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How To Date A Colombian Woman: Things You Should & Should Not Do

Though a lot of people still have doubts about interethnic relationships, thousands of happy couples prove that intercultural marriages may be even stronger than same-ethnic couples. However, there is no denying that people who grew up in different countries need to make a little more effort to get closer. Western guys and Colombian women are not an exception to this rule. So how to play this game? How to date a Colombian woman? Scroll down to see plenty of answers.

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Things you should not do when dating Colombian women

dating colombian women

We would like to start from the list of date don’ts. Why? The reason is simple: women’s thoughts are a bit different, and there are some common rules that every man knows pretty well. Most of them are old truths asserting that you need to be yourself, always polite, manly yet not rude, and so on and so forth. Moreover, a lot of guys who are in love follow these unwritten rules instinctively.

However, there are a lot of pitfalls in dating someone of another ethnicity, someone who grew up in another social environment. Some of them are easy to understand, some of them are quite unexpected. Still, there is a stop-list, and you had better not do any of the things mentioned in it. What exactly are we talking about? Well, here are the most annoying things that infuriate all Colombian girls.

Never misspell Colombia

It is spelled Colombia with an O, not with U. There is Columbia, a province in Canada as well as Columbia Sportswear and even Columbia Pictures, the super-famous studio, but the country in South America is called Colombia. In fact, this is the worst mistake you can do when writing a message to one of the Colombian brides, so consider this, especially if you are looking for your Colombian bride on a mail order bride site.

Forget about Mexican food

Never assume that she eats only tacos and burritos. Firstly, you are dating a Colombian girl, not a Mexican girl. Besides, even people who communicate with a real Mexican should not assume this. This is the same thing as assuming that people in France eat croissants and nothing but croissants, Russians drink vodka and nothing but vodka, and Germans drink beer and eat only sausages.

colombian brides

Forget about Pablo Escobar

Do not ask her about Pablo Escobar. We bet you will find more interesting topics to discuss if you want to, so why not impress a Colombian instead of making her think something like “Oh no, not again!”? If you want to show a Colombian girl how much you know about her country or just want to pique her interest, google some interesting facts about her native country or culture — choose anything to discuss except Pablo Escobar, drugs, and cigars. Or find another, more pleasant and romantic topic to talk about on a date.

Never show disrespect to Colombia

Do not assume and never show her that you have ever assumed that Colombia is an undeveloped, incredibly poor, and dangerous country. Let us imagine that you use a mail order bride site and start to contact Colombian ladies. If you want to make a good impression on a Colombian never say something like “I’ve heard that you live in jungles!”, “How do you talk with me without Internet access?” or “Wow, you have laptops in your village!” to her. Seriously, this is offensive for most Colombians just because the country and people living in this country make every effort to live better every single day, and they actually succeed in this.

Do not focus on Colombian origin only

What should you not do when trying to make a Colombian woman you like your Colombian wife? The answer is simple: do not focus on her origin or at least do not show her that you want to marry her in part because she is from Bogota or another place in Colombia. Believe us, no woman in the whole world would like to know that her man is with her not because of her unique personality but because she is a Colombian or Asian woman, or a Slavic girl, whoever.

What should you do when dating a Colombian woman?

colombian lady

Okay, now you know what mistakes some guys usually make when dating Colombian women. It means that you finished your looking for a girlfriend and won the first round. But what about the second one? The point is there are a lot of things that can help you melt her heart much faster and get closer to a woman of your dreams. By the way, it is not that hard — you do not need to perform 12 labors of Hercules to succeed, but knowing some secrets will definitely make you more confident!

Do your best to make good first impression on the first date

Okay, this may seem obvious, but the thing is the first impression is really important for Colombian women. The good news, however, is that you do not need to be a movie star, Calvin Klein model or Mark Zuckerberg to make a good impression on her. Being a good guy is enough. No matter if you use a Colombian mail order bride site or have a conversation with a lady from Bogota in real life, just be polite, nice, and attentive, and she will like this. Besides, compliments and flowers are also appreciated.

What about more detailed recommendations? Check out the tips below!

Being emotional is great

Yep, there is a myth, according to which only cold, calm, rational and at the same time, strong and brutal men are attractive for Colombian girls. Well, if you are going to meet Colombian women and start to date one of them, you had better choose another image. Girls in Bogota, as well as in other Colombian cities, like passionate and emotional guys. They do not want to date too shy and inert person.

No, we do not encourage you to act like the most stereotypical man ever. We are just trying to say that you do not have to hide your emotions, be distant and silent. Why? The reason is simple. The thing is a Colombian woman will probably think that you do not like her at all and will leave you. Yes, cute, warm phrases like “mi amore” or “mi corazon” must be said every single day! There will be no problem even if you do not speak Spanish: the words of love do not need to be translated.

colombian wives

Look at a Colombian woman, and not at other girls

You probably know that there is a big difference between dating a Colombian and dating a girl from another country. Of course, no matter where a girl is from, she will be mad if she notices that you stare at other women. Still, though you are likely to have a quite unpleasant conversation with your girlfriend, it is nothing compared to what you will face if you are dating a girl from Bogota, Cali, Medellin, or any other Colombian lady. Just let sleeping dogs lie.

Colombian women are cute and loving, feminine and passionate, positive-minded and friendly, but they get furious when their men are attracted to other women and are looking at the pretty ladies around for too long. Show her that she is the one, remind her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world for you, and you will be the happiest man ever. This is easy, just try.

