you about 1,500 dollars, not including the tickets which usually cost 500-600 dollars. The price of monthly membership on online dating platforms starts from 10 dollars or even less. So, if you spend half a year on the site, you will spend 60 dollars (if you choose a cheap international site, not the high-end one), and if you go to the country for a week, you will spend 1,500 dollars (and you are supposed to be really lucky to find your dream girl soon).

It is modern

It is worth noting that Scandinavian people (especially people in Sweden) just love Tinder. Why? Because it is the most effective and the simplest way to meet someone special. Dating sites are quite similar to dating apps or even better, just because they not only connect people who seek to meet someone but also:

  • Focus on one type of relationships (serious relationship, friendship, marriage, etc.)
  • Offer not only messaging but also video transmitting, gift delivery, all-inclusive trips, etc.
  • Use the most effective, innovative matching algorithms.

Sounds good, right? However, there are plenty of sites with thousands of gorgeous Scandinavian brides. Which one to choose? Let us talk about this in more detail.

How to choose the international website with Scandinavian girls?

meet scandinavian woman

So, if you decide not to leave the US (at least for now), sign up for one of the online dating websites. This is a good strategy, but the thing is you also need to choose between tons of the existing options.

How to avoid problems, disappointments, and money losses? How to pick the right platform? Just follow the simple recommendations below.

Do not choose the first random site you found – reviewing the website is the time-consuming process, but you cannot skip this stage if you want to achieve your goal and feel safe.

  1. Find all sites that claim to have Scandinavian members (you will need to apply the recommendations below to each of these platforms).
  2. Make sure that there are enough hot ladies. Look through the profiles, make sure that at least a half of them meet your basic criteria (age, education, marital status).
  3. Find out how much you will need to pay to interact with the best foreign women to marry and decide if this is okay for you.
  4. Make sure that the site cares about the security and protects users’ data.
  5. Contact support, ask some question. Are the employers qualified enough? For how long do you need to wait to get the answer to your question?
  6. Make sure that the company offers something else besides the good old messaging. If the site is paid and offers the text chat only, there is no reason to pay for it – there are free global sites to join. The top website is supposed to offer some other services like video chat, gift delivery, etc.
  7. Check out the design and navigation. Are they good enough to use this site for a half a year or even for a couple of years?
  8. Use all the information you collected and compare it to find and join the best site.

Still, a trusted global site is not the only thing you need to date a Scandinavian girl. You also need to follow some rules of online dating.

Some tips for online dating with Scandinavian women

Fortunately, it is no rocket science. Just read and remember a few useful tips that will allow you to avoid awkwardness and disappointments.

  1. Represent yourself – upload a good photo, provide detailed info about yourself (and do not forget to describe your achievements), write self-description.
  2. Do not be too surprised when a Scandinavian girl initiates a conversation – in these countries, ladies are equal to men, and they do not mind of texting a guy first.
  3. Never act like a misogynist, be polite, respectful, and tolerant – modern social values are not an empty promise for people in Scandinavia.
  4. Do not hint at sexting unless she initiates this.
  5. Do not try to buy her with tons of high-end gifts – a bouquet of flowers and a cute small present are enough.

Most common scams and how to avoid them

Unfortunately, mail order brides is associated with scam and fraud. There are dating platforms that want to steal your money and just pretend that you communicate with a real woman from Scandinavia. Although we cannot do anything with such websites, we can tell you how to spot them and how to avoid being scammed!

Research your dating websites

One of the best things you can do to avoid being scammed is to research your potential dating platforms. Check out reviews that customers wrote, find out what other websites can tell you about this particular site, and look for the site’s rating. Most of the time, if a website has been on the market for a significant period, you can find some feedback on this website. Whether it is bad or good, such reviews let you understand what to expect from the platform you are interested in.

Choose websites that have been on the market for more than 3 years

scandinavian bride

Although it does not mean that a website that has been on the market for more than 3 years is not fraudulent, it is closely connected to the above-mentioned information.

If a site has been active for more than 3 years, it should appear on some platforms that analyze dating services.

