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Hottest Japanese Girls You Will Dream Of At Nights

Most Western people consider women from Japan cute, patient, and reserved but what about sexuality? As a matter of fact, these ladies are pretty hot and you must at least take a look at these beauties. Therefore, here come the hottest Japanese women so fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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Top 5 hottest Japanese women

Tomomi Morisaki

tomomi morisaki
  • Instagram: @morisakitomomi
  • Number of followers: 4m
  • Date of birth: August 12, 1992
  • Occupation: gravure model
  • Current location: Japan

Tomomi Morisaki is a gravure model who will simply take your breath away. She is, with no exaggeration, the hottest girl in Japan and no one can argue with that. So make sure to follow Tomomi on Instagram.

Yuri Shibuya

yuri shibuya
  • Instagram: @shibuya_yuri
  • Number of followers: 1,1m
  • Date of birth: October 18, 1989
  • Occupation: model, fitness enthusiast
  • Current location: Japan

Speaking about Japanese hottest women, we cannot but mention Yuri Shibuya. She is a successful blogger, model, and fitness expert who will simply stun you with her beauty.

Kiko Mizuhara

kiko mizuhara
  • Instagram: @i_am_kiko
  • Number of followers: 5,7m
  • Date of birth: October 15, 1990
  • Occupation: model, actress
  • Current location: Japan

Kiko Mizuhara definitely stands out among all the Japanese sexiest women since she is not only sexy but also successful. Kiko can boast of a great modeling and acting career as well as millions of followers from all around the globe.

Airi Shimizu

airi shimizu
  • Instagram: @shimizuairi
  • Number of followers: 1,2m
  • Date of birth: December 17, 1992
  • Occupation: model, actress
  • Current location: Japan

Airi Shimizu is another gravure model on our list and if you take a brief look at her picture, you’ll see that Airi is here for a good reason. She is the very woman most men fantasize about, so head to her Instagram and check out more of her posts.


  • Instagram: @rolaofficial
  • Number of followers: 6,4m
  • Date of birth: March 30, 1990
  • Occupation: social media influencer, IG model
  • Current location: Japan

Last, but not least, Rola. As a matter of fact, Rola is one of the most demanded models in Japan, which makes her even more appealing since she is not only hot but also independent and successful. So go ahead and follow Rola if you are interested in the updates from her.

Hot Japanese women: where to meet them?

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