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How Hard is It to Find a Colombian Wife Online in 2024?

Please, accept our congratulations on finding your Colombian mail order bride! We think we know why you want to make it official – no one wants to lose such a woman, right? Well, we have some important information that can help you achieve two completely different goals.

The first part of our article is the romantic one. At the beginning, you will find the most creative, as well as some classic ideas on how to propose to the best of all Colombian women to become your wife. The second part is a more practical and crucial one. We understand that romance is important, but we cannot deny that preparation of documents is usually a challenge, especially when you are getting married to the citizen of another country. So how hard is it to marry a Colombian woman? What papers will you need? What is the best place to make it official, Colombia or the US? Find the answers below on!

How to propose to a Colombian woman?

marry colombian woman

So, how to propose to the most beautiful and charming woman in the world and start a family with her? There are a lot of ways to impress her and make her say ‘yes’, but we will focus on the ways to get engaged to her online and offline. Why not? People spend their whole lives online, so why not propose her on the web, especially considering that there are tons of super-creative options? Besides, many men meet their Colombian brides on global mail order bridesites and build a long-distance relationship until they finally meet each other. This would be a pretty nice idea to propose her in a place where you met each other, right?

How to propose to your future wife if you are in Colombia?

Or maybe she is in the US? Whatever, there are so many ways to make this day the best day of her life! Why not choose one of the ultimately romantic and creative options like these?

  • Sing a serenade if you have a good voice, can play guitar and want to propose her in the most romantic way ever.
  • Use things you know about her. What is her favorite movie? What is her favorite song? Is there any way to use this information to impress her, for instance, by dressing like her favorite hero in a similar setting, playing the romantic soundtrack? If yes, use this amazing chance!
  • Use stickers glowing in the dark. Just imagine you and your Colombian bride having a romantic dinner. Then you turn back home, the romantic music plays, you turn off the light and ‘marry me’ is what she sees in the ceiling – we bet she will be surprised to see these glowing stars!
  • Use your favorite board game – just hide tiles for the most important words to propose to her in the cutest way ever.
  • Take her to a beautiful place in Colombia or in the USA. There are so many amazing places in both countries, so why not arrange a little romantic trip to one of them and propose to her looking at a gorgeous sunset?

There are hundreds of cool ideas, just do not be afraid to be creative!

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How to propose to your Colombian girlfriend online?

Even though you cannot kiss or hug your Colombian bride when proposing to her online, you can use your imagination to do something really incredible! And now, let us take a look at the ideas you can use and/or customize.

  1. Make some photos of yourself as a perfect husband making coffee, doing dishes, bringing flowers, etc. and then ask her if she wants to be your wife.
  2. Make a sequence of pics with confessions and send them one by one.
  3. Make a video and send it to her. Today, we can create truly amazing videos without spending a fortune. And again, you may cut some scenes really similar to the scenes from her favorite movies, ask your friends to be supporting actors, or create your own unique, funny or touching short film ending with special words.
  4. Develop a GPS mission for her to find a gift with a proposal. Yes, you will need to study the streets of Bogota or another Colombian city, but it is worth it!
  5. Choose a gift, write a letter and send to her. Some mail order bride sites have online stores and even provide gift delivery services, so why not use this? Just contact the support if you want to do something special and ask them for help.

As you can see, you can propose to your girlfriend even if you are thousands of miles away from her. After all, the distance does not matter when you are in love.

How to bring a Colombian woman to the United States?

colombian wife

So, what one supposed to do if she already said yes and now he wants to get married and start a new life with your gorgeous Colombian wife? Well, there are two options. An American citizen may marry a Colombian woman in Colombia and then take her to the US or take her to the United States and start the family with her there. Let us take a look at both options in more detail.

Getting married to Colombian woman in Colombia

Generally speaking, there are two types of marriages in Colombia – civil and religious marriages. The good news is that both are legal in the USA. Therefore, you can decide if you want to get married at a local church or at a Colombian notary (religious marriages can be also registered at a local notary, too).

The second crucially important thing to consider is that as the American citizen, you will have to prepare a lot of documents, and the worst thing is that the set of documents can vary depending on the notary. Moreover, the set can vary depending on your background (never married, divorced, etc.). Of course, if you or if your future spouse have children, you will spend more time and make more effort to prepare the required papers.

Another important thing to consider that though interethnic marriages are not rare in Colombia, you still need to look for a notary who used to work with foreigners, who speaks English, who knows what documents you need, etc.

Nevertheless, there are some common documents required by most notaries. They are as follows:

  • Copy of your bride’s ID
  • Notarized copy of your Colombian woman’s birth certificate (it is supposed not to be older than 90 days and must show her marital status)
  • Your birth certificate + Apostille and Spanish version of the birth certificate (you should find a pro translator who will not make mistakes in your documents)
  • Your divorce decree + Apostille and Spanish version of the divorce decree (if you are divorced)
  • Copy of your American passport

By the way, there are pretty many visa agencies in Bogota, Medellin, and other big Colombian cities, so you can find an experienced translator without much difficulty.

After you prepare all the documents and bring them to the notary, you will be able to schedule the official wedding. The ceremony, i.e. the cost of the marriage itself is quite reasonable – usually, it costs about 50 US dollars.

