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If you want to find a bride from overseas, you will need to overcome a new challenge in the 21st century. The point is that many people nowadays have a fast pace of life with busy schedules and other activities that don’t leave much time to find their soulmates. This is where mail order brides services may come in handy.

Thanks to online dating, everyone has a chance to meet their significant other, without putting much time and effort into their dating experience. Scroll down to discover how to find a bride in USA and browse our site to get a deeper insight into online dating.

How do mail order bride services work?

Choose a perfect dating platform.
Read some expert reviews before you sign up anywhere — it can guarantee you bigger chances of choosing a good website.
Create your profile photo.
It takes some effort to present you at your best online. Think of filling in your dating profile properly as it significantly influences your dating results.
Make the move.
Women for marriage do like chivalry, even if it all happens online. So, don’t hesitate to write to women first! Use the functions of ‘winking’ or liking their pictures if these are available, and make compliments.
Choose woman you liked.
Although it is a good idea to talk to many women first, sooner or later comes the moment when you figure out which one of them is your perfect one.
It’s time to meet!
There comes the time when you and your lady meet. You can come to your mail-order bride’s country (she would appreciate such a gesture for sure), or invite her to your state, which will also be a nice adventure.

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What is a mail order bride? Short and clear definition

Foreign brides are women who seek a husband from overseas through the best mail order brides sites. Usually, it’s a single or divorced woman of any age, with or without a child, who has turned to a marriage agency and registered on a dedicated site. It is extremely difficult to estimate how many mail-order brides are out there today. Nevertheless, research shows that in the late 1990s, there were around 10,000 international marriages per year.

Nowadays, the number of international marriages and mail-order brides is growing larger. Why? Because the world is becoming more globalized, the technology speeds up the communication between potential lovers across borders while new laws allow couples to get married faster.

best foreign women to marry

History of mail order brides

  • The word «mail-order bride» appeared in the mid-1800s on the American frontier.
  • It was an intra-American phenomenon, but in the 20th century, it was spread worldwide.
  • Women from developing countries were looking for husbands in developed ones and vice versa.
  • With the advent of the Internet, many mail order wife sites appeared to bring like-minded singles together.
Mail order brides by region

Full Article About History of Mail Order Brides

How to find mail order bride services you can trust

So, how to find a mail order bride in 2024? The first thing that comes to your mind is the right answer – in the modern world we use the Internet to get everything we want, and wife is not an exception to this rule. Of course, we do not mean that you can purchase someone on the web, but there are places where you can choose between lots of women—the international dating websites.

Though it seems obvious, it is pretty difficult (especially for the newcomers) to choose a really trusted site. If you want to avoid risks and mistakes, just follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

find a trusted dating site

Step #1—Get ready

Read articles about women in different countries, try to figure out what (qualities, looks, habits) in a woman attracts you the most and choose the country considering this.

Step #2—Look for the options

Try to find all niche sites with lots of female members from the preferred country or a region.

Step #3—Remove the most suspicious companies or low-quality sites from the list

We insist that only careful analysis can help you choose the right site, but we also understand that sometimes it is a complete waste of time. So, if the design is horrible, if you see that the profiles are fake even at the first sight, if you need to pay for registration, i.e., if something is so wrong that you will never use it, just forget about it and move forward.

Step #4—Analyze

Yes, you need to analyze each site—only such research can help you understand if the site is as good as it claims. Here are the crucial criteria you certainly need to consider:

  • The site’s billing policy (free or paid, expensive, cheap, affordable, reasonable or not)
  • The privacy policy (make sure that your data will not be provided to the third party)
  • Profiles and members (do members look real, are the profiles informative or not too detailed, do ladies upload photos & videos, etc.)
  • Support (hotline, online chat, qualification of members of the support team)
  • Services (communication services, special features)

Yes, it is time-consuming, but this is necessary, of course, if you do not want to risk your time and money.

Strep #5—Compare & make a choice

The last stage is when you compare all the options. Just consider their advantages and downsides. By the way, you can find the in-depth reviews of top popular and the most promising new platforms here.

Why look for mail order brides?

Why do you need to look for a foreign wife, and what are the advantages of your love search from abroad? We've described the main strengths of building relationships with foreign girls on dating websites.

