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Find a Chinese Wife and Impress Her: Effective Ways to Win Her Heart

impress a chinese woman

Chinese women are awesome, and since you’re here, you probably already know everything about it. That’s why we won’t talk about their beauty, traditional values, character values, etc, etc. — instead, we’ll go straight to the point. So, how to impress a Chinese woman?

How to impress a Chinese lady on the first date?

Well, it’s not that simple, but it’s also not that difficult — actually, you’ll have to follow some simple rules, and the chances that she will fall in love with you will be quite high. Let’s talk about these rules.

  • Be a gentleman. This is one of the main reasons why Chinese women like American men — they believe that all the guys who live in the United States are real gentlemen. You don’t have to try too much to meet these criteria actually — hold the doors, pull out her chair, speak politely, etc, etc. You’ll probably be surprised, but this is usually enough to be considered a gentleman in China!
  • Buy gifts. You don’t have to buy her a car or a house, of course. A simple bouquet or a teddy bear will work great, too! That’s what they do in China to show their affection, and that’s what you should do if you’re going to date Chinese women.
  • Be honest and straightforward. That’s very important for Chinese women — if you’re really interested in this Chinese girl, tell her about it. They often fear of rejection, and this can kill romantic relationships. They appreciate honest men, so if you don’t try to hide anything from her, you’ll get some brownie points.
  • Look great! Seriously, it’s very important for all Chinese wives. Looking good is not the most important thing, but Chinese women prefer men who look neat and clean. It doesn’t mean that the first date is a black-tie event and you should wear a tuxedo, of course. It just means that you should look the best you can, that’s all.
  • Ask questions and tell her something about yourself. First, asking questions is one of the best things you can do on the first date — because they can help you break the ice, and it can be a huge problem on a date with a Chinese girl. And you’ll certainly want to know more about her to understand her personality more deeply (and vice versa).
  • Show that you’re interested in her culture. Don’t start with asking questions about the Chinese culture, because it’s really a very stereotypical thing. It’s just a great way to keep the conversation flowing, it can be (and most likely will be) very interesting, and it can help you show your partner that you’re interested in her country (and it’s another important thing for Chinese ladies).
  • Tell her compliments. Compliments are not that common in the United States, but in China, they are still very important. Chinese girls love being told that they are beautiful, and if you say it often, your partner will appreciate it.
  • Show that you can make her feel special. Yes, they love charismatic men, and they love handsome men, but in the long-term, it’s all about making them feel special and showing unconditional love. If you show her that she is special for you on the very first date, your chances will be very high.
  • Give her ān quán gǎn. Well, that’s just how they call “feeling of security”. Chinese women are often under extreme pressure by the society, and they work hard. That’s why it’s extremely important for them to find a man with whom they’ll feel emotionally and physically secure.

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What kind of men are Chinese mail order brides impressed with?

To be successful with a Chinese bride, you need to understand what kind of guys she seeks. Although every girl has her own idea of a perfect husband, Chinese women for marriage seek a few common qualities among Western men. Here is how to impress a Chinese girl on a first date and what these girls expect you to be:

  • They expect you to be attentive and romantic.Romance is everything for Chinese mail order brides. Although these girls may not be demanding as Latin brides, they need you to show them your full attention. So, if you want to impress your lady, be there for her all the time.
  • Chinese mail order brides expect you to be generous. Again, they don’t need you to shower them with gifts and flowers. But they should understand that you are a successful man who can provide for the family. This is a great way to impress a Chinese bride.
  • They expect you to be respectful of their culture. How to impress a Chinese woman — show her that you are interested in her culture. Ask her questions, tell her something interesting about her country, and be involved in intercultural dialogue.
  • Mail order brides from China expect you to be active. Generally, they are rather shy and humble. However, they believe that men should be in charge of the relationships and make all the moves. If you want to know how to impress a Chinese girl — be active but not very pushy!
  • They expect you to be kind. The best way to impress a woman from another country is by showing her that you are a kind and respectful man. You can earn the trust of your lady in no time by just being a gentleman.

How to avoid the most common mistakes when dating Chinese women?

how to impress a chinese woman

Yes, men make mistakes when dating Chinese ladies, and yes, you may make these mistakes too. What mistakes are we talking about? Read and know!

  • Don’t ignore her family. You may like her parents or not, but it doesn’t matter. Family is probably one of the most important things for every Chinese lady, so you just can’t show that you don’t respect her parents.
  • Don’t expect to have a one-night stand. Not in this country.
  • Don’t believe all national stereotypes. Every human being is unique, and she doesn’t necessarily have to be shy, submissive, and reserved exactly like you don’t necessarily have to be obsessed with guns, caring most about money, and too hard-working. What’s more, most Asian stereotypes are quite offensive, and we believe that you don’t want to offend her on the very first date.
  • Don’t try to approach a Chinese woman in a group. It’s very simple in the United States. You go to a club, see a girl who is in a girlie group, talk to her and to her friends, “What are you girls celebrating? Looks like you’re having a great time” — and voila, she’s interested in you. But that’s not how it works in China. Here, you will never get a girl who is chilling at a club with her female friends, because it’s considered to be something good girls don’t do in China.
  • Don’t think too much. Everything is quite obvious, actually. Don’t be nervous trying to figure out if she likes you or not — it’s usually very simple. Pay attention to her body language, to what she says and to how often does she smile — these ladies love American men, so you will most likely not be neglected or ignored.
  • Don’t be too masculine. They love confident men, that’s right, but here’s the thing which is much more important: they also love romantic men. A man who makes each day special, makes romantic surprises, and tells his woman that he loves her, is considered a perfect partner in China. Chinese men are very careful with saying romantic words and doing romantic things, because for them, it’s like signing a lifetime contract — so if you don’t have any problems with romantic relationships, you’ll be able to get every girl you like!


So, now you know how to impress a Chinese girl if you want to date the best woman in your life. In fact, there are not that many things that you need to do, and most of our recommendations are just being a good man. Kindness and respect can help you impress a Chinese woman without doing anything extraordinary.

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