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The name of this platform speaks for itself. It has a lot of Russian beauties who look for serious relationships online. Still, this cannot be considered a reason to join it – firstly, an advertisement can be misleading, and secondly, the best site or at least a good platform is supposed to offer something more than just active members.

That is why we made this RussianBeautiesOnline review – careful analysis was needed to understand what kind of platform it really is. What are the results? We will voice our opinion at the end of this article after we share our analysis of all the most important things that formed the opinion.

  • Real mail order brides from Russia and nearby countries
  • Super easy registration
  • Some good offers for newcomers
  • All “classic” services like video & text chats are available
  • Really effective matchmaking system
  • Women who respond to your messages
  • Most ladies on the site have introductory videos
  • It is not really a new player on the market
  • A few services could be cheaper

Better Than RussianBeautiesOnline Are:

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Membership base

russianbeautiesonline members

Who are the members of RussianBeautiesOnline? Well, this is a good question, but to answer need, we need to talk about the site itself first. Here is the deal: this is one of the platforms that are part of Qpid network. It belongs to CharmDate – a kind of subnetwork that works only with Slavic ladies. Why is this important? It is simple – it means that RussianBeautiesOnline has a larger number of members due to the huge audience of the network (and it provides all the regular Qpid services, too, but we will talk about this later.)

However, though it is obvious that there are a lot of people who use the services offered by this site and other platforms of the network (it seems that the company has a few million members worldwide, with more a half a million members in the USA only), we cannot say for sure how many people use Still, we estimated that about 2 million people use CharmDate and therefore, this site, too.


The next logical question is: “Are these millions of people real?” In short, there are a few ways to check if women are real. The one who wants to learn the truth needs to make a conversation with a few ladies, check pics of at least one random bride and try to find them on the web, watch videos and make sure that a woman in the video is the woman he sees in pictures.

But, there is another important criterion which is the info about brides. Empty profiles are always a bad sign for everyone who is going to join a dating website. Fortunately, all RussianBeautiesOnline profiles are super detailed. There are not only lots of pics (including private photos) but also a lot of text describing a girl’s personality. On a lady’s personal page, you will find the info about her interests, her thoughts about relationships, and some basic yet crucially important details like marital status, children, religion, education, etc.

Registration and login process

russianbeautiesonline registration

Let us move to signing up. To create a profile on, you only need to browse the site, answer the questions (which are actually aimed at showing you what you can expect from this platform and its community) and proceed to the form.

To finish it, you need to enter the name (a nickname can be used), email (must be valid, your profile will be checked), birth date, and create your password. Click on ‘Proceed’, and you will access the site. As we noted before, this site belongs to the larger platform, so do not be surprised when you see another domain. After your info is checked, you will be able to use all the services, edit and upgrade your profile, browse other people’s profiles, etc.


As you have probably guessed, this is not a free website. Users do not have to pay after they sign up, but the thing is you need to do it after you browse the site, understand how it works and test some free features. So how is money charged and what are the prices?

There is a Premium plan. It can be bought for $9.99 or received for free for the first purchase of credits or for 3 purchases of credits per month. Why does someone need to purchase credits? They are used to pay for particular services, chat, gifts, CamShare, etc. Here are the costs:

2 credits (if this is your first purchase)
$ 3.99
2 credits
$ 15.99
16 credits
$ 96
100 credits
$ 399

As for the prices, they are different. The total amount you spend depends on what you choose, the time of using a service, etc. For example, 10 minutes of chat will cost you 1 credit.

RussianBeautiesOnline services

As we mentioned, there are paid and free services. There also special features that distinguish this platform from other dating websites, and they can be free or paid. So, let us take a look at them in more detail.

Free services

Here are the services you can use without spending a penny:

  • Registration, editing profile
  • Browsing the site, other users’ profiles, and part of their pics
  • Use support services
  • Send greeting email (Say Hi) twice a day and read the responses
  • Use matchmaking services
  • Use both types of search (regular and extended)

It is clear that though these are useful features, you cannot really use the platform to find someone for marriage or even friendship without paid services.

Special features

Here are the services available only to members with Premium status:

  • Phone calls (scheduled and instant)
  • Messaging
  • Emails
  • Virtual gifts
  • Real gift delivery
  • Private pictures and videos
  • 2-way video-calls

These are the features only paying members can use. Some of them are more common, and some of them are not available on the sites of the network’s competitors. We would like to pay special attention to the services that distinguish RussianBeautiesOnline from similar platforms.

This is a gallery where you can find videos uploaded by girls on RussianBeautiesOnline and other sites of the network. They are divided into categories, and you can contact any of the ladies after you watch a video.

Private pictures

Access to profile photos is limited for non-paying members. Premium users (even those who do not have credits) can see all the pics, including private ones.


russianbeautiesonline services

Some may argue that gift delivery cannot surprise anyone anymore, but we still consider the online store on Russian Beauties to be one of the most useful and the best services on a dating site. The reason is simple – the number of various items is just outstanding and they can be delivered right to a lady’s door.


Considering the prices we listed above, we were absolutely sure that VIP profiles on the site are paid and pretty expensive. We were really surprised to know that you can gain the status of trusted ‘Screened. Examined. Affirmed. Labeled.’ member for free, just by verifying your name, birth date, address, and phone number.