  • Wider choice of single women.
  • Much higher chances of meeting your soulmate.
  • Continuing assistance from bride agencies.
  • Mail-order wives are certainly interested in marriage and will not play around.
  • Divorce rate between mail order brides and foreign men is lower than in typical marriages.
  • Possibility to travel abroad and learn a new language.
  • Beautiful children in international marriage.
international dating sites for marriage

How do legitimate foreign bride services work?

International bride agencies or international marriage agencies are services that introduce foreign men to foreign brides. Women usually come to the offices of such agencies, have an interview, and tell what they want and who they are looking for, hence, these agencies help them create attractive profiles. Men rarely turn to such agencies directly, but they register on mail order bride sites that work independently or are run by such agencies. 

Mail-order brides are legal, and they have nothing to do with human trafficking if you were concerned about this. One cannot buy a mail-order bride. Foreign brides are women who decide to seek husbands overseas by their own will. Who can stop them from doing so? No one.

So yes, mail-order brides are legal, in particular, in the US. Two Acts in the US regulate and protect such ladies—VAWA and IMBRA. Whereas the former helps foreign brides escape violence from a potential husband, the latter regulates dating between Americans and foreigners overall.

There is no other answer than that such services are simply effective. Mail order bride services give people what they want—connection with other people, guarantees of meeting someone new for romantic endeavors, continued support and provision of dating tips and advice, etc. What are the reasons for international brides popularity? If you compare the fiance visa statistics for 2020 and 2022, you will see that the number of foreign spouses has drastically increased in just 2 years (from 16,848 to 24,798 K1 visa approvals). Such statistics indicate that the popularity of foreign ladies as international wives is constantly growing, and more men are all about finding a wife overseas. 

Read More About Legal Requirements of Mail Order Brides

foreign mail order brides

How to find and get a bride online?

You can be rich like the wolf of Wall Street, handsome as young Mickey Rourke, but you will not be popular on top mail order bride sites if you do not know how to present yourself on such platforms. In fact, this is no rocket science – just use our recommendations to make women write back and even make the first step.

Here’s the shortcut:

  1. Start with the website that reviews mail order bride and dating sites like
  2. Read about dating traditions in each country and the specificities of the region.
  3. Read reviews of dating sites.
  4. Choose 1-3 that suit you the most and register on them for free.
  5. Browse through women’s profiles to find the one you like the most.

Now let's talk about this in more detail.

Choose a great username or use your real name

This is the first thing you need to do when signing up for any niche website. Though most such sites do not make men provide copies of their ID or driver license, you’d better use your real name or a name that seems real. You can use something like ‘I’m a man of your dreams babe’ or ‘The destroyer’ or any other “creative” nickname.

However, before you choose it, just remind yourself of the reasons why people use such platforms. Men and women sign up for them because they are looking for soul mates and true love, of course, so they take everything seriously. After all, it is not the PvP game – this is the place where people are looking for a lifelong companion.

Provide detailed info

Questionnaires on such websites are not just for fun or to make you spend your precious time answering them. In fact, all the details you provide are crucially important. Why? The reason is simple: you can save your time and spend it on a girl of your dreams instead of spending it on a woman who does not meet your criteria. Of course, this saves women’s time, too.

Do not sugarcoat the truth

Let us be honest, we all want to seem a bit better than we really are. A lot of people used to lie about themselves on dating sites, but please, believe us – this is the wrong strategy, especially if you are looking for a soul mate. Disappointments never make anyone happier. Of course, we do not encourage you to write about every bad moment or any downside you have – just do not lie about your habits, age, and other crucial things.

Upload the profile pic and a few more good photos

As we have already noted, you do not have to be hot as a Hollywood superstar to attract a woman on such a platform. Be sure that if a girl signs up for such a site, she is looking for a husband. Most of these ladies do not care much about men’s looks, but you should not try to deceive them – upload real photos that show how you look in real life. Generally speaking, uploading a photo is a must for every man seeking women’s attention.

Write self-description

What do you want your future wife to know about you? What info do you consider to be the most important? How would you describe yourself? We recommend that you think about these things really carefully. The self-description can attract a woman’s attention or make a girl close the tab and never return to your profile again. You do not have to be super creative, just be nice, and will not go wrong.

