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Some other reviews on LoverWhirl site show either awful or just a perfect image of it, so we decided to review it the way we usually do – by registering on it and checking everything as real users. Of course, any dating site has its own positive and negative features, but sometimes those who have got a commission from the companies owners of dating sites can “slightly” make those sites better or worse than they are. We wanted to dispel some myths about Lover Whirl and make our own research. Check the results of our work here!

In this article we will discuss the following:

  • How you can become a member;
  • What services this site can offer to you and are they useful;
  • Quality of profiles;
  • Pricing, etc.
  • Anyone can register free of charge
  • Verification of ID is not necessary for men (which may be a negative feature for some people as well)
  • Instant chat and emails are available as methods of communication
  • Members can seek both male and female partners
  • Credit system
  • Users are not obliged to post “polished” professional photos
  • Dating Tips page (we highly recommend checking it before registration)
  • The platform doesn’t have a mobile app
  • A make user can receive lots of too passionate incoming messages even within the first minute after the registration and having nothing in the profile

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Everything about members

lover whirl girls

As far as this site is oriented on Asian women and men who want to date them, there are women mostly from the Asian region. However, we noticed quite a lot of girls from the US, Europe, and other places; but all of them are Asian.

The number of female members is approximately 35,000 with the online rates reaching 10-12,000 people at any time of the day. You can search among validated members and all of the registered users; you can use all the search filters to find the person you vitally need to enter your life; you can talk to them using several ways (we will discuss them later) – well, there may be a lot of activity if you are active enough.

Quality of profiles

Have a look at the screenshots again: the majority of profiles look the same. Girls on this platform seem to be really motivated to find a partner: they fill out every single detail in their personal pages.

Usually there is more than one photo in profiles and they are often just great. It may be explained by the fact that almost all the women appear on the site owing to the dating agencies that help them register and find a foreign soulmate. Such agencies make their best to show the girls in all their beauty, so do not be surprised with the HQ photos in 80% of personal pages.

Registration and login process

lover whirl registration

We have got our account within 7 minutes including uploading the main profile photo. Here we will describe the whole registration process for you to see what steps you will take to get your own profile on this website.

  1. Fill out the registration form that you see on the main page of the website. It will take 1 minute to complete it: you need to enter only your name, gender, email, and a solid password. Agree to the Terms of Use and read Privacy Policy – don’t skip these steps, you should know what they can do with your data and you will not be fully protected if you don’t know all the rights and rules on this platform.
  2. Start a short questionnaire. You can skip it, but remember that the answers you can give during this questionnaire may “help” the site’s algorithms to find the best partners for you.You can choose several points answering some questions. Make your aim of communication, appearance details, and other things about you and your preferences clear. If you want to find a girl for dating, write it: some people just want to find a penfriend and they will be confused if they realize that you want another type of relationship after several weeks of interesting communication.
  3. Upload your first photo or make a fresh one with your device’s camera. You are not obliged to add an image to your profile – you can do it later or just don’t do it.
  4. Complete your registration by confirming your email. Just click on the link in the confirmation email and everything is done.
  5. Add something to your fresh profile if needed and pick a person to talk to.

Any person can join LoverWhirl for free, which is great. You may spend nothing, but see everything: the site allows members to check the prices, all the features, number of members, and so on. We didn’t even have to spend money to check the majority of the site’s features, so you should not worry about any spendings before you decide to start real communication.

Costs and membership prices

Let’s see what you can buy on this platform and how you can enjoy the communication and general online activity to the fullest.

Credit system and prices

Yes, the site offers the credit system, so there will be no monthly payments.

Credits are not real money and they don’t have monetary value, i.e. they cannot be assigned or transferred to any other third party. However, you can consider credits to be your money on Lover Whirl, as you can use services only having some credits on your account balance. You can buy credits using your CC, Sofort, or PayPal, and there are such packages with this currency now:

20 credits
$ 2.99
50 credits
$ 19.99
125 credits
$ 44.99
250 credits
$ 69.99
750 credits
$ 149.99

As for prices on services, they are average. For a minute of communication in the instant chat, you will pay 2 credits/minute, and 10 credits will be deducted from your account for sending the first email (remember that each consecutive letter will cost you 30 credits).

Services and features

LoverWhirl offers quite a lot of free features, but all the essential and really needed services demand spending some credits. Here are the lists of free- and fee-based services that you can find on this platform.

Free based features

  • Registration and writing the profile.
  • Sending “winks” to girls.
  • Opening some incoming messages.
  • Using Search tool (both simple and extended).
  • Taking the Personality Test during the registration.
  • Playing the swiping game “Faces”.

