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Best Countries to Find a Mail Order Bride—Picks for Successful Matches

A lot of people heard about Russian brides. Nearly all men and women worldwide know how popular Asian girls really are. We cannot also ignore the fact that Latin ladies can make guys fall in love with them in less than an hour. In most cases, they don’t even need this much time – their unique beauty makes them irresistible.

Thus, we can assume that there are 3 most popular regions to find the hottest mail order brides which are Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. But where exactly can a single man find a wife? Surprisingly, most people can name only 3-4 most popular countries. Well, we can name a few more. Keep reading to find info about top 15 countries to find a wife!

best country to find a wife

How to choose the best country for mail order brides?

You may see that there are plenty of countries where online communication is exceptionally popular. And it can be rather difficult to figure out what country to choose. Well, in this section, we are going to help you find out what country is perfect for you!

  • Define what kind of woman you are looking for. Write a list of features that you wish to find. First, specify the inner qualities of your future bride. For example, if you are looking for a shy and humble lady who will patiently and obediently be your wife, then you need to start looking in Asian countries. However, if you wish to have a confident and active mail order bride, then Latin countries may be more suitable for you.
  • Consider cultural differences. International and intercultural communication can be challenging, since you basically build serious relationships with a woman from a different country. Therefore, if the idea of having cultural differences doesn’t frighten you, you may look for Asian women for online communication. Eastern European and Latin mail order brides are more Westernized, so you won’t find it so difficult to date them.
  • Learn about the location of your bride. Although it may sound very obvious, you may want to know where your bride is coming from. If you have serious intentions, you will have to spend some time there with her parents or relatives.

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The best countries to find a wife in Eastern Europe

map best mail brides eastern europe

It’s no surprise that we talk about Europe first. Guys marry women from post-soviet countries really, really often. Most importantly, though some people said that this trend would disappear sooner or later, today, a lot of men type ‘how to find a Slavic bride’ in the Google search every single day. So what are the most popular Eastern European countries? Let’s see!


Russia is the ultimate champion when it comes to interethnic relationships. There, women are focused on love and family, and lots of guys worldwide really appreciate this. What else can we say about them? They are hotties, and that’s a well-known fact. They are the best housewives, and what can be better than a hot wife waiting for you at home with home-cooked delicious meals?

But you certainly shouldn’t think that a Russian girl will ever be a servant. In our opinion, that’s great. If you think otherwise, just consider the fact that most interethnic marriages with mail order brides ended in divorce because a guy chose a random hottie who obeyed him. Soon, he got bored with her and everything related to her. Such a silent wife won’t make you happy, while a Russian bride with her unique personality can do it easily.

Ukraine 🇺🇦

No, Ukraine is not Russia. This is a separate, independent country where there are even more hot women than in the Russian Federation. So what’s special about Ukrainian brides? Firstly, they are also perfect mothers, wives, and housewives. They are just a bit softer, a bit more feminine than Russian ladies.

By the way, the educational system in this country is one of the best systems in the world, so you certainly won’t get just a beautiful yet empty girl. Ukrainian wives adapt fast, and they are usually very friendly, so there’s a big chance that your family and friends will like your bride, and that’s crucially important. The bigger and the closer family is, the better.

best wife in the world


Did you know that Belarus is in the top 5 countries with the highest divorce rate? Bad news for Belarusian men, good news for foreigners – guys from overseas often have a better chance to win the heart of a local girl, no wonder it’s considered one of the best countries to find a wife.

Generally speaking, Belarusian brides are as beautiful as Russian and Ukrainian girls, but they are even a bit more conservative in the good sense. In particular, they are okay with traditional gender roles, understand the importance of sexual life, and care for their husbands not because they have to but because they want to.

Poland 🇵🇱

Polish girls make perfect wives to men who are dreaming of beautiful, smart, fun, and warm Slavic women, but also want their soulmate to be more “Westernized”. Besides, there is also the dreamland for those who want to meet a Catholic girl, marry her and avoid all those conflicts over religion.