Court a Colombian girl like an old-school gentleman

No, you do not have to wear pince-nez and a top hat or just act like you are at least a duke. The thing is the world is rapidly changing, and some good old courtship traditions are already forgotten or just considered outdated and even offensive. However, though Colombia is also rapidly changing, most single Colombians still believe that a man should act in a certain way when he is trying to win a lady’s heart.

In particular, men in Colombia still pay the bill, and it is absolutely normal. Guys also compliment a girl, get the door, and so on and so forth. Moreover, if you take a lady’s hand (of course, if she shows you that she likes you too), she will hardly think that this is the abuse or offense. Be a gentleman — at least from time to time.

colombian mail order bride

Do not hesitate to share the news with your friends

If you use social networks, you have a unique chance to show her that you are serious about your relationship. Yes, changing the status is an important step for her, this little gesture confirms that you are ready to tell all your friends, relatives and colleagues that you are not single anymore and you are going to share your home with a girl you love. It will not cost you anything, but it can make you happy.

Be yourself — at work, on a date, at home

This is just another obvious recommendation for most guys, but some of them just do not realize how important it really is. Maybe, it happens because they just cannot believe that any woman clearly sees when a man is pretending to be someone else, someone more successful, manlier, richer, whatever. Moreover, men who choose this path look funny or just ridiculous. Of course, this does not make you attractive.

Colombian women like honest, sincere guys who do not try to hide anything, who like themselves as they are, who do not hesitate to be themselves. We bet you have a lot of great qualities, so focus on them — these are the things that make you better and that make you special! She will notice them for sure and think that you are hot, and that is what you need, right?

Meet a Colombian family

This is probably the most important stage — when you are getting closer, she is likely to invite you to her home and finally introduce you to her relatives. No, we are talking not only about her mom, dad, and maybe her siblings. We are talking about nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, and so on and so forth. It’s high time to show every family member that you are glad to meet them, and more importantly, that you really love your Colombian girlfriend. Believe us, this is much more important than the way you look or even the way you behave. Any parent wants a daughter to be happy, and this is possible only when her man truly loves her.

colombian girl for marriage

Be romantic with a Colombian lady

Why do couples break up? Why do marriages end in divorce? Of course, there are plenty of possible reasons, but there is no denying that one of them is lack of romance. Romance means not only flowers, sweet words, round-the-clock texting, gifts, candles, dinners in fancy restaurants in Bogota, etc.

It is about little gestures, willingness to help and support each other, warm evenings with cocoa and marshmallows, listening to each other, and of course, kisses and hugs. Sounds simple, right? Being romantic at the beginning of your relationship is really significant, but being romantic even after a few years of being together is the same (or even a bit more) important.

How to date a Colombian woman: even more tips for you

Be romantic, be emotional, show respect, don’t look at other girls—all these things do really work, but the problem is: they can sound quite generic. Yes, these tips will certainly help you date a woman from this country, and if you follow them, you’ll most likely reduce your chances to screw up significantly. But if you want to find more useful tips and rules that will help you understand how to date a Colombian woman, continue reading—here, you’ll find literally everything you’ve ever wanted to know about it.

First, not all stereotypes are just stereotypes. We’re talking about that “they love to dance” stereotype here—Colombian women love to dance, not just for fun, but also as a dating ritual. Tango, salsa, cumbia (the latter is Colombia’s national dance)—these women know everything about moving to the rhythm and making men crazy about their moves. Why are we saying it? Because, well, it’s a huge part of Colombian dating culture—these women are physically active and they really like to seduce their partners through dance, so it would be great if you could learn at least a few Latin dance moves.

Then, you need to understand that these women can be quite talkative. They often talk about their family, they talk about news, celebrities, about literally everything—that’s what Colombian women are, and you just can’t change it. You should not be irritated by talkative people—because if you find it annoying, you’ll surely have problems with dating in Colombia.

colombian mail brides

Another important answer to the question “how to date a Colombian woman” is: never go Dutch. It can work great in the United States or in Western Europe, but not in this country. Colombian women are independent, strong, and all that, but they just don’t think that splitting the bill—especially on the first date—is a good idea. When you go out, you pay, just remember this and don’t try to change it. By the way, meals cost about $5–10 in Colombia, so you won’t spend too much.

Don’t be nervous. Colombian women are very beautiful and may look out of your league, but they are typically very friendly, open-minded, and even flirty—especially when it comes to dating foreign men. Just relax and have fun!

Don’t forget that it’s extremely important for you to make her laugh! Colombian women are really fun and cheerful, and they love it when a man has a great sense of humor. Of course, this can be much harder if there is a language barrier between you, but if you know Spanish or she speaks English, the chances are very high that you’ll make her smile easily. And that’s half of success.

Final thoughts

It is easy to find beautiful women in Colombia, but the thing is you need to know a few secrets to win the hottest girl’s heart. No matter where a Colombian girl is from, Bogota or a small town, she is likely to be confident and passionate, always smiling and absolutely charming, and having a desire to build a strong family, so there a big chance that you will fall in love with her. So, the question is how to make her fall in love with you.

As you can see, you do not have to be super-rich or famous or incredibly handsome to melt a Colombian woman’s heart. Just do not follow common stereotypes that make Colombians feel offended, and show her that you like her unique personality, not only her origin, face, and her curves. Be respectful and romantic, think about her and pay attention to her and her needs, be confident and even a bit more emotional than you used to be. Do not waste time waiting for too long before making important steps, and she will not be able to resist you!

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