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How to Date & Find an Asian Bride Successfully: Essential Tips

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The art of dating was always considered as a must-have skill for any men and especially for those wishing to put an end to their bachelor’s lives. Dating any woman can be quite a complex process even if it feels like you have known each other for eternity, have the same mindsets, lifestyles, interests, tastes in wine and food, and values. What to say about dating a woman with a totally different cultural background and perception of the world and relationships?

Actually, no worries! It’s not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. Even if your desired woman is from Asia, after reading our article with all useful insights, everything will become much more clear. So, keep on reading and build your love.

The main rules of dating an Asian woman

To make your first date not to be the last one, there are some recommendations to follow. Sometimes, no matter what the nationality of a lady, all she wants is to feel surrounded with care and enjoy the company. So, what are the basic tips to keep in mind if you want your date to be perfect?

Gallant gestures

The first impression is always important. When you behave in a polite way and show your respect, believe us, any of Asian mail order wives will fall for you. Not a big deal, but opening the door of the car and helping her with putting on her coat maybe will define the possible direction of your relationship. Or say some nice words about her new dress. Sincere gestures of chivalry are not so popular nowadays. Lots of men believe that they are not necessary or even antifeministic. But if you simply show your best politeness gallantly, this can be a great start of something bigger.

Besides, the tradition of splitting the bill on dates is not so typical for Asians. Still, some girls don’t mind doing so and want to feel equal in all the aspects.

Appropriate topics for conversation

Let it be your first date or the 10th one, always try to feel the atmosphere. For example, some topics are taboo for the first rendezvous when you just get to know each other closer. You can easily discuss your interests, everyday life, tastes in music or books, general dating intentions, plans for the nearest future, or start a sophisticated conversation about everything in the world.

But note that it’s better to avoid topics related to your ex-partners remembering all your quarrels or tearing the ex to pieces. You also would better not mention some sexual topics without a clear understanding of what is the woman’s background. If she is looking for serious relationships, such a topic on the first date may scare her off.

Consideration and attention

The main rule of every successful date, and relationship in general, is to actually care. There is nothing worse than obvious negligence and narcissism. Not only speaking but also asking and listening will show you as an attentive interlocutor and give you more insights about an Asian woman’s character, interests, outlooks, and cultural aspects. It’s important to find out about all this during your initial communication.

No pressure

Not everyone is ready to open all their thoughts and secrets during your first stages of communication. Some Asians are really shy and quiet with strangers. That’s why it can be exactly the case. Thus, don’t force your woman by direct questions if you see that she doesn’t want to answer. When she knows you better, she will gladly share lots of stories. But first, wait a little bit and prove that you deserve it.

Besides, in the beginning, some Asian girls may seem to be too discreet. It’s also part of the culture. It doesn’t mean that your potential Asian wife will always hide her emotions. On the contrary, they can be really chatty and expressive, but as we mentioned, they need to feel the confidence in you.

Interest in her personality

When you establish some first contacts, it’s essential to show that you are really interested in the personality of the Asian woman. Asians want to make sure that they are special and mean something to men for real. That’s why they attentively observe your actions and keep your words in mind. Everyone wants to understand that they are loved for who they are and what they do and not for the race they belong to.

Besides, a culture of a one-night stand is not so common for Asians. So, if your intentions differ, it’s better not to pretend to hope that it will work out. Usually, Asian women (especially those who joined different mail order websites) have serious dating goals. They want to be with men who care not only for the appearance, but for the personality too.

A place for the first date

When your communication starts on online-dating platforms and is supposed to turn into a date in a real-life, it’s definitely an important step. Thus, choosing a place for a meeting may not be such an easy decision. For sure, it should be a public place where both of you will feel safe. The woman will not be worried about any danger, and you will know for sure that if it’s a kind of fraud, this person will not have any chances.

Based on your common interests, it can be an interactive way to spend time. If you both adore skiing, then why not? Or are you fond of French movies? Finding some French film shows will be a really romantic decision. At the same time, classic dining in the restaurant will give you a lot of possibilities to discuss some important subjects and get closer. It’s up to you.

How to date Asian women: 5 features of Asian dating culture

Want to know how to date Asian women successfully despite the differences in your dating experience and respective culture? These 5 tips will help.