But what about Colombian religious weddings? Does the procedure completely differ from the registration of marriage at a notary? Well, they are pretty similar, actually. In particular, you will need to prepare similar documents and meet some additional religious requirements. After you get married at a church, your marriage must be also registered at a notary. Please note that religious requirements depend on the religious organization you choose.

By the way, you do not have to contact the representative of the Embassy to notify them of your marriage unless you are getting ready for a trip to the USA (or want to move there) and need a spouse’s immigrant visa for foreign spouses.

colombian girl for marriage

Moving to the US with a Colombian mail order wife

So, if you have already started the new Colombian family in her country, you may stay there or move to the USA. What do couples who choose the second option need?

As we have already noted, a foreign spouse needs to apply to a non-immigrant visa, also known as a K-3 Visa. It is crucially important to mention that the application must be filed and the visa itself must be issued in Colombia because this is the country where the marriage actually took place.

So, firstly, the spouses must file the petitions by taking the following steps:

  1. As the US citizen, you need to file the Petition for Alien Relative with DHS, USCIS office in your area. You will receive the notification from USCIS that the office has received your petition.
  2. Then you will need to file Petition for Alien Fiance. Please note that the info about your Colombian stepchildren must be provided too (of course, if your Colombian wife has children).
  3. After your petitions are approved, USCIS will send them to NVC.

It should be noted that when they are approved, your wife will not need K-3 visa anymore, so it ends, and NVC, in turn, contacts you and your spouse to provide you with the detailed instructions or processing immigrant visa.

So, as you can see, Colombian marriage is a pretty good option for men who want to take their Colombian wife to the US.

Getting married to Colombian bride in the United States

But what should couples that want to get married in the US do? Of course, Colombian marriage is not a must. So how can a man take his Colombian bride to his home country and actually marry her? Do not worry, it is not so difficult and time-consuming. Let us take a look at the whole process in more detail.

So, if you want to marry one of the Colombian ladies, you will need to spend some time and make some effort to bring her to the US. The thing is you need to obtain a non-immigrant visa, also known as fiance(e) non-immigrant visa. This is the document you need to get married in America. After you get married, your spouse will be able to apply for a Green Card. So what exactly you both need to do to get the ball rolling? Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. File a petition for fiancé. Yes, this is the petition that we already mentioned above. You need to file it if you married a foreigner in her country (but you need to file a petition for a relative, too) and when you are going to get married in the US. And again, the procedure is the same – USCIS approves it (if everything is okay, of course) and sends it to NVC.
  2. Apply for a fiancé visa. When the petition for alien fiancé is approved by DOS, your bride can apply for a K-1 visa (non-immigrant) at the Embassy.
  3. Attend an interview. Of course, your bride will need to answer some questions asked by a consular officer, as well as to provide certain documents. If a girl “passes the test”, a visa is finally issued.
  4. Fly to the United States. Now your bride can use this visa for half a year. You can buy her tickets to the USA and wait for her at home, but you also should consider that fact that she will be inspected by CBP.
  5. Enjoy your wedding. After your Colombian bride enters the country, you will need to arrange marriage within 90 days. After that, have a great time living with your beloved spouse.

Then, she may also apply to adjust status by filing the official application (Form I-485) and providing certain documentation (you will need to prepare and provide some documents, too).

colombian women for marriage

How to marry a Colombian woman: what else do you need to know

Now, you know almost everything about how to marry a Colombian woman. However, that’s not all you need to know—and here, we’ll tell you how to make it much easier for you.

We’ll talk about the paperwork here. As we’ve already said, marrying a Colombian woman in Colombia as a foreigner is really a paperwork nightmare—you’ll need to collect tons of documents, request an apostille, translate everything, etc. What’s even more difficult, they want a document that simply doesn’t exist in the United States—a document stating that you’ve never been married before. We are sure this already sounds like a nightmare to you, and that’s basically what it is—you’ll have to get a document that doesn’t exist in the US, then you’ll need to get it translated by a certified professional translator, then you’ll have to ask the Department of State to apostille it, etc. (the same procedure applies to ALL of your documents). This process will definitely take weeks—but the good news is that you don’t need to go through all this. Why?

Because there is Vegas in the US and there is Guatemala in Central America—some people call it Central American Vegas when it comes to marriages. You can easily get a Nevada marriage license (even a blood test isn’t required!) and you can easily marry a Colombian woman in Guatemala—you’ll need documents, too, but the whole process is much easier and faster in this country. After that, you fly to Colombia and get your papers—this will take much less time because you’re already married. After that, everything is simple—your Colombian wife gets a K-3 visa (in Guatemala, not in Colombia, it’s very important to remember it), moves to the US, and gets her green card after that.

Another thing you need to try is going to San Andreas (a coral island in the Caribbean Sea that is politically part of Colombia). It’s not a 100% chance to get it done fast and simple, but there are lots of users on special forums who claim that they didn’t need that much paperwork to get married in San Andreas. And by the way, it’s also a great place to have your honeymoon—this island is perfect for diving and snorkeling, it has amazing landscapes and cool beaches, and it’s also not that expensive.

Final thoughts

No matter how you propose to your Colombian bride, online, offline, in the creative or in a classic, ultra-romantic way, just do it if you feel that you finally met the right person. If you know that you found your love, go ahead – get married in Colombia or in the USA. The difference between getting a visa for a fiancé and for a spouse is not that big, and the procedures are not that complicated. In other words, if you feel like it’s time to take this step and finally get married to a girl you love, just go ahead!

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