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Considering the number of new dating sites, the demand for international love is definitely not decreasing. Russian ladies deserve special attention – experts note that these girls are especially popular with men worldwide. But does it really work for western singles? We wrote this in-depth Find Russia Brides review to give the right answer to this question.

  • A lot of Slavic ladies
  • Free sign up
  • Bonuses for new members
  • Free services to test the platform
  • Some innovative special features
  • All communication tools from calls to chat
  • A huge gallery with video shows
  • Psychological approach to matchmaking
  • Friendly ladies
  • You cannot really use the site as a non-paying user
  • It does not belong to the category of cheap websites
  • You need some time to get used to the interface


findrussiabrides members

First of all, we should make one important thing clear – FindRussiaBrides is one of the sites that belong to the CharmDate network. This network, in turn, is a part of a huge Qpid platform that includes a lot of dating sites. The thing is CharmDate works with Slavic women, i.e., accepts women only from the Russian Federation and a few other neighboring Russian-speaking countries.

Generally speaking, the community is huge – more than 100 thousand people follow CharmDate on Facebook, and over 400 thousand people use it in the US. We tried to find out how many Russian women are registered on the site by using search, but the pages with girls’ seemed really endless. Considering the data from various sources including the site itself, we can conclude that it definitely has a few hundred thousand of girls from the Eastern European region.


Obviously, profiles are one of the site’s main advantages. You will hardly find empty women’s profiles even if you try. Most girls upload 5-15 pictures, but some of them (approximately one third of them, actually) are private photos. No, there is no adult content on the site, but private pics definitely allow members to take a closer look at the girls. There are also introductory videos, so men can look at the ladies “in motion.”

The info ladies share is even more important, and on FindRussiaBrides do not hesitate to do it. You will not only see the age of a girl or understand if she is a smoker or not but also will read her self-description and learn something really interesting about her personality. All members, including non-paying users, also can see the answers to the so-called Match questions and even find out how many of them match their own answers. There is also a great ‘My interests’ section where you can see what a lady likes.

Registration and login process

findrussiabrides registration

Before a new member begins to create an account, he needs to answer three questions about his marital status and the girls on the site. It seems that they are needed only to show you what kind of site you are joining, but still, we cannot deny that this is a fun way to make the regular registration process a bit more interesting than on the sites of competitors.

Then, you can proceed to real registration. It is also fast and very easy. A user just needs to indicate the gender, date of birth, enter the name and last name, e-mail address (must be valid), and your password (choose a strong one.)

After you click on ‘Proceed,’ you will be redirected to the CharmDate network. Your profile will be checked (that is why we said that it must be valid – you just will not be accepted if it is fake), and then you will be able to edit your own profile and use any services.


A member can buy a Premium plan that costs 9.99 USD or get it for free, just for purchasing credits for the first time (or if a member makes purchases on the platform or another site of the network a few times a month.) It includes five first e-mails that can be sent to people you did not contact before, 20 min. of text chatting, and access to private photos.

Why do members need to buy credits? They can be used as money – there are rates for each activity (chatting, calls, etc.) and items (gifts), and people spend credits on them. Costs are as follows:

2 credits for newcomers
$ 3.99
2 credits for all members
$ 15.99
16 credits
$ 96
100 credits (the best offer)
$ 399

The site is not cheap, but considering the number of services, the work of support, and the general number of employees, we understand why the company does not lower the prices.


Why do people use this platform? The answer is in services it provides. Generally speaking, there are two types of services: paid and free ones. There are also special features that can belong to both of these categories. Let us take a closer look at all of them.

Free services

Let us imagine that you just joined this community. What you can do on FindRussiaBrides?

  • View profiles
  • Browse pictures (not including the private ones)
  • Reach support
  • Say Hi (can be used only twice a day)
  • Add to Favorites
  • Use Timezone Converter
  • See your “Smart Matches”
  • Edit a profile, upload pics

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do without spending money on the VIP plan. However, as you probably noticed, there is one thing you cannot do. Being a Standard user makes no sense if you want to talk to hotties.

Special features

findrussiabrides features

There are pretty many free features, but what about the Premium ones? These are the services available only to VIP users:

  • Mails (all types)
  • Chat
  • CamShare
  • Gifts (virtual and real)
  • Phone calls (translation services are included to the cost)
  • Private pictures and video gallery

These are the paid features. Some of them are worth special attention, so we will take a closer look at them. Some of special services are not in this list, but they definitely deserve to be called ‘special,’ so we described them, too.

If you want to narrow the search (there are so many women that you may really need this), you can click on “More options” and use the search with more filters like religion, education, children, and even zodiac sign. Of course, all the above mentioned basic filters are applied, too.

Virtual gifts

There is a “store” with plenty of virtual gifts. They are great for expressing feelings or for initiating a conversation. Generally, they are like regular stickers we usually send on messengers, but all the gifts in this store are romantic.

Such cute gifts might be appreciated by ladies and could help pique someone’s interest.

Private pictures and videos

There is even a separate page with female member’s videos. You can browse it, see the previews, watch videos and contact women you liked. Private photos are pics in a lady’s profile. As we noted before, they are not really ‘private,’ if you know what we mean, but believe us, they are still hot enough.

Gifts delivery services

You cannot just send a gift to a girl directly just because a site will never disclose a lady’s address to you unless you two are really close, finally ready to meet, and if she approves this. But, the site allows gentlemen who want to give something cute to a lady to order any of numerous goods (from cards and flowers to beauty products.)