Special features

  • Viewing some private pictures. Ladies may send images in messages and post in the profiles, and opening some of them demands payment.
  • Gifts and flower delivery. Nothing special – only making your beloved ones happy and cheerful.
  • Profile Carousel (at the top of each profile you can see the carousel of random profiles – it makes browsing the site faster and more convenient).
  • Using List of Favorites.
  • Viewing the list of people who liked you (both in the game Faces and just in profile).

Communication and making contact

Members of the site can communicate using only two ways – instant chat and emails. The first way is perfect for people who like small talks and real-time conversations, but it is a bit inconvenient to use it if you adore writing long texts: emails are much better for this purpose.

There is also the delivery of flowers and gifts, but this service is quite expensive (although the prices vary depending on the item you want to send). It is a way to communicate as well, and you can even start with it!

Ease of use

The only thing we can say for sure – you will never have problems with this website. Even if you are a person who started to use the Internet previous week, you will understand how to find the needed page and it will take you a second to reach it. There is nothing special in the design of LoverWhirl, but it is still a good website to use by anyone who likes simplicity, intuitive interfaces, and just wants to have a good time online seeking for a foreign girlfriend.

Anti-scam protection and safety

Does this site seem secure? Yes. Is it really secure? We cannot say that it is 100% safe. No one can guarantee you the complete safety on the Internet: even the cryptocurrency traders know how dangerous it is to be on the web and lose money and reputation after a hacker’s attack. Of course, online dating is not as harmful as losing a few Bitcoins, but still.

Fortunately, the LoverWhirl team makes online communication and conducting any transactions safer with its McAfee, DSS, and Norton security certificates and 256-bit SSL encryption. Technically, this website is safe and we have not met any troubles when used it; but no one can protect you from getting into trouble with a scammer (although, it is our own responsibility to protect our private data by just maintaining silence about our private life). To remind you of the rules of harmless and successful online dating, the administration of the site created Dating Tips page: check it before registering.

Btw, you can ask the admins of the site about how they protect or use your data by contacting them via [email protected].

Customer support and help

Users can contact the support team via email, mail, or even phone. Additionally, if you have any privacy issues or have problems you suppose to be a bit more serious than day-to-day inconveniences with using the site, you may contact the support team by sending a letter to them. You can find the full address of their office in the next section. We did not experience any serious problems during our “research” but we contacted the support team of the site several times using a special form and got the answers within several minutes after the requests.

Contact information

E-Mail: [email protected]

How to delete an account on Lover Whirl?

You can only deactivate your profile. To do it, open your account settings and choose “Deactivate Account”. Enter your email and password to confirm your decision, and choose the reason for leaving the site. There is no such option as deleting the profile, but you still can contact the support team and ask them to remove your page from the website.

Our findings

Generally, LoverWhirl looks and works well. We did not notice any signs that could make us think that it is a fake site with bots. However, one of our test accounts got too many messages immediately after the registration – that account was empty and had no photos. We wondered: why do women get so interested in a man who has told nothing about him? The answer has come almost immediately: some girls may use the help of personal assistants who communicate with men on behalf of them. Maybe those girls asked the assistants to be very active and find a man for them as soon as possible (the assistants will never do something without the permission of the woman). Still, it was quite a strange experience to get so many messages having nothing in the profile.

Everything else was good. It is enough to have an instant chat and emails to communicate. Moreover, it is great to have gifts and flower delivery service (which is very popular on dating sites).

Can I talk to women on LoverWhirl for free?

No, the communication is paid on this site. You can open some incoming messages, but you need credits to answer them.

How to register on this site?

You should only type your name, email, and birthdate, as well as password, in the registration form, then confirm the email and start filling your personal page.

Will I get any spam by LoverWhirl site’s system?

No, you won’t. Your email is needed only to confirm that you are a real person and to give you the possibility to restore the access to your account if you forget the password to it.

Are the women on this platform real?

Women can get access to this site only after providing their ID. Usually, they register on LoverWhirl through local dating agencies. Technically, all women should be real on this website, but we cannot guarantee that: someone may easily use her friend’s identity to scam people.

Should male users verify their identity?

Men are not obliged to confirm their ID but the administration highly recommends doing it. All the verified members get a green shield-like sign in their profiles telling every profile visitor that this person is real, which increases the chances to find a partner as soon as possible.

Mark Manson
Lead Author
Mark Manson is a renowned dating coach who has helped thousands of individuals around the world improve their dating lives. His approach to coaching is unique, in that he focuses on the individual rather than on specific techniques or formulas.