And again, though Poland is a developed country, though girls there are usually more “progressive” than women in other post-soviet countries, they also respect good old family values and don’t consider traditional gender role distribution to be something really offensive. And did we mention that Polish women for marriage are also incredibly hot?

What are the best countries for mail order brides in Asia?

best mail brides asia

There are top 6 Asian countries where men can meet tens of thousands of hot and, most importantly, family-oriented ladies. Below, we listed them all and provided some figures and interesting facts about women living in these countries. We recommend considering this data when deciding which of these lands is the best place to find an Asian mail order wife of your dreams!

Philippines 🇵🇭

Lots of single guys dream of meeting an Asian woman from this country. But what is life on the islands really like? The interesting fact is that “querida” is a quite widespread family model, a love triangle between a wife, a husband and a mistress. A wife often has no choice but to stay with a husband. No need to say most women in the Philippines don’t like this and search for a foreign boyfriend.

We should also note that Filipinas don’t forget about the importance of the traditional values, especially the family ones. Nevertheless, most of them have desires for modernity in the good sense. In general, they just want their boyfriends and husbands to respect them and are ready to give care, love, and, of course, respect in return.

Besides, these girls are naturally beautiful, and they almost don’t get old, so if you want to make your friends envy you, these islands are the best place to find a wife.

Thailand 🇹🇭

We’re not going to talk about bar girls – there are a lot of stunning smart and fun women in this country. More importantly, a lot of them are single: in Thailand, there are many more women than men: currently, the ratio of men to women is 49.1% to 50.9% respectively, and this gap makes a lot of hotties look for a husband overseas.

By the way, these ladies are attracted to guys from other countries. Thus, a foreign man has a good chance to marry a Thai girl. Well, this is good news for all guys looking for a shy, cute, educated, and, of course, very hot wife.

And a few other things to mention – these girls are considered as the best listeners, and the most easygoing, sincere, patient, and yes, not too demanding girlfriends, so don’t miss your chance to meet one of them!

China 🇨🇳

China is a champion when it comes to economic growth and the popularity of local Asian brides. A lot of guys are dreaming of Chinese women for marriage, but what are they really like? In fact, there are two types of ladies in China. Girls from the first group usually live in small towns or rural areas. What’s special about them? Traditional family values are crucially important to them, and traditional gender roles don’t offend them. They are the best wives, and they are the reason why Chinese mail order brides are considered the best caregivers in the world.

Women living in Chinese megacities are a bit different: they think that family is really important, but they also care about their own independence and self-development. They are ambitious and maybe not as patient as girls from rural areas, but they still make great wives, especially considering that they are great caregivers, too.

By the way, local ladies are super shy in public and kinky in the bedroom. The great news is also that Chinese girls are very attracted to foreign guys with “exotic” appearance, so why not use your chance to meet the most gorgeous woman there?

best countries to find a wife

India 🇮🇳

What about Indian wife? Just like in Pakistani girl for marriage, there are two different countries within the country: rural India and progressive, rapidly developing India. If you want to meet a more conservative lady who respects her husband and cares for the family, you can search for a dream girl in the first part of the country. If you’d like to meet a more modern and even a bit Westernized girl who, however, doesn’t forget about the family values, you can search for her in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or other megacities.

Vietnam 🇻🇳

Most people think that all girls in Asia are introverts. Well, things are a bit different in Vietnam. This is a perfect place for every man who wants to meet an open-minded, emotional optimistic woman who doesn’t hide her feelings 24/7.

Another important thing to mention is that family bonds are really strong here, and children usually make every effort to support their parents, siblings, and other relatives. That’s why ladies in Vietnam take everything related to family more than just serious: there is nothing more significant than family values to them.

As for the rest, Vietnam girl for marriage are “classic” Asian girls: they are beautiful, a bit conservative and very respectful. Hence, if you are looking for these qualities, they are just the best foreign brides.