Thus, you can easily check out what other customers and dating professionals can share with you regarding a particular dating website!

Do not hurry to pay for premium features

Try to take things slowly. You do not need to spend a lot of money right away. Take your time and try to find out as much as possible about your mail order bride dating platform from a free member perspective. Once you are satisfied with what a site can offer you as a standard user, you can purchase a premium membership or some credits. Moreover, if you decide to spend some money, try to spend as little as possible – even if a site turns out to be a scam, you will not lose a lot of money.

Cultural peculiarities of Scandinavian brides

Now that you know a lot about girls from wonderful Scandinavia, it is high time to figure out cultural peculiarities of Scandinavian wives:

They are straightforward

This quality is peculiar to all Scandinavian mail order wives. If your bride has something to tell you, you can be sure that she will tell you that! It does not mean that your Scandinavian bride will be rude or offensive but rather honest and open to express her thoughts. If your Scandinavian bride does not enjoy something, she will say it not to offend you but to make sure that you understand that you need to change something.

They are excellent homemakers

Girls from Scandinavia know how to be great housewives and mothers. They know how to make a home comfortable and cozy – take a look at Scandinavian interior design style and you will see that the very idea of minimalism was born in Scandinavia.

They prefer to take relationship slowly

Do not try to hurry your relationship with a Scandinavian wife. If you will be too hasty, your bride can think that you only want sex from her. She will tell you when she is ready to take the relationships to the next level.

Is it easy to contact a Scandinavian mail order bride online?

As mentioned above, Scandinavian women are rather easy-going and communicative, even though they need to know the man they are talking to. Nevertheless, it is also essential to consider that girls you will find are going to be mail order brides. In other words, these women are going to be as welcoming and accepting as they can. So, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to contact them.

What makes looking for a Scandinavian mail order wife great is that they know English perfectly. People in Scandinavian countries learn English in schools, and it is the second official language, which is why you won’t have any language barriers!

Girls from Scandinavia like to talk about various topics. You should start with something neutral and not personal. Don’t ask too many family-related questions on your first date, as your girl may start feeling uncomfortable. One of the best ways to establish contact with a Scandinavian girl for marriage is to ask about her interests and hobbies. Try to focus on your lady and make sure that she talks more than you. If you do so, your bride will help you find many interesting and great topics for discussion.

scandinavian wives

How to date Scandinavian mail order brides—top 3 dating tips

If you are looking for Scandinavian women for marriage and online communication, you will find this section exceptionally useful and helpful. We will offer you 3 simple but highly effective dating tips that will make your online experience unforgettable!

Be open and honest

Always remember that you have to be honest with your Scandinavian brides. Don’t try lying or not being yourself. You would only make things worse. Girls from this region respect and like guys who are honest. Even if something puts you in a bad light, it is better to tell it how it is, instead of making up stories.

Show your biggest strengths

If you want to impress a Scandinavian mail order bride, you need to show who you are. If you are skilled or experienced in something, do tell your bride about that. However, it should not be as if you are showing off. Be proud of who you are, and your Scandinavian date will see your most important qualities!

Be attentive and respectful

Girls from Scandinavia are used to being around men who know how to treat women with respect and honor. So, you should do the same, as these girls expect men to be modern knights! Listen to your date and you won’t have problems. It is the most important thing in online dating. Fortunately, since most of the communication happens via messaging, it is not difficult to view past messages to recollect something about your date!

Flowers, gifts & compliments are optional

So, you’re going to meet Scandinavian ladies, choose the one you like most and start to date her. That’s a great idea. Just let us clear up one point. Imagine that you’re going on a date with one of these girls. What does it look like? Do you imagine yourself sitting in front of her and giving her a nice gift? Or maybe you see yourself telling her something about her beautiful blue eyes that are like the ocean in which you’re glad to drown… Do you see her taking a huge bouquet of roses and smiling? Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

We’re not trying to say that you cannot tell her something really cute or give her a nice small gift – just don’t make this your main strategy. It could work if you were dating a Russian girl, but you shouldn’t expect a Norwegian woman or one of the Swedish girls to be impressed with this. In the best-case scenario, she’ll think that a guy who tries to win her heart using such archaic methods is weird. This is certainly not the best way to make a girl fall for you.

