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Buy A Foreign Bride — Easy Guide On How To Buy A Mail Order Bride

We’ve got the possibility to benefit from online shopping years ago. It’s easy to order food delivery, order clothes and entertainment, but can you really buy a bride online? Is it possible just to pick a girl you like in the catalog and “get her delivered” to your place?

Well, yes, it’s to some degree possible to “buy a bride”, but it doesn’t work the way you can imagine. To help you understand and learn how the process works, we created an ultimate guide on buying a foreign bride, so keep on reading! But if you want to dive into the world of long-distance romance right now, here are great dating sites for you to explore.

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Why do so many Western singles want to buy a foreign bride?

buy a foreign bride

Modern mail order brides are popular for a reason. And the incredible beauty of the majority of them doesn’t make a top five reason why Western men choose to buy a mail order bride. Let’s explore real reasons.

Failing to find a suitable match

It seems that there are a lot of gorgeous girls around, and still, many seem to struggle to find a suitable date. Years of having no luck usually work as a great push to start doing something different and consider other options of finding a spouse. Changing your tactic is a great decision because giving up on love never works.

Exploring on the trend

An unexpected but actually very common reason why so many singles try dating online. There is nothing shameful about exploring the trend of online dating and buying a wife online as it is possibly your chance to meet your destiny.

Busy lifestyle & lack of time

Another thing is that we live in a never-ending flow of things that we have to do.

Some men just have no time to stop their current activity and look for a partner.

And finding a suitable match actually requires time, and developing a relationship also needs putting in an effort. This is why busy singles prefer to buy mail order bride as it is less time-consuming and more effective than looking for a date IRL.

Desire to have a traditional wife

There is a stereotype that foreign women, especially gorgeous mail order brides from Eastern European countries are more traditional if compared to girls from the US. In some ways, this stereotype is true as there are so many foreign beauties that look for a partner for a more traditional family and division of gender roles. Besides, those ladies tend to be less concentrated on careers and more on their families.

However, don’t think that if you buy a wife online from abroad, you get a girl whose only dream is to become a stay-at-home mum or find a sugar daddy. Gorgeous mail-order brides are usually very ambitious, hard-working, well-educated, and motivated to achieve higher living standards.

Ultimate guide on how to buy a bride online?

buying bride online

When you decide that you are brave enough to expand your love borders and look for a partner abroad, here is our ultimate guide to help you. Follow these easy steps, and you’ll buy wife online quickly and without any issues.

  • Determine the portrait of your perfect match. Before starting an actual search for ‘the one,’ you need to know your preferences more. Think about your type. Do you like brunettes or blondes more? Or maybe you like women from a particular country? Try to imagine your future partner in detail in order to proceed with your love search. You can choose a specific country or region, for example, Asian, Slavic, Latin, etc. But if you like them all, you don’t have to choose — try an international dating platform where people from all around the globe search for matches and romance.
  • Choose a dating site. Depending on your personal preferences, there are two options available: if you have chosen a particular region or country, you need to find a reliable specialized dating site. But if you haven’t and can’t decide who is better, you can choose international dating sites that connect with women from all over the world.
  • Register. When you decide on a suitable site and read at least a few reviews on it, go on and create a profile. Most modern dating sites and apps are free to register but note that not all of them are free to use. Take your time to create a profile, fill in all required fields and add some high-resolution photos of yourself. Remember that you are not the only one buying a wife, but stunning ladies are choosing too.

Benefits of buying a wife online

Need some more reasons why you should buy wives online? Here are five advantages of looking for a spouse online and not on the streets or bars.

  1. Accessible — Anyone can find a reliable dating site to connect with tons of single beauties, regardless of the current location, age, job, etc. All you need is a PC or phone and an Internet connection.
  2. Easy — Most modern dating platforms make buying wife easy as minimalistic design, intuitive navigation, and helpful services make online dating a simple and quick process.
  3. Variety of choice — You have so many dating sites, apps, agencies to choose from! But make sure that you are joining a reliable site with positive reviews to avoid scamming and fraud.
  4. No previous experience needed — You don’t need to have experience dating to enjoy building a relationship online. Some sites even offer a specialized blog, where you can find advice on dating a girl from a particular country.
  5. Opportunity to meet lots of women with similar intentions — One of the huge disappointments of dating in real life is when you meet someone, and you fall for that person, and then, later on, you find out that your goals for the near future are very different. A person that you are dating should be not only right but also ready for the relationship you need. Dating sites make one’s intentions very clear, and you know that you are talking to someone that shares your dating goals.

How much does it cost to buy a mail order bride for dating?

cost to buy a mail order bride

Buying wife online requires spending some money. Your expenses will mainly depend on the particular dating site you decide to use, but it will also depend on the particular services and the amount you use. Here is the example of services and their cost on one of the popular Latin dating sites — LatinFeels:

  • Free services: registration, browsing women profiles, using the extensive search, ‘Faces’ feature, sending winks, etc.
  • Instant chat — messaging is just 2 credits per minute and you can also use stickers.
  • Mail — sending emails to the girl you like for only 10 credits for the first letter and 30 all the next ones. Also, you can attach photos to show your life more.
  • ‘Let’s Talk’ — interact with women with prompts for only 2 credits per minute.

Current prices for credits:

    • 20 credits — $2.99 (promo for new members)
    • $19.99 — 50 credits
    • $44.99 — 125 credits
    • $69.99 — 250 credits
    • $149.99 — 750 credits

Those prices are average and quite common for similar sites in the niche. Also, note that if your relationship goes well, there are other expenses that you need to be aware of, like traveling to your girl’s home country, accommodation, entertainment for you two, and transportation.


Modern technologies give so many opportunities to be happy and buy wife that you always dream of. If you are tired of being lonely and want to find your person, join a dating site that can give you that. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and maybe your foreign bride is waiting for your message online.

Mark Manson
Lead Author
Mark Manson is a renowned dating coach who has helped thousands of individuals around the world improve their dating lives. His approach to coaching is unique, in that he focuses on the individual rather than on specific techniques or formulas.