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RussianBeautyDate Detailed Review: Is It As Good As Everyone Says?

RussianBeautyDate is focused on Russian women (that’s what its name hints on), and it offers numerous free and paid features. Here, we’ll talk about the features offered by this site, about the signup process, quality of profiles, customer support, and about all the other important things — so read this review to know more!

  • Thousands of profiles. Most of them are verified, which means they are 100% real.
  • Lots of discounts and special offers, especially for new customers.
  • 100% safety and great reputation.
  • Numerous messaging tools — this service offers a video chat, voice calls, instant messenger, and that’s not all!
  • Both iOS and Android apps are great.
  • RussianBeautyDate is NOT a free website. We’ve seen some negative reviews — some men were disappointed with the fact that it’s impossible to chat for free here.
  • There are a few small bugs in the mobile app (at least in the Android version of the app).
  • The premium membership system is a little sophisticated. You can buy premium subscription AND Qpid credits here, and it’s not that simple for the beginners.

Membership base

russian beauty date main

We’d like to make it clear: this website is not focused on hookups. It’s a service that is focused on marriage — there are thousands of brides here, but if you’re looking for a short-term relationship, that’s probably not the best option for you. Now, when it’s clear, let’s talk about the members of RussianBeautyDate in more detail.

So, there are more than 300,000 members, and most of them are from Russia. The number of online members may vary (it depends on the local time in Russia), but usually, there are more than 50,000 online female users. Most women are between 18-24 and between 25-34, but there are also many of mature women here.

Quality of profiles

The accounts look fantastic on RussianBeautyDate. Point is, there are two questions we usually pay attention to — the first one is “are the profiles detailed” and the second one is “are they real”. Here, we have two positive answers, which is a perfect result. Let’s continue.

Just take a look at the picture — it’s not a special account, that’s how an average RussianBeautyDate profile looks like. Detailed descriptions, lots of pictures, photos that look very professional — we believe that you will love what you see here. The second question is “are these profiles real?”, and the answer is positive again. There is an ID verification here — women just can’t sign up if they don’t upload a copy of their ID cards or passports.

Registration and login

russian beauty date registration

First, they’ll need your email and name. Second, they’ll ask you some questions about your preferences. Third, it’s time to upload a photo and to confirm your email (you’ll get some bonuses if you verify it). And the last step is getting your Qpid SEAL status. What does it mean? Well, the first thing you should know is that this step is actually not necessary, but it’s highly recommended to go through this verification. Especially if you want to increase your level of trust and get more attention. This process consists of three steps — phone, ID, and address verification. You can also verify your employment details and education level, but, well, it feels like it’s kinda too much.

So, as you can see, it’s very simple. Verification may take some time, right, but you can ignore it and use this site without ID/address confirmation if you don’t want to.

Costs and membership prices

The system is quite sophisticated here, especially for beginners. But when you go deeper, it becomes much simpler. Let’s talk about it.

So, there is a premium membership here. It provides the users with some advanced features (we’ll talk about them later), and you CAN’T buy it separately from the credits. When you buy credits, you are automatically given a premium membership, which means you become a premium member for 1 month even if you buy the cheapest package. The credits, in turn, are needed to send messages and to use all the other features. Even if you don’t have any credits anymore you’ll still have your premium membership — it doesn’t expire when you run out of credits.

Now, the credits. There are three packages here —

2 credits
$ 15.99
16 credits
$ 96
100 credits
$ 399

The cheapest package is available to the new customers only. Once you buy it for $4, this price will not be available for you anymore.

The rates for each activity are as follows:

  • CamShare: 0.6 cr/minute
  • Sending 1 EMF mail: 1 cr
  • Reading 1 EMF mail: 1 cr (+1 cr for each photo, +2 cr for each video)
  • Chat: 0.5 cr/5 minutes
  • Video Show: 2 cr/video
  • 1 voice message: 0.3 cr (up to 30 seconds)

P.S. We know what question you have in your head. Is that expensive? On the one hand, perhaps. But on the other hand, it’s all about the quality, you know — RussianBeautyDate is surely one of the coolest Russian dating sites, so it’s worth the money.