Bowling is better than 5-star restaurant

This is another crucially important thing to consider. Many successful men believe that the luxurious restaurant is the best place to impress a girl. They are right, but this approach doesn’t work anywhere in the world. In particular, it doesn’t work with Scandinavian nations. Swedish girls, as well as Norwegian and Danish women don’t care about the values of other women and don’t really like some things that impress other girls. Luxury restaurants are certainly one of them.

They like small pubs, casual, warm and friendly atmosphere, bowling alley and pizzerias where people can relax and enjoy a conversation. They think that putting on an evening dress and having dinner in a place that looks like Louvre is too much for a date.

Forget about dark, offensive, misogynist jokes

Please note that these ladies never make fun of equality, tolerance, and human rights. They take all this more than just seriously. They truly believe in these values. Of course, disrespect to them will not help you to win the heart of one of these gorgeous ladies.

Appreciate flowers, warm words and other cute romantic gestures

Wait a minute, we told you that you should not try to win her heart by giving her huge bouquets, telling that good old heartfelt things about love and doing that romantic stuff. Well, we are not trying to go back on our word. We just want to say that you should not be surprised when she gives you a bouquet at your birthday party. Of course, this may seem weird, but it is absolutely normal for local girls. No, this happens not because they act like men and want men to act like women, not at all.

The thing is this region is the place where equality is the most respected value. It is just normal for them not to think that men are the ones who make nice gestures, say the words of love, give gifts, and yes, even flowers. So, it is okay for you when men and women pay attention to each other, when both buy cute gifts, when both invest in a relationship, this will not be a problem.

How to get a Scandinavian girl for marriage like you?

scandinavian wife

There is no ultimate guide on how to win over a Scandinavian mail order bride online. Nevertheless, a few tricks can help you have a great time and maximize your chances of success with a girl from this region. So, here are the top 3 tips on how to get a Scandinavian girl for marriage to like you!

  • Don’t be formal. For some reason, many guys think that Scandinavian brides want to marry rather formal men. But it is not true! Being formal and being serious are two different things. And while Scandi brides want to be with a man who is responsible, calm, kind, and successful, it doesn’t mean that you should be formal all the time. Approach your potential bride casually and informally.
  • Learn about her home country. You need to know where your bride is from. Scandinavia is not a country, so you should understand that Swedish women are different from Finnish or Norwegian brides. The more you know, the higher your chances of success will be!
  • Talk about the environment. Scandinavian countries are among the most environment-conscious nations in the world. If you want to find a great topic for a discussion, anything environment-related will do just fine.

In general, you just need to be kind, honest, and reliable. If you can show your Scandinavian mail order bride online what kind of man you are, you will have the best time of your life.

Are there some forbidden topics you should avoid with Scandi brides?

While it is relatively easy to chat and communicate with a Nordic bride, there are a few things that you shouldn’t bring up when dating a lady from this country. First off, never discuss religion or politics. It is not that your bride won’t like those topics—it is more than these subjects are not great for romantic moments. Such topics can spiral into a heated debate, which is probably not something you are looking for. Apart from that, you probably should avoid any controversial issues, but it depends on what kind of bride you have.

Financial aspects of dating Scandinavian girls

So what about the prices? In fact, the costs vary. There are cheap websites where users pay only $6-10 per month, there are midrange platforms where you pay $40-90 for communication, and there are expensive websites where you will spend $100-500. Which sites to choose? It is up to you. Just note that if you want to meet brides from these amazing countries, you need to make sure that the site:

  • Has enough females from Scandinavia;
  • Provide high-quality services;
  • Connect people with similar goals (marriage, serious relationships);
  • Provide good support.

Though the cost varies, let us take the average price, for example, $50 per month, and let us move on!

