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Find a Russian Wife in 2024—All You Need to Know for Marriage

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Think about having adate with a Russian woman? It’s a great choice! Russian women are a perfect choice for every man who wants to have a beautiful, loyal, and family-oriented partner with whom he’ll be able to build something more serious than casual relationships. Russian women are just fantastic, and if you’re still hesitating whether to try online dating or not, we can ensure you that it’s 100% worth it. But online dating is just the beginning, the very first step towards having a relationship. Sooner or later, you two will meet each other — and there are some useful things one must know not to screw up the first, the second, and all the subsequent dates. What are we talking about?

There are lots of unwritten rules in international dating, and there are even more rules in dating a Russianwoman. This country has a rich history and culture, and its society and traditions differ from the society and traditions you are used to in the United States. These women are different, and sometimes they may look like aliens to you because of some cultural peculiarities — that’s why it’s important to follow all these rules if you want everything to go right. We are sure that you want your date to go right, and we’re going to help you right now — just continue reading and know everything about how to date a Russian woman!

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What is the reality of dating a Russian woman?

What to expect when dating a Russian woman—a question that is asked a lot by foreign guys who have no idea what it is like dating a girl from Russia. Well, don’t think that having an online relationship with a Russian mail order bride is something unique and never-to-be-seen. Sure, these women are stunningly beautiful and different from Western ladies. However, you can expect to have honest, loving, and serious relationships. While there will be some cultural differences between you two, they won’t be that influential. The reality of Russian women for dating is simple—there are thousands of young and single mail order brides looking for a foreign husband.

What to do when dating a Russian lady?

We’d like to make it clear at the very beginning: all Russian mail order brides are not the same. Each Russian lady is unique, and we can’t guarantee that 100% of these tips will work for every girl you’ll meet in this country. However, what we can guarantee is that almost all ladies will love having a date with you if you follow these simple rules. Let’s start!

Buy a Russian girl flowers or a gift

Bringing a bouquet to the very first date is often considered to be an outdated thing in the United States, but in Russia, it’s one of those things that must be done. Yeah, the Russian dating culture differs from the one we have in the United States, and the importance of flowers is one of the main differences. A perfect lover, boyfriend, or husband always buys flowers — even if you do it once a month, your Russian woman will think that you’re a perfect choice for her.

Bouquets also work as a great way out of all the problems in Russia — if you have problems in your relationships or just want to improve her mood, flowers will work great. And don’t think that any bouquet will work equally well — Russian women believe that attention is much more important than the gift, so you will have to spend some time choosing a perfect bouquet. Ask her about her favorite flowers when you’re still on the online dating stage, write her answer down and learn it by heart — if you’ll buy her favorite flowers, you’ll get lots of brownie points on the very first date.

The same is about gifts. It’s not that you should buy her a brand new iPhone or an expensive gold ring, no. Again, it’s about showing attention and expressing your feelings — so even small gifts will work perfectly.

Be a gentleman and treat a Russian woman like a lady

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a gentleman is a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior. According to almost every Russian woman, every American guy is a true gentleman, and even if it’s a little exaggeration, it’s still true — this, by the way, is one of the most common reasons why they want to find a man from the United States. What does it mean for you, in short words? Well, it means that if we’re talking about the first date, you’ll have to be perfect. You will have to look perfect, you will have to pick the perfect place (be it a restaurant or a park), you will have to choose the best food&wine, and you will have to conduct a conversation like a gentleman. And of course, don’t forget about opening doors, moving chairs, holding her coat, etc, etc — all these things might look insignificant to you, but not to a Russian woman you’ll have a date with. Offer her arm when walking is also a good thing that will add you some points.

Listen and ask questions to a Russian girl

Every Russian woman loves when a man can listen to her stories (and almost all of them are quite talkative, but there’s nothing bad with it). It’s all about acting like a gentleman, yeah.

And don’t forget to ask questions — in such a way, you’ll show that you’re really interested in her life, as well as in Russian culture and traditions. Your Russian lady will appreciate it, with no doubts. It’s also a really great way to break the ice on the very first date.

Point is, even if both of you have already fallen in love with each other, Russian women often act quite distant at the very beginning of your relationships, and all those questions will help you to break this barrier.

Say compliments to a woman from Russia

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first date or the tenth one — compliments always work well when it comes to the relationships with a Russian woman. Read more here to know how to impress Russian woman for marriage.