Services and features

russian beauty date services

Free based features

  • Registration — it’s completely free, as we’ve said.
  • Profile browsing — you can browse the profiles even if you haven’t bought any credits yet. However, there are always some private photos…
  • Customer support — all the users of RussianBeautyDate can get help if they need it.
  • Say Hi — such messages are the best way to say Hello and to let a woman know that you’re interested in communication with her.

Special features

  • CamShare — a video chat, actually. This feature is surely worth trying.
  • Video Show — girls upload video introductions of themselves. Looks impressive.
  • Virtual gifts — a romantic (and quite cheap!) way to show your love. It’s like a love postcard, but online.
  • Private photos and videos — not all the photos and videos are available to free users. The ones that are hidden are usually the hottest!

Communication and making montact

  • Say Hi — as we’ve said earlier, it’s a free and extremely convenient way to say hello.
  • EMF mails — one of the most popular messaging tools. EMF Mail is basically an email — you can attach videos/photos and add stickers.
  • Voice call — want to hear the voice of your online girlfriend? Then call her — it’s very simple with RussianBeautyDate. There are two types of calls here: scheduled calls (you’ll have to make a reservation) and instant calls (you’ll be able to call a woman when she’s available).
  • Chat — a very simple, convenient, and cheap way to talk to a girl.
  • CharmLive — new Qpid feature (it’s a separate website). It’s a live video-based dating site with lots of girls from all over the world. It’s available to all the Qpid members.

Ease of use

The site is good, but it looks a little overloaded if it’s your first visit. But then, most members get used to the interface — it’s not actually overloaded, it just looks so because it has lots of features. Yet, the notifications that pop up on every page might be a little annoying.

Mobile app

The app is just very, very good. There are both iOS and Android apps, and they are available in the official stores, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

But there are some small bugs here, as we’ve said at the very beginning. Thus, we couldn’t use the search — because the app wanted us to enter the member’s ID to start the search. Other than that, everything is just perfect.

Anti-scam protection and safety

Although there are no 100% safe dating services, this site does it all to be as safe as possible. It has a valid SSL certificate, and all the women are real here. You can skip the ID verification, but they can’t — they all have to upload the scans of their ID cards or passports in order to sign up. So, even if there are scammers here, they are very few and you can easily block them.

Customer support and help

You can send a message to the support team, and they’ll respond quite fast. There is no live chat on RussianBeautyDate, but they have a toll-free phone number, so if you want your problem to be solved as soon as possible, just call them and it’s done.

Contact information

  • Company Name: Qpid Networks
  • Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960
  • E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Phone-Hotline: 1-800-931-5079

How to delete an account on RussianBeautyDate?

To delete your account, contact the customer service team. Tell them that you don’t want to use the website anymore and they’ll delete your profile from the Qpid database.

Our findings

RussianBeautyDate is one of the coolest dating services, that’s what we can tell you. It’s part of the Qpid network, which means it has a great reputation. It’s safe, it has more than 300,000 members, and the only problem with this website is that it’s not that cheap. We highly recommend you to try this site — we don’t know if you’ll find it or not, but we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

What is Qpid?

It’s a company that owns several dating services, such as CharmDate, AsiaMe, and LatamDate. It’s one of the biggest players on this market.

Is RussianBeautyDate an expensive service?

Well, it’s not the most expensive dating site, but it’s certainly not that cheap. The point is, the quality of this service is really high, so the price/quality balance is ok here.

Do I have to buy credits?

Yes. To some extent, you can use this service without buying credits, but in this case, you won’t be able to send messages, to call women, and to send them gifts. Only the registration and wandering around female profiles would be available to you.

Are the women real here?

Yes. All the girls on RussianBeautyDate must upload their scans to sign up, so they all are real.

Is there a live chat customer service here?

Unfortunately, there is no live chat on RussianBeautyDate. On the other hand, they have a toll-free phone number, so you can get help asap if you need to.

Mark Manson
Lead Author
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