Flight tickets to meet a Scandinavian woman

Let us imagine that you have already met a girl from Scandinavia. Of course, you need to meet each other. Yes, these girls are confident and independent, but we bet you do not want her to think that you are inert, poor and non-independent. So, you need to buy tickets and come to her country.

You can find cheap tickets to all Scandinavian countries – some low-cost airlines have great offers from $300, but the average price is about $500. So, two tickets will cost about $1,000.

Visas to Scandinavian countries

We have the good news for you – you can enter Norway, Sweden or Denmark for up to 90 days for business or tourist purposes without a visa. If you want to stay for more than 90 days, you will need to apply for a tourist visa or a friend or relative visa.

Hotels or apartments in Scandinavia

scandinavian mail order bride

Of course, the price for hotels varies. Still, we can talk about the average prices in these countries. For example, in Copenhagen, the average price for a couple (if you are dating, it is a good idea to rent a room for a couple) is $150. In Norway, it is a bit cheaper – $110. The average hotel price in Sweden is about 110 dollars, too. Of course, there are a lot of much more expensive as well as a lot of cheaper options in all of these countries. You can spend thousands of dollars per night or find a hostel that provides a bed for $50. The question is if you really need this.

Other expenses

We will not consider the gifts that sweethearts usually give each other on holidays or without any reason. It depends on your personal needs, wishes, on your traditions, etc. We just want to note that you cannot buy a Scandinavian girl in any sense. We mean that these ladies (unlike a lot of brides of other ethnicities, for example, Slavic girls) do not want their boyfriends to be super romantic every single day and do not try to make them send flowers every week or pay the bill in luxurious restaurants. That is why the cost of dinners, expenditures on entertainment, and little trips depends on you.

Still, we can talk about basic expenditures. For example, food for one day is about $30 in Sweden, $30 in Norway, and more than $50 in Denmark. As for public transport, a traveler is likely to spend about $16 in Sweden, about $18 in Norway, and about $60 in Denmark.

Total cost

So, let us take a look at all the costs:

  • Mail order bride site – $50 per month, $300 in total (for 6 months of searching and dating).
  • Visa – $0.
  • Tickets (2 trips) – $2,000.
  • Hotels, meals, public transport (for 1 week, 1 trip) – about $1,600 in Sweden, about $1,500 in Norway, and about $2,400 for a couple.

Please note that the price of 1 week of being in one of these countries is for 1 couple, not for 1 person. The thing is though beautiful Scandinavian brides are independent and stand for equality, they do not mind spending a night in a man’s room for two (of course if they are dating him for some time by this moment). Moreover, you are likely to visit interesting places together, so you will need to pay a bit more. Still, if you are not going to pay for her in any circumstances, you can book a single room.

Generally speaking, Scandinavian mail order brides cost or rather an average cost is about $5,300 (includes 2 trips). If you wish to know more about Scandinavian brides, we can offer this short but rather informative FAQ section with the most common questions!

How much does Scandinavian bride cost?

Usually, you can spend less than $100 per month for communication of great quality.

Do Scandinavian girls only want money from foreign men?

No. Girls from Scandinavian countries come from wealthy families. They seek love and happiness, not money.

What qualities do Scandinavian mail order brides in men?

Honesty, reliability, strength, being responsible, and maturity.

Do Scandinavian girls know English well?

English is the second language in most Scandinavian countries. They know this language fluently, so it won’t be a problem for you to properly communicate with a lady from this region!

How active are Scandinavian girls online?

They may be a bit shy at first, but they are very communicative and sociable. Although they are not as shy as Asian girls for online dating, you may feel the slight distance between you and your potential bride.

How can you avoid getting scammed?

The answer is pretty simple—just choose proper online dating websites! Read reviews, check out the feedback of real users, and make sure that you don’t make payments on sites you don’t trust!

How much does it cost to date Scandinavian mail order brides?

Usually, it won’t cost you that much! Don’t expect to spend hundreds of dollars every day. On average, you can spend around $10-80 per month, depending on what kind of website you use.

Are Scandinavian women for online communication great for American guys?

Yes! They know English, they respect Western values, and they are looking for foreign guys.

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