But don’t overdo the compliments — we can guarantee that every single Russian woman you’ll meet is tired of hearing that stupid cheesy lines. So, say yes to genuine compliments, but forget about all those pick-up stuff.

Be persistent and confident with a Russian girl

how to date a russian woman

As we’ve just said, Russian women often act distant, and they are also quite hard to open. But it doesn’t in any way mean that you should give up too easily.

Point is, Russian ladies (and even that Russian woman you’ll have a date with) love confidence in men. If a man can make his woman feel safe, if he is on good terms with the world, and if everything’s ok with his body language and conversation skills, well, such a man has quite high chances to attract a Russian woman.

As for persistence, it depends on the situation. With some Russian women, you’ll have to prove that you’re really interested in them — it doesn’t mean that you should be an aggressive guy who stalks any woman he meets, no. Keep your confidence balanced, that’s it.

Learn some Russian

Even if a Russian woman you’ll have a date with can speak English fluently, it’s still a very important thing to do. The Russian language is quite difficult — one can spend 5 years learning it and still not be able to speak it fluently. But you don’t need to learn it — a few common phrases and beautiful compliments would be enough. Russian people love their language, that’s a fact, and your girlfriend will definitely be impressed by your Russian skills. Even if these skills are not impressive at all.

dating russian woman

Try to look great

Remember what we said about being a gentleman? Well, it’s not just about moving the chairs and carrying the bags, it’s also about how you look. Russian women spend a lot of time to choose the best dress and the shoes to wear with this dress, and it’s quite logical that they expect you to look good, too! We don’t want to say that your first date with a Russian woman is a black-tie event or something, but we highly recommend choosing your best suit and getting a manicure. Not to mention a good perfume.

Pay the bill

Splitting the bill is not even an option in Russia, especially if it’s your first date. Even if she is a successful rich woman, it’s still important that you pay the bill. All these women want to find a man who is able to provide for his family, and of course, it has nothing to do with gold-digging — that’s just how relationships work in such societies as Russian society. Just pay the bill, that’s all you should know about it.

Get a Russian woman home safely

Why to do it? Because it’s like another thing you can do to show that you can protect her and that you care about her. If it’s your first date, paying for the taxi will be ok; but later, you’ll be able to accompany her to the door.

3 great tips on dating a Russian woman online

If you want to have success when dating a Russian woman, you need to know how to date a Russian woman. In this section, we are going to offer you dating a Russian woman rules by giving you 3 simple but effective rules that will help you have the best date with a Russian woman online!

  1. Always be there if you promise. If you set up an online date, be there. Don’t stand your date up or else you won’t see her again. A man who cannot keep his word is not worthy of a Russian mail order bride. This is Russian women dating online 101!
  2. Show that you are a generous man. As mentioned above, flowers and gifts will be your major tools to impress a Russian bride. However, you should never brag about your money and wealth. Don’t try to buy off your date—you need to impress her with your charm and communication skills. Your financial success is an essential factor, but it should never be the decisive one.
  3. Be interested in her culture. Having a relationship with a woman from another country is excellent because you always have a lot of topics to discuss. Ask your date about her country, culture, and history. Be interested in her background—ask about childhood, traditions, and hobbies. There is so much you can learn about Russia by dating a Russian woman online.
russian mail bride

Top must-not-dos when dating a Russian

Alright, now, when you are familiar with some useful tips, it’s time to talk about what you can’t do on the first date. Don’t worry, everything’s quite simple here.

  • Don’t go for kisses and stuff like that too quick. You’ll probably find it hard to not kiss her after the date, right, but that’s just how it works in Russia. The three-date rule is still practiced in this country.
  • Don’t be inactive. As we’ve said, Russian ladies prefer confident men, and it means that you just can’t be inactive with ’em. In Russia, men always plan the dates and don’t make their women be responsible for the date. You can love it or you can hate it, but again, that’s how dating works in Russia.
  • Don’t show disrespect to her family. Do we really have to specify? Family is the top priority for any person who lives in this country, so you should respect the family of your girlfriend. Any sign of disrespect is a red flag.
  • Don’t lie and don’t try to hide anything. A lie is another red flag for every Russian person. You don’t have to try to look better than you really are, and you also shouldn’t try to hide anything from a Russian woman.
  • Don’t be rude. It’s all about confidence really, not about rudeness. Russian women face a lot of rude and aggressive men in their own country, and if you’ll act exactly like these men, then what’s the point?
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