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How to Tell If Chinese Woman Likes You—Tips for Finding a Chinese Bride

how to tell if a chinese woman likes you

Chinese women are really cool. From their beauty to their character traits, almost everything is perfect about them — so we are not surprised that you’re now searching for a Chinese bride. But of course, marrying a Chinese lady is not the same thing as marrying an American girl — all those cultural differences are quite strong, so it can be difficult for you to understand if your Chinese bride really likes you or she is just too polite to say “no” directly. Here, we’ll talk about how to tell if a Chinese woman likes you or not — and we’re totally sure this post will be useful for you, especially if you’re going on your first date tomorrow!

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Online dating with Chinese women

online date with chinese mail order bride

Let’s talk about online dating first — after all, all these love stories begin with online dating today. And when it comes to the “online” part, it’s all actually the same. Yes, there are certain cultural differences, but not when we’re talking about long-distance relationships. So, how do you know if a Chinese lady is into you?

She’s asking about the women you have in your life. That’s the thing that works both online and offline — if a girl asks about your female friends, it’s serious. If she asks you whether you have a girlfriend or not, it’s even more serious — that’s how they understand if you’re available or not.

She’s messaging you first. Well, you probably know that women don’t usually write first… At least on the first stage of dating. That’s why, if a Chinese woman messages you first, it’s a huge sign that she likes you (or at least that she is attracted to you). However, don’t forget that not all of them act this way, and even if a woman you’re communicating with doesn’t act like this (like, if she doesn’t write you first or if she doesn’t respond quickly), it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you. They all are different, remember?

She answers quickly. Yes, that’s another thing many Chinese mail order brides do only if they are really attracted to a man. Does she answer really fast? Does she send you messages constantly? Does she write to you even if you’re offline? Well, then we can safely tell you that the odds are very high that she really likes you.

She likes all your pictures. We believe that everything is clear here: if a woman goes through all your photos and likes all of them, it’s DEFINITELY a sign of attraction. Why? Well, just take a look at this situation from another side.

Would you pay attention to the girl’s photos and spend your time to like all of them if you didn’t like her? Of course, you would not — so if you see that she has just liked all your pictures, consider it as an invitation to talk.

She sends you pictures. Sometimes, these pictures are really hot, but, well, it’s most likely not what you’ll get during the first days/weeks of your communication. We don’t know what photos your woman will send to you, but we are totally sure that if she’s doing it, it means she’s certainly into you. Especially if we’re talking about sexy photos.

Please, keep it PG-13 or R — but don’t forget that most mail order bride services ban all adult content. Explicit sexual content (yeah, we’re just trying to talk about d-pics in a roundabout way) will make your account deleted or blacklisted, so don’t play with this fire.

She’s using emojis. Alright, that’s probably the most non-significant factor here. Almost 100% of people send a lot of emojis nowadays, and all those girls from China are no exception. But, well, it’s all about the type of emojis and about the context — like, if she constantly sends you love and kissing, it may mean something.

She gives you her contact information. She may give you her number, email, her Facebook profile, her WeChat or her QQ profile, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that she is not afraid to share her contact details with you — and that’s one of the best indicators of her interest. After that, it’s up to you how to make the best use of that information, but we recommend not to wait too long to chat, call, or video call her in order for her to not lose interest.

Offline dating with Chinese ladies

beautiful chinese woman

Going on your first date soon? Congratulations! Here you’ll find 6 signs a Chinese woman is attracted to you.

First, it’s all about body language. That’s the best way to understand if she’s into you — her body language will tell you the story, and the only thing you have to do is read this story. Need some more details? Here they are.

  • If she’s playing with her hair, she’s almost certainly yours. That’s one of the oldest and one of the best signs of interest — lots of women play with their hair, and if your lady plays with her hair, she’s definitely interested in you. Especially if you notice some other signs we’ll list here.
  • If she smiles and laughs at your jokes, she likes you. Well, it’s not 100%, but your chances are still quite high — if you give her good emotions and she feels comfortable on your date, it’s already half of the battle. But still, don’t forget that your cheesy jokes or sarcastic lines will most likely not work well in China because of the differences between Chinese and American humor culture.
  • If a girl really likes you, she’ll most likely come very close to you, even if it’s your very first date. That’s not a Chinese thing, actually — if a girl from any part of the world tries to get closer to you on your first date, this date will most likely go great.
  • If she asks you questions about everything, it’s another good sign. When a girl is curious about you, she wants to know you better. Why? Well, it’s obvious — because she wants to have a relationship with you. So, don’t ignore this sign.
  • If she holds eye contact, she’s probably attracted. It’s another international sign of interest — if your lady is staring at your face, it most likely means that she just loves what she’s seeing!

Then, it’s all about a “spoiled-child” behavior. It’s a very Chinese thing, you know — we can’t explain what does it mean (because they all behave differently), but you’ll definitely understand that this is exactly it once you see it.

If she wants to meet your family, it’s a great sign. Like, why would she want to do it if she didn’t plan to build a serious relationship with you?

Does she touch you? If she doesn’t, don’t worry — not all of them try to break the touch barrier on the very first date. But if she does, well, congratulations. She’s seriously into you!

If she speaks loudly, it’s another good sign. Everything is very simple — that’s how they try to attract you, and if a Chinese lady wants you to be attracted by her, you know what it means. It means that she is almost yours!

chinese mail order wife

How to show a Chinese woman that you like her, too?

Here are some simple rules to show her that you are interested in a relationship, too, without doing anything awkward or socially unacceptable.

  • Hold hands, that’s enough. If you are not very, very close, you should take her hand. That’s an acceptable gesture in public, unlike public hugs.
  • Text her all the time. Texting is an important part of Chinese dating culture. If you don’t reply to her messages for days, she’ll think that you don’t really care about her.
  • Say that you don’t mind meeting her parents. That’s how you can declare your intentions. Still, you shouldn’t put a lot of pressure on her. Just mention that, and be ready—meeting with parents is nearly the most important stage in your relationship.
  • Post photos of you together on social networks. If you are dating, and if you want to make her happy, just show others that you’ve found your match. That’s how you can take your relationship to the next level with a few clicks.

As you can see, there are some rules to follow. Now you know them, which means that you won’t go wrong!

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