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Find a Russian Wife: Do Russian Women Want American Men in 2024

why do russian women want american men

When you think about international marriages, there are lots of countries that come to mind. Colombia, Mexico, China, Japan, the Philippines… But there is one country that is probably the most popular mail bride country for Americans. We’re talking about Russia — literally thousands of women from this country meet, date, and marry Americans every single year. The answer to the question “Why Americans love Russian ladies?” is very simple — because they are hot, family-oriented, and loyal. But what makes thousands of Russian women want to find an American boyfriend or even husband? “A green card”, one might say. Or “money”. Well, no — in reality, they are attracted by something else. It’s the American men who attract these gorgeous women — and if you want to know more about this phenomena, continue reading. We’ve collected at least 7 reasons why do Russian women want American men here!

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Top 7 reasons why American men are better

Are there only 7 reasons? Of course not. Every person is unique, and we believe that there are hundreds of reasons for your future wife to love you. However, here, we’ll try to generalize and to talk about the most important and most common reasons why do Russian women really want to have a relationship with an American man. Let’s start!

American men are healthier and look better

american seeking russian girl

Let’s make it clear from the start: we don’t want to say that the Russian men are ugly or anything like this. In case any Russian man reads this, no offense — you may have a Brad Pitt-like jawline and all that, but we’re talking about the trend here, not about individuals. In general, Americans look better. The majority of American guys are handsome, with nice hairstyles, they usually look quite stylish, and very often, they are quite fit. Good suits and shoes, athletic figures, nice hands — that’s how a well-groomed man must look like, and that’s what these women see when they visit the United States. Is it the most important thing in the world? No, it isn’t — beauty is surely not the only criteria when you’re finding a woman (we hope it isn’t the only criteria for you), but it’s still extremely important. These women want to date and marry a neat man, that’s why they choose Americans. It’s simple as that.

Americans are romantic and gentle

Romantic, right. You can say that it’s just a stereotype and that American men are not that romantic, but when compared to some Russian guys, the Americans look like the knights in shining armor. Women love romance, that’s a fact — and women from traditional and not-yet-Westernized countries, such as Russia, love it even more. How to be a romantic? Well, read some guides. Here’s one about how to impress Russian woman — but remember, that the more romantic things you do for your bride or girlfriend, the better. It’s not just how Russians feel it, that’s how almost all the women from all over the world think. So, if you’re a romantic type, you have quite high chances!

And then, being a gentleman, yeah. We can’t define it, because every woman has her own thoughts and views — but we can still assume that it’s about politeness and respect.

Men from the USA are sociable and open

You probably know that Americans are often considered very open, and that’s not far from the truth, actually. It’s extremely important for Russian ladies, by the way — because, you know, Russians can hardly be called “open” at all. It’s all about different cultures — some culturologists use a metaphor of “peach” and “coconut” to describe these differences, and we believe that this metaphor will help you understand them. Point is, American people are like peaches — they are very friendly right off the bat (and the peach is soft on the outside), but they don’t reveal lots of personal information to their new friends. Russians, in turn, take a while to open up, but when they do, they are very sincere and friendly — think of it as a coconut, hard on the outside, and soft in the inside, continuing the metaphor. We mean that Russian men are not actually as hostile as one might think, but they are still quite reserved — and this fact leads to certain problems when it comes to the relationships. American guys are, in turn, always open and positive (well, almost always), and Russian women just adore it.

American guys are respectful and supportive

russian women seeking americans

‘Cause you know, it’s all about love and respect actually, and Russian women love Americans because they always respect their wives and girlfriends. Americans are good listeners, they are always ready to help their significant others, and that’s the thing that makes Russian ladies crazy. Support and respect are the key features of Americans, according to thousands of Russian ladies.

As for support, here’s how it works: Americans usually support the interests and hobbies of their significant others, they see when a woman needs a break, and they are always ready to help if it’s needed. These are very simple things, yet it’s quite hard to find a supportive man in Russia. Why? Who knows.

American men are serious

You surely heard that Russian women are family-oriented and that they prefer serious and long-term relationships. Well, here’s the thing that will surprise you: lots of Russian men are not that serious. That’s why Americans — not all of them, we’re talking about those who search for a wife in Russia — who want to create a strong family and to marry their Russian girlfriends as soon as possible, look great in comparison with their local men. It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to marry her asap, no, it’s not like “marry or leave” type of relationships, of course. It just means that both Russian ladies and American men are focused on serious relationships, which is just great — and it’s another reason why these gorgeous ladies prefer dating the guys from the United States.

American guys are not so conservative

Have you heard of conservative Russians? That’s 100% true, even despite the Westernization that has been influencing this country during the last 30 years. Traditional gender roles are “somewhat good”, but not when they are the only option available. Russian women don’t have any problems with, you know, all those traditional family values and lifestyles, but they also believe that gender equality is very important. That’s exactly why they adore the American men with their American freedom.