How to find a foreign bride: 5 mistakes to avoid

Knowing how to find a foreign bride in USA is only half of the battle—you also need to know how to make your relationship thrive and how to go from being complete strangers to spouses who are madly in love. Needless to say, this plan is ambitious and bound to run into some difficulties, but when you know about these 5 typical mistakes men make with foreign brides, your chances of success will actually improve.

Being culturally insensitive

Cultural differences are often presented as one of the biggest problems in an international relationship, but if you take them into account, you can actually make your romance stronger. The absolute majority of foreign mail order brides are incredibly proud of their culture and can talk about it for hours, so that’s exactly what you need to do.

Thinking you are entitled to anything

There are many Western men who believe that their foreign status will land them any bride they want, and once they meet her, they are also entitled to a passionate treatment and absolute loyalty. However, if you want to build a strong foundation for your future romance and marriage, you also need to invest a lot of effort into the relationship and avoid thinking you should get anything simply thanks to your overseas passport.

Buying into stereotypes

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you have probably heard your share of stereotypes, both about foreign brides in general and specific nations in particular. This is not to say that there isn’t any truth to those stereotypes, but fully believing in them can do a lot of damage to your relationship. For example, if you believe that every foreign bride is a gold digger, you will constantly worry about the women’s true intentions instead of just living in the moment.

Relying on your usual tactics

The dating tactics that used to work perfectly for you with local girls may not necessarily work with foreign brides. These women want to be swept off their feet by their suitors, and they don’t strive to get the upper hand in the relationships. So even if you believe that your dating game is strong, you may need to adjust it for your new international romance.

Dragging out your relationship

Dating for a long time is fine when you and your woman are both in your early twenties, but when both men and women reach a certain age, they want more stability and predictability. Foreign brides are typically young, but they still expect to be married after up to a year of dating a man from overseas. If that’s what you have in mind too, there is no point in making the lady wait.

Step-by-step guide on how to buy a foreign bride

If you are still wondering how to find foreign girl for marriage, look through this step-by-step guide. With this information at hand, finding a wife will be a breeze.

  1. Choose between the best countries to find a loyal wife and find the appropriate dating website to start your love ventures.
  2. Make sure you approach the best dating sites for serious relationships to avoid any disappointments in the future.
  3. Use the search filters to find your perfect match.
  4. Pay for communication dating services such as text and video chat, letters, and virtual gifts to interact with foreign women.
  5. Transform your relationship from a dating website to a real-life by organizing a meeting.
  6. Keep corresponding and dating until you understand you want to bring your bonds to the next level.
  7. Do a proposal.
  8. Assist your lady in applying for a fiancé visa. 
  9. Bring your soulmate to your country and get married.

For More Detailed Information, Read Our Step-by-Step Guide of How to Find a Mail Order Bride is here to help you find the love of your life, no matter how far she seems to be away from you. On this site, you can find all the necessary information about dating women in different countries, how to cope with the challenges of a long-distance relationship and how not to get into the trap of scammers.

International dating is a life-changing thing, why don’t you embrace it now and find the mail order bride of your dreams now?

How to find a foreign bride in USA

If you are all about international dating, you will need to choose the best country to find a wife. Check out how to find a wife overseas and enjoy your love-seeking experience to the fullest.

How to find a Russian bride

Russian brides are all about creating relationships with foreigners. If you want to meet a Russian girl, feel free to organize your trip to Moscow or enjoy the services of the best mail order brides services.

How to find a Japanese bride

Asian ladies are full of mysteries that you can uncover by visiting Japan or meeting beautiful Asian women on dedicated websites.

How to find an Asian bride

You can organize romance tours across Asian countries or register on mail order bride websites to meet your soulmate among gorgeous Asian ladies.

How to find a young Indian bride

Choose a reliable dating site and browse the catalog of Indian women to meet your perfect match. Visiting this country is also an option, but the best place to find a soulmate in India is rather difficult to choose since local ladies are all about traditional dating and are afraid to approach foreigners in public places.

How to find a South Africa bride

If you want to find a wife online, free or paid South African dating sites will certainly come in handy.

How to find a Thai bride

Thailand is included in the list of the 10 best countries to find a wife abroad. Visit this country or choose a specifically designed dating site.

What is the best way to find a bride from Mexico?

If you are pondering the question: "Where can I find a wife in Mexico?", sign up for one of the reliable local dating sites and relish the beauty and passion of Mexican women.

