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How to become a mail order bride?

People will never stop arguing about mail order brides. Moreover, there are skeptics who try to stop men from marrying foreign women, as well as people who try to stop women from becoming MOBs. It may seem that this is supposed to lead to the collapse of this social phenomenon, but the dating services are still highly demanded. How is this possible? In short, social opinions are affected by myths and stereotypes that, in turn, have their roots in the history of foreign brides. Of course, in the modern world, everything is different. So how to become and how to be a mail order bride in 2022?

Top 3 mail order brides sites

Who are modern mail order brides?

Obviously, mail order brides are women who are ready to marry a man living in another country. But what are the differences between stereotypical foreign brides and modern foreign wives? Let us take a look at the most important of them:

  1. Unlike first MOBs in the 1600s, modern brides are not poor and/or poorly educated.
  2. They are really choosing a partner instead of marrying a random guy – there are hundreds of candidates on dating websites.
  3. They have access to the detailed info about men they talk to on a website.
  4. The main reason why they are looking for a husband abroad is that they cannot find a really good date in their country.
  5. A modern bride really builds a relationship with a guy before she sees him and, of course, before she marries him.
  6. She is a deep personality with her own interests and hobbies, and it is nearly impossible to get bored with her.

To sum up, a modern mail order bride is not a poor, desperate girl who wants to move to a better place and marry a random man who will provide for her and their children. She is an ambitious, beautiful and smart woman who knows what she wants. But is there any difference between her and an ordinary woman living in America? Yes, there is, just because family and children are likely to be a foreign girl’s top priorities. In fact, this is the main reason why a lot of successful middle-aged men marry MOBs, and not local women.

What do you need to become a mail order bride?

become a mail order bride

As we have already noted, though people talk a lot about these girls, no one knows what a woman needs to do to become one of them. We mean even women in the most popular countries do not know much about it. No wonder there are a lot of myths about this industry. However, there is nothing complicated or romantic or dangerous about this simple process. You do not need much to find a foreign husband. Here are the things you need to become a MOB:

  1. Laptop, tablet, PC or smartphone.
  2. Strong desire to marry a good guy from another country (America, Europe, Japan, etc.)
  3. Marital status: single.
  4. Internet connection.
  5. Realistic expectations.

Of course, the most important thing to do is to choose the right dating agency or the dating site (today, this means nearly the same – every company in this industry has the site where men and women communicate).

Things girls need to know about mail order bride sites

about mail order bride sites

As we have already noted, a good agency is the key to success. In this case, success is a happy family life, so there is a lot at stake. You can use the internet to find a few websites that seem trusted and make sure that:

  • It accepts girls from your country (you can google something like “become a mail order bride Europe” if you are from Russia or Ukraine, or “become a MOB China, Vietnam, Cuba, etc.“)
  • You can use the site for free or that you can afford it (most trusted companies make services free for women.)
  • The site itself is easy to use or at least that it is not annoying you (sometimes, the design is more than just bad.)
  • There are attractive men of a certain age (you can use filters to find them, for instance, you can search for men aged 30-45.)

So, it seems pretty simple. A girl just needs to find the agency, post some photos, and voila – her prince is coming to take her to another country. Well, this scenario can really happen in your life, but there are a few useful safety tips that will help you avoid risks and fatal mistakes.

Here are the most important things all girls looking for international marriage need to consider:

  • A company just cannot guarantee that you will meet your soulmate in a few months or in a year. It is a matter of luck, actually, but it also depends on how detailed the info in your profile is. Still, men are usually more interested in ladies, so the chances are really good.
  • You do not have to pay for a man’s contact details or a date with him. Moreover, most good companies make services entirely free for women.
  • It is about international marriage, not international slavery. You do not have to marry anyone if you do not want to even if a man has already come to see you in your country. You never know if you will like a person in real life.
  • You do not have to send private pics just because a man asks you to send them.
  • Some good agencies pay for professional photos, so this is not the bad sign if a company offers you such a free service.
  • However, no woman has to take clothes off in front of the camera. Note that good agencies never encourage girls to do it. No, not even for the ‘Private Photos’ section or for any other reason.

By the way, if you can read this article, you will hardly face any difficulty when communicating with a foreigner. Nevertheless, if a possible date speaks German or French or any other language you do not know, pro entrepreneurs will help you make contact and know more about a man. So, no matter where a girl comes from, China or Russia, she can change her life completely if she takes the first step.