Communication and making contact

Though we already mentioned some really impressive features above, we should still pay special attention to communication tools. After all, people use dating sites not because of the gift delivery but because of the opportunity to make contacts and build relationships without difficulties and barriers. So, what does RussianBeautiesOnline offer?

  • CamShare – real-time 2-way video-chat service.
  • Calls – spontaneous and/or scheduled calls to another member, Call Me feature (members can call you at certain times of the day).
  • Chat – messenger with stickers, emojis, voice messages, games, videos, and photos.
  • Mails – mail service, each email is limited up to 6.000 characters.

As you can see, there are options to choose from. Unlike cheap and fairly suspicious platforms that allow members to exchange messages, and that is all, Russian Beauties Online offers the wide range of communication services, and that is great.

By the way, they are of a really good quality – even a regular messenger can be bad or innovative, and fortunately, the messenger on this site definitely falls under the second category.

Some may say that this is less important than the features, but frankly, the site itself matters, too. Let us imagine that there is a site with the best, cheapest services ever and with the absolutely horrible interface – you will hardly stay there for a long time.

So, what about Russian Beauties Online? This site is as good as it could be when it comes to interface. There are so many services, and they are organized pretty well, but a newcomer will still need time to get used to menus and lots of sections. As for design, well, it is probably not the best design ever, but it is not annoying. In general, the platform deserves a B for this criterion.

Mobile application

russianbeautiesonline services

If you want to use the same functions even on the go, access to Favorites and inbox, you can download the mobile app. How to find it? Just click the ‘APP’ button at the top of the page after you sign up. The great news is also that it is available to people who use iPhones, as well as for Android users.


Another thing we liked about the site is the clear privacy policy. It seems that the company (unlike most its competitors) does not try to confuse you. So, the policy itself is reasonable. The site collects data provided by a member himself and the data that can improve the quality of work of the whole platform (cookies, mobile analytics, etc.)

The site also takes measures to protect the users. Transactions are safe due to the best software, approved by Visa and MasterCard, the personal info and profile info is also protected from leaks, and moderators do their job really well. In general, can be classified as a safe dating site.


If you face any problem with certain functions, payments, or other members, you can contact the support department of the network. You are free to choose the way to reach the team – by phone, via email, or by completing the form on the site. All the contact details can be found below.

What people say about RussianBeautiesOnline

Frankly, I did not find anyone on the site but I’ll keep trying. It is not cheap, but at least I met a few interesting ladies. Hope I’ll write a comment about my happy marriage one day. (Daniel, 35)

I just returned from Russia and I made a proposal to a girl I met here! Russia is amazing, Russian girls are amazing, I highly recommend all single guys to look for a wife there. No feminism, no hate, no problems with being a housewife! It was so worth it! (Matt, 43)

Contact details

  • Name: Qpid Network
  • Address: 75 Shelton St. London, WC2H, Great Britain
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-800-801-3129

How to delete account on FindRussianBrides

You do not have to do anything complicated to remove your account. You just need to find the ‘Management’ section (it can be found on the left of the page, in the menu, right after the ‘Services’ and ‘Ladies’ sections) and click ‘My Settings.’ Then, you will need to find ‘Switch Off Profile’ button, which is on the right of the page. Then, you will need to choose the reason why you want to remove your account, create the password, and the account, as well as all your data, pics, messages, etc., will be removed.

Our findings

This is a lot of information, so what is the conclusion? In fact, there are really a lot of things to consider, so there will be no simple verdict like “This is a great place to find a Russian woman for marriage” or “This is a bad site to do it.” It is a bit more complicated.

In general, RussianBeautiesOnline works. It works because there are tons of great features like VIP status for free, psychological questions and opportunity to see other members’ answers in the Match Q&A. There are more standard but also more useful communication services that make the whole platform really effective. Is it perfect? Definitely not. Is it a good site to meet a mail order bride from Russia? Yes. Even its disadvantages do not make it a bad place to find a spouse, and that is why we can recommend it.

Is Russian Beauties Online a paid or a free site?

RussianBeautiesOnline is a Premium dating site that, however, provides free features, too. Generally speaking, Free Members can do anything except for contacting people on the site. That works for newcomers – they can browse the pages, figure out how the site works, but not for people who are looking for marriage. That is why this is a paid site – if you want to communicate, you need to upgrade the membership.

Is a safe platform?

Yes, it is safe. Data protection, security, safe and friendly community are the company’s top priorities. Here, members are protected by top software, the most effective data encryption technologies, experienced moderators and qualified members of the support team.

How to keep my RussianBeautiesOnline profile safe?

Despite the fact that the agency uses the top software, it cannot protect a member if he/she forgets that disclosing personal data is the worst idea ever. Do not disclose your data (real address, phone number, password, credit card number) to anyone and create a strong password. If someone knows your email password, create the new email and use it on

How do RussianBeautiesOnline credits work?

The credits are equivalent to real money. Services cost money. The rates for each activity are different, too. For instance, 5 minutes of messaging costs 0.5 cr. per 5 minutes, and 1 minute of video chat costs 0.6 cr. You can purchase credits at any time and spend them on any of the paid services we listed in our review.

Can I use RussianBeautiesOnline anonymously?

There is no specific feature for members who want to do it. However, male members do not have to use their real names or upload their photos when signing up. The site encourages them to provide their real data and prove their identities (there is even a special status on the platform that makes your verified profile stand out), but this is optional. If you want to use it anonymously, you will be able to do it, even without a special feature or mode.

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