What is the most successful website to find a Chinese bride?

You can rely on our best picks among international dating sites to find brides from China. They include all the necessary features to establish romantic connections with local ladies. 

How to find a bride after online divorce

Are you disappointed because of your diversity and think you are on the lookout for another chance to find love after divorce? These tips will certainly help you boost your dating journey.

  1. Choose the destination of your search to find a foreign wife. Opt for the best country to find a young wife or a mature spouse to narrow down your search.
  2. Register on a dedicated online dating site for divorced people. Therefore, it will be easier for you to encounter like-minded singles and meet a lady to your taste.
  3. Use the features of a dating service to take your online dating experience to the notch. Feel free to use basic and advanced communication options and search filters to facilitate your journey.
  4. Remember not to compare your girlfriend with your ex-wife since you are in a completely new relationship. Starting your love life on a blank canvas is the best way to find a wife. 

Mail order bride pricing

How much does a mail-order bride cost? Of course, you cannot buy another person, but it will cost you some money to woo a foreign girl. The expenses include:

  • Mail-order bride services (communication, gifts delivery, translation)—from $10 to $400 monthly.
  • Visa, insurance and flight tickets—around $1,000-$5,000.
  • Hotels, restaurants, etc. $500-$2,500.

Overall, mail order bride cost is between $1,500 and $14,000 depending on where both of you live and whether you want to impress her with expensive gifts.

Full Guide of Mail Order Brides Cost

Why do women seek husbands overseas?

It is a common question: why do women become mail-order brides and long for marriage with Americans or men from other countries? There are different reasons for women from different countries.

  • The imbalanced gender ratio in numerous countries. For example, Asian brides experience difficulties in finding local partners.
  • Offensive behavior of local grooms. Russian women often suffer from abuse, while Latin American ladies complain about the offensive behavior of their partners within the country.
  • An urge for new prospects for relationships. Numerous Eastern European women have already westernized and want to try new relationship tendencies as overseas brides. 

Potential problems that you may face while dating foreign mail order brides

In case you wonder what can go wrong when you are with a foreign mail order bride, we can tell you that not many things can cause you problems. Still, a few things can be considered obstacles, which is why it is better to know about them and be ready to overcome them right away!

  1. Language problems. Since you are looking for a bride online, you need to be ready to chat and interact with girls who may not be fluent in English. You can avoid this problem by hiring a translator that many websites offer or just be slightly more patient and find a personal approach to communicating with your bride.
  2. Cultural differences. If you don’t want to offend your date or ruin your chances for a great relationship, just learn a few things about the culture of your date beforehand.
  3. Scam. It is well-known that online dating is a place with a lot of scammers. Read reviews, check forums, and find as much information about your potential dating site as possible. Popular platforms usually have some internet presence, which is why it will be easier to find real-life feedback and reviews.

How to find a mail order bride: Dating tips that actually work

So what is next? Is communication with a woman on a niche site somehow different from talking to a girl on one of the social networking sites? Yes, it is a bit different. There are even some unwritten rules you need to follow to attract a woman seeking love on such a platform, and we can share them with you.

  • Foreign women for marriage are not looking for someone who will buy them. Moreover, most of them want to marry a foreign guy because they are tired of disrespect in relationships with local men. In short, act like an ordinary good man who is looking for love, and that is all.
  • Note that these girls are not as easy as you may think. The very fact that they are looking for marriage does not mean that you can get any girl on the site. Online courtship is a must, so be nice, polite, and attentive.
  • Dirty talks are okay if she is your online girlfriend who is okay with such kind of entertainment. Otherwise, you will just piss a woman off. Moreover, she is likely to block you immediately. Do you really need this?
  • Members of any niche site know why they are here. So do not wait for too long to meet her.

These are the most significant things to consider. As you can see, you do not have to do anything too difficult – just be nice, do not be too slow, and you will succeed.

Best countries to find a wife: What are the best foreign wives to marry?

Once you have found out how to find an overseas bride, you will need to discover the best nationalities to marry. We created this list based on the number of K1 visas issued annually, which identifies the popularity of these ladies.