How to become a mail order bride? A step-by-step guide

As we’ve just said, everything looks simple: you need a laptop, some good photos, and a desire to find a foreign husband. With all these, you find the agency, post your photos, chat with men, and then you get married to a man from the US, the UK, Canada, or any other Western country. Let’s be more detailed and talk about how to become a mail order bride—step by step.

  1. Choose a mail order bride website or agency. Read the reviews and avoid the ones with a bad reputation.
  2. Upload some photos and write a profile description.
  3. Start chatting with men and meet the men you like most. Remember, you don’t have to pay for contact information—if the agency wants you to pay for it, delete your profile and move forward.
  4. Charm him during the meeting. If you aren’t a fluent English speaker, don’t worry—mail order bride agencies usually offer translation services (free for mail brides).
  5. Get proposed to and be happy! Seriously, it’s as simple as that and tens of thousands of women go down this road every year. If they do it, you can, too!

So, how to become a mail order bride? Be charming, be yourself, don’t play games, and be straightforward. Men who use mail bride websites love beautiful and family-oriented foreign women—so just be the best version of yourself, and you’ll find what you want easily.

That’s how you become a mail order bride (without going into too much detail). Now, let’s talk about what happens after that—after you find the right man, chat with him, meet him, and get proposed to.

how to become a mail order bride

Let’s say, your husband is an American citizen—because this country remains the most popular country when it comes to international marriages. In this case, you’ll be able to get a green card, and only after that, you’ll have an opportunity to apply for US citizenship. Let’s focus on the green card (because if everything is ok with this step, you’ll only have to wait for 3 years to apply for US citizenship).

To apply for a green card, you’ll need to get a K-1 visa first—it’s a so-called “fiancée visa” and it’s necessary for you to meet your partner in person within the previous two years before applying for a K-1 visa. If you two have met before, if you are eligible to be married under US law, and if your partner is a US citizen (not a green card holder), you meet the requirements to get a K-1 visa. It’s also recommended having wedding plans, invitations, reservations, and other proofs that you’ll marry within 90 days of arrival.

The main (potential) problem at this stage is the interview with the USCIS officer—the officer needs to make sure your marriage is not fraudulent and is bona fide, but if you two are really in love, you’ll have no problems with it. After that, you will be allowed to get married to your American partner, and then, you’ll get a green card (2-3 weeks after).

Final thoughts

So, how to become mail order bride? Well, a girl needs a dating agency. She is also supposed to be single. Voila, she is a MOB, and there is a good chance that she will leave the country to build a family with her foreign husband. We should also note that a woman who wants to live a happy life with her beloved husband in a new country does not have to be an 18-year-old nymph who has nothing to offer but her own beautiful body.

Modern men are looking for different women: funny, beautiful, cute, caring, supportive, ambitious, serious, responsible or a bit careless. But there is one thing they all have in common: a modern man understands that he cannot be happy with a random beauty and looks for a woman who has certain qualities. Well, finding people with certain qualities is exactly what dating agencies help you do.

Are mail order bride services legit?

It depends on the service. Dozens of trusted dating services will protect your identity, resolve conflicts, and generally take care of their female members and not just their profits. There are, of course, the opposite of that, but usually you can tell a lot about a service from the reviews.

Do I need to pay money to become a mail order bride?

Absolutely not! In fact, when a dating service tries to charge you money to become a mail order bride—whether it’s for professional photographs or for simply posting your profile online—this is usually a big red flag. Becoming a mail order bride should be 100% free for the girl.

Do I get money for being a mail order bride?

No, women are not compensated for being mail order brides. However, most mail order bride services have gift and flower delivery features. So if your online suitor chooses to send you flowers or gifts, you can expect to receive them.

Am I obliged to marry someone after talking to him online?

Definitely not. No matter how long you’ve communicated with someone online and no matter how many gifts you’ve received from them, you are not obliged to marry them or to continue the relationship if you don’t have any feelings or if you feel threatened.

Not every Western country has special legislation protecting foreign brides. But at least in the US, the rights of mail order brides are protected by IMBRA, and VAWA, two acts that were designed to prevent abuse against foreign spouses of American citizens.

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