  • You will always have the upper hand. Women in Asia would never approach a man first, ask him out, or display other activities that Western men are used to. Asian girls firmly believe that it’s the man who should be the leader in the relationship, and that is exactly what they want for their own romance.
  • Good dates are not necessarily expensive. While some foreign women expect you to go all-in with date ideas, Asian ladies are far more humble in this regard. A typical woman from Asia would rather choose a quiet coffee shop or a walk in the park where you two can talk over a fine dining experience or a theater date.
  • All forms of PDA are prohibited. No matter which Asian country you visit, you will hardly ever see couples going beyond holding hands. And even that comes after several dates and a serious talk about the future of the relationship. An Asian lady can act more relaxed and affectionate in private, but she will be prim and proper in public.
  • Every little anniversary is celebrated. Having an Asian girlfriend means celebrating the 100th, 200th, 300th, 500th, 1000th day of being together, as well as smaller anniversaries that will be special to you and your lady. Moreover, Valentine’s Day is often more important for Asian couples than any other day of the year.
  • Romantic memorabilia is a must. By now, you have probably realized that Asian girls are fond of romance, and they very much enjoy things that could look cheesy to a Western woman. For example, Asian ladies love matching t-shirts, matching mugs with your couple’s photo, and even cute keychains that symbolize romance.

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Is it true that her parents will be opposed to your relationship?

There is a popular idea among Westerners that Asian people aren’t really fans of people from abroad, especially when it comes to their potential son-in-law. There is definitely some truth to those rumors, as most Asian parents would definitely want to see their daughter marrying a local man, especially from a respected family, than some foreigner they know nothing about.

However, this simply means that you will need to try extra hard to impress them. When the parents of your bride see that you are an educated, humble, kind person with a good background, impressive career prospects, healthy ambitions, and a caring attitude to their daughter, they will not be opposed to your marriage and will, in fact, welcome you into the family.

Things to avoid when you date an Asian woman

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Along with tips to-do, we gathered some common mistakes to avoid if you want to see a desired Asian lady at least one more time.

Don’t mention your previous Asian girlfriends

As we mentioned before, recalling your previous unsuccessful relationships is definitely not the topic number 1. Instead of focusing on the past, it’s always better to discuss your dating goals or future plans. In such a way, you will show that you are not stuck in the past wishing to return it all. On the contrary, you are moving forward, ready for meeting new love.

The worst idea ever will be to emphasise how many Asians you dated before. It will sound like an Asian fetish rather than a simple coincidence. A lot of Asian ladies consider these situations creepy, and most of them will surely stop communication in the future.

Don’t try to guess her nationality

The main problem of Western people is that they hope they can easily guess a nationality. In reality, it just can be a clumsy effort that will disappoint your Asian date. Instead of naming all the most known Asian countries, politely ask her about her culture, showing genuine interest and respect. Besides, she can be just a descendant of Asians born in Australia or the USA. So, assumptions about whether she is from China or Vietnam will sound really inappropriate.

Also avoid demonstrating your language skills of the Asian languages if you are not sure where she is from. In Asia, there are lots of different languages and dialects. She doesn’t surely speak Chinese or Japanese, especially if she is from Vietnam. It is also dehumanising because these guessing games can tell a girl you’re not really thinking about her as an individual — just an embodiment of a racial category.

Avoid stereotypes

Ask questions to avoid any stereotypes. No-one likes strange suppositions about their countries or residents. In the case of Asians, it can easily hurt their feelings. Besides, do not get accustomed to perceiving a lady from a certain country according to the general opinions that appeared 50 years ago. Not all Asian women are happy only to stay at home, cook, clean, and rear children. Not all of them are passive and submissive.

Also, it’s better to not mention specific traditional food as soon as you know the country of origin of a lady. For example, she says that she is from Japan. Telling something about your love for sushi will sound a bit strange, right? If you really have a yen, then you can always dig for some interesting cultural subjects and ask her about it during your next conversation. Try not to touch some trivial topics, find something unusual instead. It will surprise your Asian woman and help her to share more about her country and traditions.


To sum it up, we can say that dating is not always so smooth and simple, but when you know more insights about how to behave and what subjects to bring up, it can be a total satisfaction. First of all, communication and relationships are about enjoying each other, the thoughts, ideas, and experiences. It’s not about judgments, stereotypes, or offends. Thus, it’s crucial to remember that while dating an Asian girl, you need to be polite, careful, and really engaged in the conversation. Everything should be at ease without any force or hidden intentions starting from the atmosphere to the place of randez-vous.

In addition, it’s better to not touch some complicated topics when you are almost strangers to each other. It can only lead to the dead-end in your communication. Well, to make your conversation the most pleasant, it’s possible, do not even mention some stereotypes or things that can determine you from the negative point.

Finally, mutual respect and consideration are the most important aspects of any relationship. If you want to get along, you need to get a feel but stay sincere and funny.

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