  • The Philippines. If you want to find bride for marriage, consider the Philippines. Local ladies are compromise-friendly, caring, and loving. Numerous Western men have already created success stories with hot Filipinas and are happy.
  • Ukraine. These European brides amaze men with their natural charm, perfect sense of style, and mysterious smiles. Ukrainian ladies are all about building a serious relationship and commitment. Moreover, they demonstrate a high level of loyalty to their partners.
  • Russia. If you are on the lookout for the best place to find a wife in USA, consider Russia. These ladies from Eastern Europe possess exceptional beauty and allure. Even though they are rather demanding, they showcase love and respect for their partners.
  • Mexico. Want to find a wife in another country but are still looking for someone Westernized? Then Mexico will be a sweet spot for you. You will certainly be blown away by the passion and beauty of these ladies from Latin America.
  • Colombia. Foreign women from Colombia are open-hearted and approachable, and you can notice that while communicating with them on international dating services. These ladies from Latin America strive for sincere relationships full of love and mutual understanding.
  • Thailand is one of the best places to find a wife online. Local ladies know how to love and be loved. Men appreciate them for their exotic appearance, slim bodies, and traditional approach to family bonds.
  • Poland. Those who want to find a foreign girlfriend from Eastern Europe shouldn't overlook Poland. These Eastern European ladies prefer a serious relationship to casual romantic encounters and want to create success stories with men who appreciate equality and mutual respect in love affairs.
  • Brazil. International brides from Brazil are vibrant, emotional, and active, but still relatively modest. You can enjoy flirty interaction with them on mail order bride websites and ensure that they are even better in real encounters. 

Take a Look at Out List of 15 Best Countries With Mail Order Brides

Best foreign ladies profiles

Check out the best foreign ladies profiles on international dating sites and enjoy their allure. You can proceed to a particular dating service and explore more profiles with women of your interest. 

American brides vs foreign brides

American bridesForeign brides
Approach to relationshipsLaid-back approach to relationshipTraditional approach to love affairs 
Family valuesStrive for equality and mutual understanding Demonstrate respect to their husbands and give them leading roles 
Household chores Share household chores with their partners or delegate these tasks to professionals Do all household chores by themselves 
Loyalty Some women aren’t faithful to their partnersDemonstrate a high level of loyalty in relationships 

Foreign bride divorce rate

If you have already discovered how to find a mail order bride, but aren't sure whether such bonds work for you, take a peek at the statistics. The divorce rate varies according to the country. Colombia, Chile, and Mexico have the fewest divorces worldwide. As a result, marriages with mail order women from these nations are significantly more likely to last.

When we consider the United States, the majority of international marriages between Americans and foreign ladies do not result in divorce. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, mail order weddings result in fewer divorces than newlyweds from the same nation who met offline.

It is critical to recognize that between 4,000 and 6,000 weddings between Americans and foreign brides occur each year. Nonetheless, the foreign woman divorce rate in 2023 reveals that 20% of international marriages fail, while the total divorce rate among Americans is 38%. So, how effective are mail-order marriages? The notion is that people may get to know one another before they tie the knot. 

Do American guys like foreign brides?

It goes without saying that Western men like foreign girls and the number of international marriages is the best proof of that. We've compiled the most common reasons why American guys register on international dating sites to find wife online.

  • The urge for traditional relationship values. Numerous women from other countries, such as Ukrainian women or Russian brides follow more conservative dating and marriage tendencies, which resonate with the life goals of numerous Americans.
  • Western men are all about building serious relationships with foreign women because they are looking for someone who will put family first. They believe that such marriages will infuse their lives with happiness.
  • Numerous Americans want to discover how to find a foreign woman since they want to explore new cultures and believe in the success of cross-cultural love affairs. 

Do foreign women like American men?

You can find numerous overseas potential brides on dating websites since these women experience a high level of attraction to Americans. Depending on the nationality, ladies like different attributes in Western guys. Nevertheless, the majority of foreign women like American men due to their exceptional sense of humor, physical attributes, and the way they treat their significant others. When you communicate with a potential wife online on a dating website, you will see that international mail order brides demonstrate a special interest to potential American grooms. That is why the success rate of international couples is pretty high.

Final thoughts

As you can see, meeting mail order brides is a real thing. It is certainly not rocket science, but still, you will need to spend some time looking for the best option, we mean, the best site. Of course, there is also a simpler way to meet a woman of your dreams. Feel free to read our super-detailed reviews and pick the site you like better.

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