Korea 🇰🇷

Yes, you can even find a Korean mail order bride. Of course, we know that this is an economically developed country, and this fact contradicts all existing “rules”, according to which a man can find a wife only in a poor country.

In fact, you just pay more. We mean you can’t order a woman from any of the mail order bride countries mentioned in this article and have her delivered right to your home, but you still pay the price. In most cases, this is the price for the dating services provided by a dating agency. In Korea, you’ll also need to pay a dowry to her parents, and it’s not cheap.

Men who have already married Korean girls note that it’s worth it – these women are even more beautiful than other Asian ladies, they are perfectly educated, smart, loyal, and cute. Still, if you’ve ever met a Korean girl, you know that there is no word that could describe these ladies. They are just absolutely gorgeous.

Latin countries with mail order brides

best mail order brides latin map

Of course, last but not the least region is Latin America. Nowadays, Latin girls for marriage are trendy and popular not only on social networking sites like Instagram but also in real life. Why? Let’s figure it out!

Mexico 🇲🇽

Do we need to say anything about stunning Mexican wife? We will just because we want to! These girls are just gorgeous: they are optimistic, full of life and passion, and they know what exactly they want from life. There’s no need to say that in most cases they want to find an attractive, kind, and loving husband, marry him and have a lot of beautiful children.

No, we don’t claim that these girls don’t care about anything but family – they build careers, have interesting hobbies, etc., but the family is still the most important value for most of them.

Brazil 🇧🇷

What distinguishes Latin, in particular, Brazil ladies for marriage from women of other ethnicities? The answer is not obvious as it may seem – they are incredibly spontaneous and charming. They love every moment of their lives, and they aren’t afraid to embrace changes. These girls are not only beautiful but also brave, and yes, they are incredibly interesting, charismatic people.

Still, we can’t ignore the fact that men worldwide fall in love with them at the first sight not only due to their charisma but also because these girls are so hot, curvy, passionate and, at the same time, so feminine!

best woman to marry by country

Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

What kind of woman can you meet in this sunny country? She’s likely to be optimistic and full of energy. She’s also likely to love her family more than anything else in this world, except for her own family that she dreams to build with a good man. She probably believes that love and support are the primary things you should give to a person you love. And yes, she’s likely to be one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen.

About Dominican Republic brides

Venezuela 🇻🇪

So, Brazilian women are very passionate, Dominican girls are very loving and supportive, and Venezuelan girls… Well, they have much to offer, too! Just like most Latin women in other countries, they are super emotional, and that’s the good news for guys who hate boredom. They are also the most loyal friends, so if a man wants to meet the most loyal companion, Venezuela is the right place. Is there any need to say that these ladies are beautiful, too?

Colombia 🇨🇴

What about Colombia wives? Are they as popular as the rest of Latin girls? Of course, they are. Most importantly, they are the best companions for men who value optimistic attitude to life, loyalty and a woman’s ability to take initiative, as well as the best wives for guys who like ladies with hot bodies, tanned skin, and deep dark eyes.

Is there the best country for mail order brides?

Of course not. Your desires and preferences may be unique and different, which is why there are so many countries with mail order brides. Women there have only a few similar qualities—they are family-oriented, beautiful, and eager to marry a foreigner. As for the rest of the features, you should try out everything for yourself. While you may learn a lot about a mail order bride by reading a review, you will have a better understanding of which mail order bride countries are suitable for you! The most important thing you need to do is have at least some understanding of what kind of woman you are looking for. Once you know who to find, you will have the best time of your life with foreign mail order brides!


So, how do you get a mail order bride without going to the country? The Internet, as well as love, has no boundaries. You can contact girls from any of these countries without leaving home, isn’t it fantastic? We recommend that you choose the site wisely and carefully. This may be time-consuming, but it’s worth it. Just choose the country and take your first step toward happiness!

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