Yes, it is obvious that FindRussiaBrides has some interesting things to offer, but they are not the primary reason why people choose such platforms. After all, it is all about communication and relationships. So, what are the ways to make conversation and keep in touch with someone on this website?

  1. Mails – choose it if you like to write meaningful letters, and not hundreds of short messages.
  2. Live Chat – if you appreciate a conversation in real time most.
  3. CamShare – if seeing another person during a conversation is crucially important for you.
  4. Phone Calls – if you think that voice can tell a lot about a person and that hearing one another from time to time is a must.

As you can see, the site has literally all to contact each other, get to know each other closer, and stay in touch without any discomfort and without getting bored. In our opinion, this is definitely the best thing about FindRussiaBrides.

Is it easy to use?

Does the site look good? Yes, it does? Is it easy to use? Well, it depends on your experience and memory. As you have probably noticed, the site offers tons of various services, so it may be difficult for a newbie to switch between all of them easily. However, developers and designers obviously did their best – even despite this, the site seems the best version of itself. Simply put, there is a menu at the top of the page and the menu at the left of the page, and you just need to remember what you can find in each of them. FindRussiaBrides gets a B for navigation from us. mobile app

findrussiabrides mobile app

Is there the application available? Yes, it is, and this is the application for the whole network. You can upload it for free, no matter if you have an iPhone, MEIZU or any other Android smartphone, and use your email and password to sign in. All the functions you usually use on the site are available and easy-to-use.


What about the safety? Should users provide their data to without any doubt? The administration of the platform states that they provide the high level of safety, and use highly secured order processing services verified by such trusted systems as MasterCard & Visa SecureCode.

We also read the Privacy Policy, and the information there did not seem suspicious. Everything is clear and reasonable, the data is never disclosed, unless the third party participates in providing services, for example, unless this is your bank or delivery service (if you want to send a gift.)

Customer support

What else is good about the site? Well, we think that this is the work of the Customer Support Department. A member can get professional assistance by making a call, sending a letter, or filling in the form. By the way, there is a pretty detailed FAQ and even the tips that can help you meet the right girl and pique her interest on the site. If you still need help, feel free to choose any of the options we mentioned before (contact details can be found below, in the ‘Contact Information’ section of our review.)

What people say about FindRussiaBrides?

“Still cannot believe that I found my love there. Yes, I paid the price, and the high one, but it’s definitely the best decision I’ve ever made.” (Steve, 39)

”I’d be lying if I said that I found Marina immediately. I had tons of conversation on this and a few other sites, I’ve always been dreaming of a Russian wife, you know, but I met her, and I’m the happiest man in the world. And again, I want to warn everyone – if you are afraid of someone’s opinion, you should never date. It never bothered me, so now I’m a happy husband of a loving wife, the best cook ever, and the best mom to my children.” (Tomas, 32)

Contact details

  • Company Name: Qpid
  • Address: 75 Shelton Street London, WC2H, Great Britain
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 1-800-801-3129

How to delete account on FindRussiaBrides

You can easily remove your account along with the data you have ever provided. To do it, just leave the ‘Home’ page and or ‘Online’ or ‘Search’ page. Look at the menu at the right of the page. Scroll down until you see ‘My settings.’ Open the settings and choose ‘Switch Off The Profile.’ Indicate the reason why you want to remove your info, and your account, and all the data you have ever provided, will be deleted.

Our findings

In fact, this FindRussiaBrides review is shorter than it could be. There is much more to tell about the site and the network at large. For instance, everyone who signs up for can use CharmLive – the first live based dating site with one click. You can make your profile stand out by becoming the S.E.A.L. (Screened, Examined, Affirmed, Labeled) without even paying for this.

However, communication features are even more important. Is there anything on the market that FindRussiaBrides does not offer to a member? No, there are no such services, at least for now. Nevertheless, we are not going to deny that this is not the cheapest site. Should you still use it? It is the decision you need to make. Just weigh the pros and cons and make your own decision.

Is free?

It is not entirely free. New members can sign up without paying for this, browse the site, and use any of the free services we listed before. However, communication is not free – it can be cheaper due to the generous loyalty program, but still, users need to become Premium members to find a girl for marriage.

How to start using Find Russia Brides?

Just visit the official site (you can follow the link on this page), answer all the questions, and enter the necessary information. Please note that the email must be real – otherwise, the network will not accept you. After this, your profile will be checked, and if nothing is suspicious about you, you will become a member of Find Russia Brides community.

How do payments on FindRussiaBrides work?

There is a Premium plan. You can buy it for $9.99 or get it for free by purchasing credits. It includes a certain number of mails and other services you can use for free a few times, but further, you will need to pay for them. The cost of services depends.

Can I feel safe on Find Russia Brides?

Yes, you can. The team of the site does everything to protect the members – data is encrypted, and profiles are verified. However, you need to care about your own safety, too. Do not disclose any personal information (credit card number, login, password, address) to anyone and you will hardly face any problems when using

Are brides on real?

Yes, considering the amount of information in women’s profiles, and the messages and letters we received, and videos we watched, we can say that women there are real. If you want to make sure that a woman is real, use CamShare feature, and make a call – this will allow you to remove all doubts about a girl.

Mark Manson
Lead Author
Mark Manson is a renowned dating coach who has helped thousands of individuals around the world improve their dating lives. His approach to coaching is unique, in that he focuses on the individual rather than on specific techniques or formulas.