Americans are not as insensitive as Russian guys

It’s another thing these women love about Americans and hate about their local men — the thing is, in Russia, the seduction process often includes all those awful cheesy pickup lines or direct questions like “will you sleep with me?”. Of course, it looks awful, and Russian girls don’t love it. American guys are, in turn, more into beautiful seduction, and that’s just another thing all those Russian women love. They are womanly and feminine, so they want to be seduced — and if you’re ok with that, you’ll love the result.

American men are not as “macho” as Russian men

Don’t get us wrong, being confident and masculine is not bad. It’s even cool, actually, and most Russian women are ok with that. However, when we say “most” we mean “most of those who are in their 30s and 40s”, but not the younger generation of Russian women (those who are in their early 20s right now). American men don’t want to look too masculine, they don’t think that toxic masculinity is cool (like some men from Russia do), and they do not try to look and act “macho”. That’s what modern Russian women like about men from the US.

Men from the US are less possessive and less controlling

Another reason why do Russian women want American men is quite simple—unlike the guys from Russia, men from the United States don’t think they must control every step of their partners.

Americans are more liberal when it comes to sex

This might not be the #1 factor why do Russian women want American men, but it’s really important, according to Russian ladies themselves—because when we say Russian men are conservative, we mean that they are conservative in everything.

Americans are more loyal

90% of Americans consider infidelity as immoral, and only 3% of adults in the United States believe there’s nothing wrong with extramarital sex. At the same time, 24% of Russians feel that extramarital affairs are acceptable, and only 63% of them think extramarital affairs are unacceptable—unsurprisingly, it’s men who have the highest infidelity rate in Russia, not women.

Men from Russia take the fact Russian women are so beautiful for granted

It’s not only about beauty, of course, it’s about taking Russian women for granted. Some Russian men—not all of them, especially when it comes to those in their 20s—perceive women as free maids who have to do everything they need. The reasons can be different (a highly-patriarchal society, the absence of a paternal figure in the lives of millions of Russian men, etc.) but the result is usually the same. Russian women don’t have to deal with this problem when they date Western guys, and that’s one of the main reasons why do Russian women want American men.

American men live in a better country

This has nothing to do with gold-digging, but it’s one of the most important things you need to understand about why do Russian women want American men. The US is richer than Russia, the quality of life in this country is much higher than in Russia, and it’s generally a better place to live and to raise kids in than Russia. This is one of the reasons why women from Russia want to find a husband from the United States.

Is marriage with an American really that perfect? What problems to expect?

russian mail order brides

Let’s make it clear: the fact that there are lots of reasons for the Russian girls to love Americans doesn’t mean that such relationships are always perfect and that there are no possible problems. There are some, and we are 100% sure that you have to know everything about them — because it wouldn’t be too wise to expect that these ladies have no problems with their American husbands. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Cultural and language barriers between Americans and Russians

It’s the first and the most common problem. Actually, it’s also one of the most serious problems these ladies can have when marrying an American man.

First, it’s all about language, of course. Yeah, most women know English (at least A2 level), and some of them can even write fluently, but when it comes to spoken English… The situation is not that good really. However, you shouldn’t worry about it — of course, the language barrier will be a huge issue at the beginning, but then, it will be broken sooner or later. According to thousands of real success stories, most ladies from Russia have little to no problems with language after 6-12 months of living in the United States. So, you should be aware of this problem, but you certainly don’t have to worry.

Cultural differences are extremely important, too. Just think about it — your future bride most likely didn’t read the books you read, she didn’t watch the cartoons you watched when you were a child, etc, etc.

Does it mean that it’s a huge problem? Well, no. But does it mean that some misunderstandings can occur? Yes, they definitely can.

But again, it’s not that bad — you’ll have a lot of time to talk about all those differences and to overcome this cultural barrier. So again, don’t worry. It’s a problem, but it can be solved.

Problems with getting adjusted after moving to the US

Basically, when a woman from Russia marries an American man, she begins a new life. New friends, new work, new culture and language (we’ve just mentioned it), new everything — so don’t expect this whole adaptation process to be smooth and obstacle-free. No, unfortunately, there will most likely be some problems — but here comes the reason #4 why these ladies prefer Americans. It’s all about support after all, remember? And despite Russians are independent, strong, and all that, the first 1-3 months is the time when your new wife needs your support and care most. So please, don’t disappoint her — and you’ll be rewarded after that.

Are there any other reasons for Russian women to marry Americans?

To say that it’s all about the American men would not be quite right, and we don’t want to lie to you here. It’s not just about you, it’s also about the level of life.

Point is, even if Russia is not the poorest country in the world, the socio-economic situation in this country is far from the US. These ladies want to get a better life for themselves and for their future children, and the United States of America looks like a perfect option (especially bearing in mind that American men are nice, handsome, and respectful). But it’s not the main reason, of course, and we can’t say that it has something to do with gold-digging.

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